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Many people are defrauding people claiming to be Amel Soname magician or Amel Soname Healer and giving out phone numbers, making websites using the words: Amel Soname, creating emails, and social media accounts using Amel Soname . Social media is being used to spoil my name.I am NOT associated with these people who are claiming to be amel soname in any way or with those people who are running spiritual offices and asthana in the name of amel soname.If you have any questions or concerns, Amel Soname does not talk over the phone at all. You can contact amel soname through email ONLY. your questions will be answered on a first come first served basis. No other email address is valid to communicate with me except for

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Some people are jealous of their relatives or even friends and they cast spells on the girls so that those girls don't get any good proposals for marriages. this is done due to hatred and jealousy. and even if the girls get some proposals, the boy's family does not come back again for purpose of getting along with the proposal. or they reject the girl. and even if they like the girl, still some problem is created and the relationship cannot be built. If something like this is happening with you, then do as follows.
This amal is only for Muslims.
The person who is suffering from this spell should perform this amal herself.
after fajar prayers recite darood 11 times and then 11 times sura-e-maryam, and again 11 times darood and blow it on yourself. and also on a water bottle. and drink it after each prayer. perform this amal for 11 days and if it didnt work till 11 days then do it for 21 days. or else till 41 days. the more severe the magic, the more hard it will be to break it.
do keep me in your prayers.

Amel soname contact

If you have any question contact me directly on my email. No other type of  help support or email support is valid to communicate with me. this is my email address

Remember me in your prayer 
amel soname 


hina said...


My name is hina, i want to know, why my sister n i are not getting marry, everytime people comes to us and they see us and refueses with slliy reasons.

Can you please help me


nelo said...

I like someone...we used to be together...but broke's been
about 4 months since break up and he is stubborn..and I really mean
the most stubborn man on the face of earth...can you help me get him
Back where he approaches me first and becomes very very eager?

yusra said...

hi. my name is yusra i am 27 yrs old i am sure i am suffering from black magic because my family is trying for six yrs that i got married but when somebody comes to see me they always says "NO" plzzzzz help me my family did not believe in black magic but me thinks that it is also fact that poeple do these things how can i get rid of it

Zoey said...

Dear Amel,

Hope you are well.

Please can you help me bringing back my boyfriend.

My father pasted away a year and half ago and my boyfriend was there for me, very supported and made sure I was okay, he wiped my tears and lifted me up.

Then all of a sudden he left me for another woman.

He wants to return to me but this women does not let him go.

I want my boyfriend back I really love him and I want him to be dovoted , faithfuly and only think of me and be besotted for me.

I really hope you can help me.

Sorry for troubling you.

Thank you.

miss Shah said...

I saw ur add on some site......I need some help regarding a problem but i can not pay any fee of yours.....if u can help me free of charge then plzz let me know.....I need some wazeefa for my marraige.....If u can help me plzz reply soon

Anonymous said...

Asalamu 'alaykum

InshaAllah you are well.

I have been trying to get married for a while but cannot. I am now in Pakistan and have been here for 7 months. In this time I have had seen girls that I like and they say yes too but then some time later they say no becuase the don't want to give rishta outside of their qawm (Jatt, Raja etc...) or they don't want their daughter to go to UK or something. This has happened about 4/5 times and I have seen about 100 girls.

Do you think this is magic? Is there any way I can check? How do you break this magic if this is magic?

Jazakallahu khair

Wasalamu 'alaykum

preety said...

Assalam wlaikum ... im 26 year old and every time any proposal want to come and see me at home they get vanish.. and they don't call ..
at first place they sound like thay can't wait seeing a girl but if we decide day they never come and never call
is this a black magic??
if it is then what can i do to break this magic .. i went to google and look for it i found alot of dua also ur email address ... u think i have to follow the dua
im really scare and also some time at night i feel like some one is on top of me and i can't breath and move feel like im going to die i try to read la haula wala qoowah .. and aayatul kursi in my heart
what is going on with me
please help me .... May Allah make u happy i will wait for ur email Jazakalla khair

Jefferson Huang said...

i am male of 26 and i want to know any taveez for attracting beautiful girls because i am single and girls dont like me
which i feel very unfortunate. if any vazeefa please let me know . i want ot get married but no girl in my life. i dont know its due to previous magic on me or what

Khalid said...

Assalam-o-alaikum, Dear Baba I read about you on I need small help from you! its about me and my partner,My name is Khalid, im indian but born n bought up in jeddah, saudi arabia, and My Partner's name is Asma, she is from multan pakistan but she is working in jeddah saudi arabia. we started relationship in feb 08 and wanted to get married, we suppose to get married in march2010 relation went good until jan 09 after that we started having fights all the time, she always do those things which i dont want her to do, she never try to end fight, all the time i hv to convince her to end the fight and be happy in a relationship, now days wen ever i call her she speak to in a very disrespect full manners and dont want to talk at all, in my every call or msg i try to convince her but now days she never listen to me, she have told me this relationship will not work but she not even trying to give another chance till jan 09 she used to say she started this relation for marriage not for time being but i dont know whats going on in her mind, as she have told me she doesn't know why its happening to her she doesn't wanna continue this relationship...

my second problem is since i have started my job i cannot work more than 6months, last year i was fired 2 times from 2 companies with out any reason from my work with out any reason, last year i bought car met with an accident 4times... i have lost my job in july its been 3months i dont have job...i don't even have money to survive... i don't know whats goin on with me now not even well...having lot of problem health wise as well....

could u plz help me in my case? hope u will give me the best solution.

Marissa said...

i have read a question and answer you responded on sehir, magic and would really appriciate your help.

My sister in law is only 21 years old, very kind and beautiful and always at home serving her family. Many men are coming to engage her (hatoob) but never return to finalise things . Her mother is vry worried and lately got a sheikh to read blessed QURAN on her . He said that she has strong sehir not to get married and in there home too!
May you kindly suggest prayers or alternatives she may recite to help herself as i wish her happiness and freedom from these evil things

Thank you

sara said...

i would like to know you can email me any spells or supplications for different problems. My family has many different problems. My sister is very beautiful, educated....somehow noone comes for her hand. Do you have any prayers, or anything we can do to get her a husband. do you have any for financial? Also, I have a friend, her brother is in prison for wrongful reason in america. Is there anything they can recite, or do to release him?

may allah bless you.

bibi azra said...

Will you be able to write me a Taweez out in regards to marriage.

I want to get married but it doesn't seem to be happening for me.

Please reply back if you can help me.

Allah Hafiz

Carole said...

Hi there

Can you do a love back spell? And will it work for a same sex couple? I was dumped about a month ago and want to give our relationship another go.



eram said... name iram of birth 7may 1982.tell me i have marrage problem . when i get married?how was my life

saran said...

My sister & our family victim of black magic.she is not well for long time someone has done a terrible magic upon me which brings misfortune and terrible consequences in my life. I need someones help in solving that,any way to get rid of it

Arif said...

assalam walaikum, a friend of mine told me of ur website regarding black magic, i was wondering if u the surah in the qur'an wich i was told by sum1 that the prophet (s.a.w) read 2 remove the black magic from himself and if u knew wich surah 2 read if sum1 has done black magic upon sum1 2 take their husband away meaning separate them and cause hatred towards the wife in the husbands mind and heart so that he refuses to accept his wife and take her back. i look forward 2 hearing from you. huda hafiz

Amanh said...

As salaam Alaikum warahmathullah wabrakaatuh Amel

I am 27+. I get proposals from good ppl, And I have accepted some. few days after accepting i see weird dreams like black snakes, cemetery, someone chasing me, dead bodies.And then few days later the boy leaves without a valid reason. simply ignores me. This hurts me. cuz every time the something is happening.

Anonymous said...

i need to know if i have been a victim of black magic or any kind of magic as i had a proposal and the people showed alot of interest but now there are problems and they did not respond can you please ask me my details in an email its very important and i am going through immense torture by my relatives

aisha said...

plz give me ur no. i cant explain u my situation here. My name is ayesha I m 27 approx , i have nearly the same issues like every one else but a slight change. My parents hv been looking for our prooposal me and my elder sister and its been more than 5 or 6 years we are seeing proposals and finalized many but eventually they break even one of them breaks on a wedding day n stage. Im facing many mental problems i get irritated and at times fights with my mother .Plz help me if its magic or my badluck for so many years

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum! Hope you're doing well and may ALLAH s.w.t give you long life for having good intention in helping/healing people with their problems regarding black magic effect. I'm 38 yrs old female and still single. and i think our family were victim of black magic . every time there's a proposal it didn't materialize for some reasons even for my sister's daughter has the same experience also. many healer said that we're victim of black magic which is also planted in our house purposely to let us suffer for illness which is true because most of us have suffered for some illness and the people who did it to us were envious in our family.My father died for illness which is not that severe and my only brother followed after 6 yrs as well as my two sisters died for a very simple illness like fever and colds. they had been to doctors many times but their medicine didn't work out. few yrs ago I had been diagnosed of having breast cancer. I experienced almost all of those symptoms of black magic victims. two months ago my nephew died also. Kindly, help me and my family for this terrible problem that we have. May ALLAH s.w.t bless you for kind heart. I'm expecting/waiting for your reply or answer soon INSHA-ALLAH.

Anonymous said...

Dear Respected Alim Sahib Amel Soname

May Allah help and protect you & your family for helping people fight shataan and his followers.

I came accorss your site by chance as i have many problems in my life... I think me and my family have almost evey problem that you have listed.

My mum & dad, my three brother and 3 sister, my wife and kids

we all have major problems in our lives as a result of black magic we think and for all our lives, we think we know who is doing this but are unable to fight him. (i think allah has blessed this evil man with far too much power for us little people to fight him) one peer saab told us that the person who is doing this magic on our family has contral of powerful black magic.

I wanted to know if you can help us?

1. My older brother and sister both dont have kids.
2. All our family members are and have always been very poor (we sometimes cant even afford food and people are knocking on our doors asking for their money as we owe about £40,000.00. We dont have even have 1 house that we can say is ours as we live in rented propertys & propertys that are covered with huge debt.
3. We are least respected from other familys.
4. We cant seem to get on with anyone from out side.
5. I cant focus on Islaam because of these problems and my head is all over the place. (i have my own bad addictions)
6. Can you tell us a way we can break this spell as it is distroying all of us?
7. is there anyway you can fight this man for us or at least ask him why he is doing this to us... because we have never done no harm to anyone as we alway fear Allah but this evil man fears noone?

I know you may not be able to help us with all our problems... but if you could at least give us a chance to break out of this debt problem we could at least not worry about food being available.

I look forward to your reply... Jazakallah

bisma said...

my name is Bisma and I live in London. I need a little help. i have applied for my permanent visa for Canada with my husband. Please tell me any wazifa I can do to get my work done with the wish of Allah..

Thank you


bella said...

Can you please help me get out of this black magic problem... I also feel someone is trying to stop my marriage proposal and my parents are getting very worried about it.
The solution which you wrote here is for Muslim and I am not ... Please help me :(

Unknown said...

Ur doing great job.jazakAllah...m going to start this wazifa..Allah qabol kry ameen...Allah hum sub ko hasido k shar se or shetano se bachae ameen

Huma said...

My name is huma, age 29. No one is coming for my proposal. Although i belong from very respectable family. When somone come, they are not up to our status. Most of them have no job. Our family members go for doing taweezaat and magic. And i am very qualified. But couldnot find job. I use to try. But useless. Dont have success in job and good proposal. And i like one person. Please give me wazifa for this as well as for finding good job

Unknown said...

Asalamulaikum brother,

I have been married for 5 years and I had no issues with my wife beside small fight like regular stuff in life and that is also rare like fianacial problems which I believe we all have but not big , As for my wife she had recently changed all of a sudden and she does not feel love or anything towards me and I tried lots of time to explain her what happen that is making her stop or not to talk with me . As she left me and now she is staying with her father . Her father never called her or me anytime because he was not happy with our marriage . Later before eid day she left me and she text on eid day that she will not stay with me anymore and she does not want to live life like this anymore . After that I tried many times to make her understand what has changed you that you are not feeling anything . But she called her father before the eid and she changed more and never try to contact . Brother I know my wife she has change from normal to stranger and I need your help . Please let me know how can I get this problem off her . Lots of people got surprise about it and some said she has been brain washed by her father . So please kindly help me on this break .

Allah hafiz

Anonymous said...

My date was fixed. And after two days of it girls family refused to marry to us n broke engag is this a black magic

afia muslima said...

what is the easy amal for getting marry and get a job as i am suffering 13 years of this problem

Unknown said...

salam my name is fatima and i feel like am in a bondage with my fiancee and when we started living together things start getting worse for both of us....i think we are not compatible

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