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Many people are defrauding people claiming to be Amel Soname magician or Amel Soname Healer and giving out phone numbers, making websites using the words: Amel Soname, creating emails, and social media accounts using Amel Soname . Social media is being used to spoil my name.I am NOT associated with these people who are claiming to be amel soname in any way or with those people who are running spiritual offices and asthana in the name of amel soname.If you have any questions or concerns, Amel Soname does not talk over the phone at all. You can contact amel soname through email ONLY. your questions will be answered on a first come first served basis. No other email address is valid to communicate with me except for

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As salamu allaiqum

Sometimes the magicians cast a spell on their victims in which the victim suffers from very disturbing thoughts of unnecessary worries, tensions etc. The victim is almost constantly bombarded by these negative thoughts.
The symptoms are as follows:
Anger and sadistic pleasure on seeing others in pain. The victim also tries to practically harm others.
Hatred towards, Allah and his Prophet Mohammad (SAW)
Worrying constantly and thinking very hard.
Talking less and preferring to stay alone.
The amal that provides a solution to this type of magic spell is as follows:
Read Surah Fateha after fajar namaz 300 times.
Read Surah Falaq 200 times after zohar namaz.
Gaze on Allah’s name for around 10-15 minutes.
Offer namaz punctually and take a bath daily.
Read Surah Tariq after isha namaz.

Inshallah this spell may reak by the above mentioned amal.

Amel soname contact

If you have any question contact me directly on my email. No other type of  help support or email support is valid to communicate with me. this is my email address

Remember me in your prayer 
amel soname 


Ammar said...

Asalaamilakum Amel Soname Saab,
Sir I came across your articles on jadoo and taveez online and something compelled me to write to you. I am 28 years old and as long as I can remember nothing is easy for me and so many bazurg have said I have ppl that are doing black magic on me and my family... I have tried taveez and so many ppl pray for me but nothing seems to change Sir. So many strange things happen to me like getting into multiple car accidents and ppl breaking into my house and putting gun to my head and shooting at me. Alhumdurillah through all these experiences Allah tala brings me through and I can't say shookar enough ... But things are getting worse and worse... I am a medical student almost a doctor and my biggest problem is for the last year my memory has been getting so so bad that it's dull and clouded... I have tried medicine and have tried exercising and doing so much nothing makes a difference... I have failed so many exams and I can't bring myself to study... I got married 1 1/2 year ago Nd my wife converted from being Sikh to being Muslim and things were so good between us but last 3 or 4 months everything is so bad so fast, it seems as someones bad nazaar is on wife is also a student and she is doing bad in classes also and failing and she.has always been a good student. If these things were not bad enough Amel Saab I can't bring myself to pray namaaz anymore... I used to pray 5 times a day and anytime I missed a namaaz I would feel so guilty so bad now that guilt those feelings aren't there and it is so scary... Now i pray here and there and just jummah..Please Amel saab help me. I pray to Allah tala to guide me to the right path and open my heart and mind So I can understand.

Adrian said...


My name is Adrian. 1 month ago, my girlfriend broke off with me. I love her very

much and want to be reunited with her. I am from Singapore and my girlfriend is
from Hong Kong but currently working in Singapore. Are you able to help me? I am

feeling very desperate now. Please help....

rahala said...

I Have So Many Problems For 14 Years Since I Got Married
I Am Always Scared I Think Somone Is Followin Me
I See Black Shadows On The Wall Sometimes Its Black Lines
I See Bad Dreams
I Cant Go Sleep
Please Can You Help Me
Can You Please Tell Me What To Do And Which Surah To Read
I Went To So Many Peer Sabs And I Spent Alot Of Money But Nothing Has Changed
Even All My Familly Is Affected To This Even My Four Childrens
my Husband Is Always Argueing With Me For Any Small Reasons
Even He Works But He Spends It On Little Things

katy said...

I need help from you as my second husband is under bandish which is done on him by his first wife so that we may never meet. can you tell me how to remove its effects

Anonymous said...

am suffering from jadu can you help me am in india Mumbai pls allah will bless you

rizwan said...

Salaam Alaykum brother...

Brother I need a reading/istikhara done for a someone, to find out if they are effected by jadoo/jinn, this person is having effect on me and wife who are also effected.

suleman said...

Salam, am 30yrs old, my father is from a royal home, curse was placed on him due to a domestic issue, today all my other siblings are suffering from this. We the children all been under these curse, i was in my 4th year in medical school when i came down with hypocalcemia, lost of memory and a kidney failure related disorders, these illness is common to smokers, womanizers and alcoholics, i dont do any of them, my condition worsen that i cant write my exams and those i manage to write my papers mysterously disapear at the end i eventualy get withdraw from medical school, those who go for consultation told me that 35 jinns and 25 people are after my distiny. I need prayers to protect my life and destiny, am tied at home because of the fear that my madnes can start all over again when nobody is arround to help me out. Please pray for us and my father so that this curse can be lifted, am helpless, we have tried several solutions.

imran said...

dear i m facing painful problem do hope u guide me come out of it. i was in love with a lady who also loved me a lot v lived for each other and wanted to marry as well but someone seperated us for personal involvement by some very hard black magic and safli ilm now i dont know where she lives and whats her contact no is but she knows all my contacts and can contact me if wants but big hardle is black magic and i had been trying a lot to finish that black magic on her so she contacts me through different amils but of no use i m a reasonable person a govt officer in grade 19 but really cant live relaxed without her plz tell me how i can remove those ill magic on her.

kamal said...

Dear sir,
thanks for your help ,
please can you send power full amal for earning money or becoming rich person.
i an askeing hence i am opening small company that must run profitabley.
please help me.

amra said...

Salams Mr.Amal,

My name is Amra. I am going through a tough time and was wondering if you could be of help. Please let me know and I will send you a detailed message about my situation.

Thank you.

amra said...

my husband and I have been married for 2 1/2 years and have been very happy, MashaAllah. we have had our fair share of problems but nomatter what we have always been loving and respectful towards eachother. My husband has changed overnight. He is a calm person. He is displaying actions of a restless and angry nature and is very impatient. He wants a divorce and keeps finding excueses and is constantly finding fault even in the minor problems we had in the past. He doesn't look at me and when he does it's as if he doesn't recognize me. When asleep at night if I accidentally knocked against his body, he would yell at me and push me aside with his legs. We have not had any intimate relations for over 3 months now. He tries to avoid spending time with me. He has embarassed me by saying bad things about me to his family. My sister-in-law never got along well with me. She has always been unkind towards me and towards my husbands mother as well. My husband knows the truth but now he keeps talking good of her as if I am the wrong person. we haev been having plans of making a family - now he is telling me that he doesnt think I am capable of being a Mother. My husband still prays, MashaAllah. But he has gotten really thin, his face looks different, he is constantly angry when i am around...Before all these issues started he used to have constant headaches and pain in the stomach. The Doctors did many tests but said everything is fine with him. I love this man very much. I do not want a divorce and I am worried about his life. I have been told that someone has done some black magic on him. I want to break this magic and save my husband and my marriage. I have heard of Ruqyah. But to do this he must be willing and give permission. Please help me.

ibrahim said...

I feel discomfort with my wife as she never comes in light(right and truth way/path)
Her desire is I should behave as like a toy to her. Listen her Always.
I should not conceal anything from her.
While I tried as per her wish, but she duped me.
So now I am concealing the things from her(Which is important in Hadis) but telling her to follow the path of ALLAH and to leave the path of SAITAN.
I always teaches my 2 daughters the good path of ALLAH and his Messenger and his Companions.
But she don't like it. SHe needs a life of a fatal world. She is perfect and think that I am clever enough to handle the world's luxurious life which she is having habit of it.

She is proud of her Parents and listen to them instead of me.
I am poor by wealth but has a wealth of Hadis.
I caught her red handed with many peoples while saying the false thing. She sometimes go puzzled that she even think that If I stay with my husband I will not be able to live a comfortable life, as I always go astray(Tell Lies and never tells whats in the mind).
Now she is in a mood to take qula.

kokab said...

salam alaykom wrb brother
Assalam alaykom warahamtolahe wa barakatoho
brother Hope you are fine by the grace of ALLAH. I found your yahoo address on google, when i was looking for information about black magic, brother i did read the side you had posted but my problem is kind of differen , I am facing e very hard time. My husbands behavious suddenly has changed, he has started to talk less to me, and ignores me, we dont live together,because he has a job in another city and studies there., I dont think negative about him, but I have e feeling that someone has done taweez/black magic on him, or somethingelse, because he changed suddenly. please help me, how I can find it out? i dont want to tell him while i find it out...

iqbal said...


I have read your post on the internet on jadoo and wonder if you can help me. I have been a victim of jadoo for around 7 year been confirmed by authentic amils in the uk. But the problem is it has not been cured yet i am clueless in order what to do next. I have done ilaaj, taweez etc but no success yet as i have effect still.

Please if you can help can you suggest me what to do.

adil said...

i have read ur blog posts but i want to ask
what`s problem directly with me as i`m ill since 6 1/2 years and tell me what`s other problem with me!
what types of black magic i am effected, my name is Adil please reply soon
Allah Hafiz

maya said...

Hello sir, you wrote the amal on the website for the black magiz. surah falaq 100 times after fajr......and so on...... I wanted to ask that is this amal done once. i mean the all 5 things should be done in a one day process, or i can chose any one of them and do it.
and for how many days we have to do , or if i do it only once , ir will help to break black magic.
Thank you

tony said...

Sir im very interested to learn about Quranic Spells. Im having some bad problems with my neighbours.

Any help would be much appreciated,

naqqi said...

bhai slam

how are you i want ask where do u live and where can i meet u i have magic on me no work no money so helpless can u help me give me ur phone number u charge money or its just for the sake of allaha u remove black magic plz help me i am so up set since 10 years and half no money money no comes koi kaam naheen banta na milta plz tell

Anonymous said...

Hi Amel,

I found you on the internet, and have visited your site in relation to the curing of sihir, black magic and jinn.
I'm in desperate need of assistance to help a family member, who suffers from the ongoing case of renewed sihir.
She has been to numerous Sheikhs, and healers. We have found out who the person doing the sihir is.
What can we possibly do to stop this person from continuing with the sihir. It is ruining the family member's life.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.

irum said...


i was surfing about black magic and i came across your page it was really informative . i dont knwo how and from wheer to start but all i can say is i really need help for my family . my name is irrum i live in canada . my family is going through so much no jobs fights , hating each other , illness ( which docters say nothing ) but still we are suffering went to so many people ( alim etc) no result rightnow my molther is in pakistan . i dont know whome should i ask thats y i start surffing on net because i thought i might some solution my father is parying every day 7 times whihc include 5 times regulaer praying and tahajud and awabin plus reading quran every day same my mother . but still suffing so much . i cant see them in pain and thats too much it has been long time buyt from last 10 years day by day its increaseing i use to think and laugh when somone say its taviz stuff but what else it could be when all doors are close no matter what we try to do nothing works for us job study unity love care bussiness u name it nothing works . we cheked and asked so many people all they tell us its jadu . which we al know by now but whats the solution . somone of them gave us somthing to use but no result acept than taht we get in to more problems and please and kindly if you or u know somone who can help us please let me know . please consider it urjent . hope in this short information you will understand and get our cronic pain .

khurram said...

Assalam Walakum,

My father was such a great pious person. Recently after loss of his
dear brother he saw a Jinn and has been possessed. We are willing to
give any hadiyah to the Respected Shaikh. Fathers condition is grave!!
Sheikh. Currently my father goes into possession status right during
maghrib time and the demon does not leave him until 3am EST. Please

rishu said...

i want to know what happened to me and my wife. i also hv one daughter she is 22 months guide me. i read ur blog i think my wife and i hv all symptoms mostly but my wife suffers with ur 52 no.(magic of sex) i m waiting for ur reply pl tel me if someone did somethimg on my wife and on my family

nausheen said...


I need help and advice from u. plz help me.
if 2 women put their menstrual blood to one man does it work and how. my husband is going through it. his aunt and her daughter have put their blood so is it effective. how does it work. he behaves very irratic. whose spell works his aunts or her daughter.
plz help me what should i do.

ahmad said...

salam brother,
i saws you on the internet and i have to say you are one of the few who has real good help,i want to ask for your help for this matter that i want to solve,many people did istikhara for me and they are always different in their outcome one tells me that there is nothing and one other tells me that there was some magic happend in my home country,i dont know wich one to believe but in the past there was some black magic but not anymore i think,can you make a check to see what you can find out about this situation

Asma said...

assalamo alikum
sir my name is asma we r facing various problems. i want to ask you is this because of black magic?. i felt it is spread on all of our family members. today morning there was a blood in the the cage of my white cock. i need ur assistance and help.

anthony said...

i love my life and i believe in god, i've been told the girl i recently separated with, cast a spell on me, i removed it but im so angry of what happened, i want to do something in return, where would i go? what should i do? im not trying to get anyone in trouble but i seen your email in a thread online so i figure i message you, thanks for your time

anjum said...


People have told me that there are some bad jinns in my house and they make me
and my husband fight all the time. If not my husband then I and my mother-in-law
will fight. Every now and then things break and there is lot of destruction
(nuksan) in the house.

It's been years my husband has not earned anything in his business. Infact there
have been a lot many losses in anything he has done in business.

I am working and have been trying for a new job since 2 years, but have not got
a single call from any company.

I am totally in debt and have been paying loans to banks and alone running the
house all these years.

We had taken help from a couple of maulanas and have done bandish in the house,
but the breaking of things and our fighting has not stopped.

Actually our problem started in 2007. My husband had an affair at that time. A
family friend had suggested to use some amal to take him away from his girl
friend. He had used a bhojpatra and buried in the graveyard. He had said that
this would make them fight amongst themselves. This did happened and all was
forgotten about the bhojpatra all these years.

A couple of weeks back someone asked my husband if I(his wife) had done some
amal on him and then I remebered about the bhojpatra. The maulana says that the
jinn which was used to do the work on my husband is doing all these things to
him and the house.

I don't know how far this is true..I just know that there is no peace in our

I am always regular with my prayers and do zikr all the time. There are lot of
taweez and ayaats in my house.
Earlier I always used to get dreams of toilets filled with filth and sometimes
have seen dreams of me having sex with someone..

I am mureed myself and have told this problem to my peer sab a month ago. He has
asked me to do zikr and read the Shijra at night and pray to get rid of things
from my house.. which I am doing since 20 days.

I have never seen any paranormal activity in my house. Although I had my sister
in law living with me in the same house who was affected by jinn for many years.
She was never cured and passed away in ramazan.

Can you please check if there is really something wrong in the house and on
myself or my husband. And if there is, then how to get rid of it permanently..

Anonymous said...

I am a Muslim INDIAN Women who don't have a child since 7 years happend to my wedding life.
Please suggest what to do.

sky said...

salaam. i need your fiance is very sick.n whole day he stays angry and keep on screaming on others.and nowadays alot of hatred also for me.i want to know whether this is due to black there any istakhara or way to find out thtat why is this so?

Anonymous said...

Aslamo Alaikum Honourable Amel Sahib,

i am quite well here and i hope you will be fine there with sacred
mission for the guide and help of the victims from black majic. sir,
i have loss a lot of money to meet the several Peer's and Amel's for
protection from Black Majic unbearable and painful physically and
metally disturbance. sir, i can not sleep alone in my own bedroom
specially night. when i try to sleep also any other place like home,
office, and other homes than i can feel horrible viberation in my body
and along with extreme pain also starts in my shoulder and chest.
sir, i have recite many Quranic Surat and wazeefah's for protection
from black majic painful situation. But i am mentally and physically
extreme disturb. sir, please help me for ever protection from black
majic and my enemy who want to disturb me

zafar said...

Dear brother,
Assalam o alaikum: Allah may bless you.I did my tonsil operation when i was medical student due to unknown reason of body hotness which was not cured.Then i startes stomatch acidity problem and throat problem remained with me.7-8 years back i had severe sore throat problem and my voice gone.i got treatment from doctors but no diagnosis and after two month gradually my voice came back.Two years back i had severe headace,loss of sleep,loss of apetite,fast breathing,loss of cocentration,forgetfullness,memory loss.thinking difficulty,fear from every one,angryness and hateness from family members,fearfull dreams, lack of interest in all matters even in himself,loss of decision power,no interest in wife and in children.After getting treatment from psychiatrist ,symtoms are controlled to 50-60 percent but not cured.One important thing is that from previous hospital residence,i had removed tavees / Naksh, hanging on the tree, in front of my house,(when i was in Pakistan) with my ,wife and children names so many times.i went to so many Amels ,they told me magic,Tavees but no benefit.Now i have headche mild to moderate all the time,difficulty in concentration,Fear,loss of confidence,i foget the things, not think properly,uneasy feelings,difficulty in driving,difficulty in any decision,

tony said...

Hi Dear,

I read you articles on black magic. I'm from India and currently residing in USA. I feel like i'm victim of black magic and does not
know what to do. So Please help me. I had a good job and now i go for interview and nothing happens. I have passed few interview but somehow someway something comes in between and i'm left in the middle. What should I do? I been sitting home for past 2 months.

Anonymous said...

i need your help i need dua or wazifa or any amel to get my lover please give me your mobile number . i am from saudia arab

saba said...

I was recently online and saw how to remove black magic. I wanted to ask, the person I would like to remove the black magic from is not with me. What can I read and do? To remove black magic from him?

dadu welcomes you said...

Assalm-alaikum sir
I am Dadapeer
Since 14 years we are suffering From Black Magic
I cant sleep Alone. Bad dreams, Shadows,
It seems some one is following me
I am afraid of these things
Each and every body hates me
Because of their Worst Behaviour
Even I am going Wrong
My Mom's health was not good
My dad's Financial position is too bad
My sister always struggle with my jiju
Can't we live a happy life
i mean with out this Black Magic's jinn's
Please try to help me sir

Palwasha said...

A.O.A ,
I am Palwasha,
I have problem that my husband left the home and not living with me .
We had fight on some issue then i left his parents home.

I need him back as i love my husband very much, but my in-laws are very trouble maker.
My husband is also not talking to me please send me any wazifa that he should talk to me and come back to my life, i need him back.
I will be waiting for your kind reply.

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