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Assalam o alaikum
In this type of black magic a spell is cast on the victim to lead him astray. The victim may be of any age group or very intelligent but if he comes under the attack of this spell he loses sense. The aim of casting this spell is to make the victim lose his focus in life so that he completely destroys his life.
Initially the victim is lured into smoking cigarettes. The evil powers put thoughts into the victim’s mind that he should also try it to see why so many people smoke. The evil powers try to make the victim believe that smoking is a matter of pride and those who are well-placed in life smoke cigarettes so the victim should also try it out.
Once the victim becomes a chain smoker then the next step in this spell is to lure the victim into taking drugs. Soon after this the victim also starts drinking alcohol. By this time the victim gets totally devastated. He loses his thinking ability and also becomes sexually promiscuous. He also starts selling off his belongings causing a lot of trouble to his family. The family is unable to control the victim in this state.

Indulging in vices.
There is no sense of right and wrong in the victim.
There is no fear of Allah and his Prophet (SAW).
The victim loses sense and is unable to think about the consequences of his evil deeds.
The victim stops thinking about his future.
He starts detesting his own family and fights with them.
Indulgence is immoral sexual practices.
The victim starts detesting azan and tries to avoid listening to it.

In this case the victim loses sanity so the amal has to be done by his family members. Since the victim starts considering his family to be his enemy so trying the victim to see sense in useless as this may lead to more altercations. So the family members should try taking the help of some friend of the victim whose advice he listens to, usually.
The victim should be told about namaz, Allah’s laws of the universe and other religious matters so that he develops a fear for Allah. The victim may start fearing Allah and then there are chances that he does tauba or asks for forgiveness and gets rid of his addictions forever.
The family members should try taking the victim to such places where there are Islamic discussions by ulema. They can also play the recording of Maulana Tariq Jamil at home. Constant exposure to a religious environment can have a positive effect on the victim’s mind. He will get compelled into thinking about Allah and his universe. This positive influence will make him make up his mind of getting rid of his addictions. This spell can become weak only if the victim himself becomes determined not to get lured into drugs, smoking etc. The victim can take the initiative only when he is encouraged into doing so by his family, friends in a planned way.
Read Surah Falaq 1000 times and blow it on the water. This water should be given to the victim discreetly. This can be done by mixing the water into the cooler from which the victim drinks water usually. The water will break the spell so that the victim regains his sanity and the sense of right and wrong.
Play the recording of Quranic recitation in a high volume so that the victim is also able to hear it.
Inshallah by following this amal the victim will be able to get rid of his vices.

Amel soname contact

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Narghes said...


Many people from my family did some spell on our family. I have four daughters and one son. All the problems began four years ago. when one of my family came to my home. she was very jalouse that how good my children are at school, how friendly we are at home. Now in my family we are some how always ill. i have always headache and my son has always foot pain. He can't sleep well at husband wants to leave us. he wants to give me divorce and i did nothing. We can't find a job. My daughters they were best students at school now they have no school. no body cares about their future. we have also lots of loan. Everybody fightes and want to leave the house. some times i think of suside. please help us and tell me what to do.

mahi said...

hello my name is mahi and i want your help as someone has done jadu tona on me and my family and i was wondering if u could help me and is any way i could find out who has done jadu tona on us......

Anonymous said...

dear brother, i am from northeast india from teh state of assam. i have a very unique problem. only today i came accross your site of how to remove saitan by teh help of holy quran adn now i am sitting writing to you actually around 2 years back i shifted to a rented house. i (only till recently) never felt uncomfotable though other person who visit my place finds it bit errie. a year back i married a girl against teh wish of my parents and shifted to my rented house. we took to sleeping in a room which is not very radiant. its only six day of our marriage, my wife starts feeling pain in her body particularly teh shoulder's back, hand and legs. only after rigirous massage teh pain somewhat subsides. medical treatement is not any progess in this regard. it is interesting to note here that whenever she stays aways from this rented house, she somewhat feel good. she also tells me that at night she does not feel comfortable to sleep with me particularly when teh pain starts. yestarday i went to a person who claims to have some jinn under his control. he claimed that some "jadoo tona" has been done to her. though he did not said teh name of the alleged person, but he hinted it to be my mother. he even gave some "phuka pani" to drink adn take bath. he also gave a taveez to her. now she went to her mother's house adn during the journey at night she did not experienced much pain adn slept quite well.
now i am in a fix what would have happened to her.
i am in also in a fix taht though i am a particing advocate for 5 years i does'nt have any personal client nor any client visited my rented place/house.
my rented house is build on a small hill adn teh kitchen, bathroom adn teh room in which we(myself adn my wife) slept for some months after my marriage is facing teh cut out portion of the hill.

i am in urgent need of help

gul said...

Salaam Alaikom
Dear I have the problem about my karobar i want to go abroad bahir mulk Jana hay but my work is not doing I dont know why some time I feel pain on my heart on head some time I feel pain on my body and I am thinking allot .your kindly please tell me what is this caste .

Your kindly please help me as soon as possible.

Anonymous said...

i love a boy and he is not talking to me these days someone told me that someone did black magic on him...i want him back in my life as soon as possible..he loves me too..but he has stopped talking to me..i am very worried..i need your help

sandeep said...

i run a shop in delhi (india) it is not working properly whenever we filled with goods it got empty without profit , someone told me that leave this shop because it is bounded with black magic . please help me i shall be highly obliged .

ahmed said...

dear brother salamualikum.i read many of ur articles based on blk
magic,evil eye.since 3 yrs i m suffering from something this type of's very troublesome dsses.i have pain whole body.many prblm
in my head.i can't sleep.dream a lot very uncommon.i feel tension a
lot always and weak.i take many treatmnt get little benefit.still i
feel everything moving around me.i stay in family is very
poor many pple depends on pls advise me what shld i
do.thank u n may allah blss u.

Amandip said...

Hello Amel

I found you via an online forum for Black Magic.
I have problems in my life too that I need help
from you. Can you please help me?

Where are you based if I want to come see you?

Anonymous said...

think or demons . symptoms are bad dreams, paralysis on the left side. lossing my energy. fat in the head, whose faces and hands ... I'm blocked at school and l am very tired. problems in my family. I was succeeded in school and in football. l fail at everything l try. l have economic problem and l live with parent end have had pain and memory loss. l had a attac on my body like my spirit was going out of my body and when it com back my body was never well like befor ............l need help

Anonymous said...

Salam Alijkum , dear mister Soname,

I was reading your posts and I was hoping you could please help me become 'pak' again.

Untill now luckily reading sura's and duwa's makes my nightmares go away. But a few years a go my duwa's helped fixing my problems and now not anymore.
how i become 'pak' again (which duwa's I should recite and how many times) I visited a lady becouse of a lot of family problems although she was recommended by a friend that is a muslim and she works 'together' with an imam to help people, I'm a little bit scared now. Cause due to a lot of stress and problems my back was hurting really bad and my neck and shoulders too, and she made a duwa on my back (I don't know what she said, but it helped a bit) and told me to recite duwa's. But I hope she didn't made a bad duwa, which will cause me being not 'pak' anymore.

Please, after all my problems, the last thing I need at this point is that even my duwa's will not help me anymore, I need Allah and don't want to loose that also. I'm not saying that she is bad, but just to be sure, believe me mr. Soname my faith is the only thing I have left at this point, that is helping me true these very diffucult times. I don't want too loose that.

My question is:

Can you please tell me which duwa's I have to do to become 'pak' again?

Ahmed said...

My name is Ahmed ;I used to be a student of the University of Misrata Libya.I am Libyan by nationality.Due to the recent uprising,my uncle who used to be a government official in charge of the fuel storage depots in Misurata was summoned and arrested by the administration of Muammar Gaddafi for allegations of supporting the rebels.

I write to seek your assistance in investing the sum of 1.4 million US dollars from one of my uncle’s domiciliary account he disclosed to me pending when I would make arrangements to meet you in person.The details of how the said funds would be transferred would be made known to you if I can get your total trust and your interest to help me.Kindly provide me your contact details

vishal said...

Dear sir,

i am vishal from bangalore (india). sir,i read your website Sir,my fiance is suffering from black magic.
I am the one who does not believe in such things but, once it happens in front then we have to believe it.




sara said...

how are you? i read about you on a website......i want my my relation to be more close with my husband can i get any thing for reading that makes our relation more strong.

salma said...

Assalam Aalikum Br Amel
I am writing to you from London in a tremendous hope of resolving my entire familys problem. My mother, my self, my brother, my sister and all our children have been victims of black majic for well over 10 years now. We have been trying to finght this battle for some time but there appears to be no end.

After having studied your website mashallah, everything has become so clear as to what has been happening with us all this time. May Allah talah reward you for bringing this knowledge to everyone particularly to those who are suffering and could not make any sense of their distruction. I give below my issues
Our mother is permanently effected from often broozes and pains. My brother has been critically ill for over 5 years and bound to home only. His life is almost destroyed and the same with my sister.

I am writing to you in great hope that through you, Allah has provided us with help to get rid of our problems.

naseera said... are you?I hopen in the best of health by the grace n mercy of Allah..I read up on you on the internet..I read ur articles as well on black magic.I happen 2 be an aalima finished 3 yrs in darul I can differenciate what is wrong and right.from your articles I have seen that you know a lot about black magic and the correct cures from the quraan..I saw ur pages with the amals and I strongly agree with you that it is unadvisable to attempt the amals on my own..I do have a very strong sixth sense and I can judge people correctly alhamdulillah..apart from that a lot more Allah has bestowed upon me..but unfortunately the past 4 yrs have been a living hell for life and my friendships have closest friend who took me as a daughter(my mother passed away 13 yrs ago)was made to believe by a bawa(he says he is an aamil also)that I made black magic on her n her family..she felt betrayed n they kicked me out of their lives..this in return was so devastating for her that it finished her from inside.this woman is a haafiza n a very pious woman n a very understanding woman.but 4 some reason she just wouldn't accept that I'm innocent..I tried hard 4 2 yrs bt it was just like she was the meantime my life also as soon as it starts coming right it goes wrong any case I figured out that very strong blackmagic has been done on them,blinding them from the truth..and mayb on me also I don't know..Allah knows best..I have my suspicions on who it is..anyway last week she(the woman I took as a mother)passed what saddens me is that she went without knowing that I'm innocent.I was thinkin of her when it inspired me to check on google for ways of exposing a person doing backmagic n I found u..I have a feeling this is what she wud want me 2 do..2 make sure the real culprit is exposed and the truth gets out...once you read this email please reply so I know then that I can give you the whole story from the start..and inshaallah with great ummeed that I have this problem of mine can finally be is a complicated story and ill have to tell you the whole story..ill be waiting for your reply...

bera said...

Dear Brother

Can you please advise on below

I am a muslim male, 34 years of age, i live in london

I have a spell of female jinn,
am married third time and she is still desturbing my married life.
i have some one giving me treatment from india, i am ok until i take TAVIZ, when i dont take them my life is in hell agin, (Allah save me from her) ameen.
my two matrimonial life is destroyerd, i am married third time.
following condition occur to me
1, Feel hatred about my wife
2, feel loads of anger specially with my wife
3, mood changes very often
4, feel like sick
5, loads of bad thoughts about my wife, like c having affair os c does somthing bad to me
6, kind of feeling that to divorce her, i dont like her
7. unrest in my heart most of the time
8. lot of anger all the time, if my wife ask me anything i dont want to reply her properly, or give her bad answers

Please help me waht to do

sadia said...

Assalamu allaikum
I really need your help, I can tell someone has done black magic on my dad as he has borrowed so much money off loads of people and keeps on using that money to build things in Pakistan recently he built a big building he already owes people money yet he keeps borrowing money of people. And when my mum mentions he needs to sell something so we can repay the people back he always ends up arguing with my mum. Recently he has got no interest in the family he doesn't speak to my mum that much now he's always got his mind on Pakistan, mum and dad are arguing a lot now, mum is feeling really depressed. Unfortunately my dad is not the happy person he used to be, every so often he used to go Pakistan and every time he used to come back he was a changed person. And in Pakistan I know black magic is very common my own cousins do it mainly on my dad because they know of his wealth, but unfortunately the shop we not earning as much as we used to. Please can you help me and be able to tell me who has done black magic on my dad and if anyone has done it on my family.
Look forward to hearing from you soon inshallah

jason said...

BLACK MAGIC Dear Mr,Amel, for the last three years, my family of seven people constantly attacked by black magic, i think.
first the childrens become wild n yell and round the house, and will not take orders from me or the mother.
which inturn makes us angry..

One event lead to another from morning til night.
We have 5 children aged
1month to 9years.

Muttahir said...

Dear Amel,

I need to know about myself that whether am I under a spell of Black magic or not. Because I am facing failure in every walk of life, whether it be relationships, job or any other thing.

ZIA UDDIN said...

Assalam-Alekum, I have read on your webbside meny remedies and circumstantial steps one should take regarding one's situation
and possibilities. In short, before i write anything about myself, i request you to pay kind attention and help me in finding the solution.
I am under blackmagic spell for many years and could't find the solution sofar.

Blackmagic spell is very strong and it effects us in many ways, however we are dead bodies in living form. I can't sleep in the night it seems
as if there is some invisible phenomena, which disturbs me without any physical contact. As a result i am very tired in the day and aren't capable
to perform as a normal person should. I pray and have very strong believe in God and try my best to do the things accordingly.

I have come to the point where one gives up. I request you to study our situation kindly and help me to get rid of ongoing problem for many years.
God give you more knowledge and power in the field you are good at, and help us the possible way you can.
I will be deeply obliged and thankful.

Anonymous said...

Dear Amel,


I was reading your interesting articles about black magic reversal. I have personally been facing problems with career, business and relationship losses over the past 3 years, and I suspect that this is the case of a black magic hex done against me by a female friend in tandem with a magician. They both are russian.

I am praying and maintaining purity - but i would like to know how would i reverse this hex done against me by some special prayers? i am really having lots of business and financial losses.

Nashwa said...

Al salamo Alukom
I am a girl that suffering from majic that prevent me to get married and when I sleep I feel that as if some one of breathing in my ears. I want you to help me in sloving my problem by Quiran and I want to get married soon and have home and family and childeren.
My name is Nashwa , I wish if you help me to relase me of this evil and magic which prevent me to get married and I also have bad any marriage is not completed and always having finicial problems. and easy effected to envy eyes.

hassan said...

Respected Mr. Amel Soname


Please help us to find the way to out from our problem.
as i suffuring from long time blocking way in my life.

1) My student life was destry. Before graduation even i was a good student.
2) Work place alwyes problem. unexpected problem even i am serius with my work.
3) Breakdown finacialy after start my won business. with huge lone. Hiding from even relative & friend as i cant give back lone.
4) after few years with some body help stndup with business in thailand. everything was ok. now near one year agin strting problem all unexpected. one by one one problem never out from me.
by helth, mental, block of money. block of income. problem in business place. etc.
lone now near my neck. I dont know How i out from this problem. near by all people agin far away.

fell alwyes heavy hedaq, heavy had, body pain etc. after read namaj & some sura feel very havy my head. and feel lazy to go for work and fell slepy.

as i know we have enimy by our family. as thay dont want we grow up.



Anonymous said...


Dear brother is it possible for you to find out if black magic has been performed on someone?

zafar said...


I am not sure if this address is still valid. Basically I am looking for someone who knows how to break the sifli amal on a higher plane.

My sisters & my family is affected by it & I realized it when I read more about it & related to the current situation & the practices which are being used by them.
Please let me know what details are required to confirm if its indeed sifli amal & to what extent.

asma said...


i dont want kind of black magic is done to me but im suffering from different kind of stuff i want to go to my husband but i dont want happens every time he tries to apply fr my visa he cant get it its been 1 yr i contacted lots of pepole but no body helps me i have a strange pain in my belly when my husband is around whenever he come to visit me i get sick my lower tummy is getting day by day i read some where it is also a sighn of black magic im lazy all the time my body aches badly i fight with my mom my sisters and my husband to im very tensed and fraustrated by that i cant go to my husband i think someone has done bandish on me that i cant go outside of my city my husband is in another country hez not getting the visa for me i am sure that someone has done blkack magic i want to make a dua in namaz but i cant something stops me my brain wont work its frozen i cant think help me with it waiting for ure reply

salman said...

Assalamoilaikum brother i am salman from bangladesh.I have a very big problem.Some people have done black magic on my sister.She cant remember anyhting even if she remembers anythung next day she forgets.As u can see i am from bangladesh so i cant just come to pakistan or india.So it will be very kind of u if tell me how break the magic and how to help her remember things and what suras are required to do so.Please reply.May ALLAH grant u jannatul ferdous.

imran said...

Dear Soname Sahab

I went through your website and found some of the symptoms matching with myself.

My problems are that I am well educated but even then facing following issues:

- I have not been able to get married and my family has not been able to find perfect match for me. Two times my engagements went broken at the time when we asked the girls side to fix the date for marriage;

- The other issue is that I have not been able to find perfect job for myself though I am very qualified and experienced but feel not at such place where person of my qualification and experience should have been.

- I have long been trying to find a job in middleeast particularly saudi arabia but have not been sucessful. Once before five months i received a job offer from Qatar but my visa could not be processed and was rejected for unknown reasons.

I feel as if everything of mine is just closed and I am not advacning my life anyfurther except doing a job for living a lonely life.

Kindly look into my case and check if there is any kind of magic and let me know the results.

Kindly send me your contact number so that i may be able to talk to you on phone.

humaira said...

asalamalaikum amel sahib

Amel sahib i have been going through a terrible time since 10 years period. my name is Humaira me and my husband are living apart since 8 years. he has stopped working and stays at home doing nothing .he does not want to keep me and his son along .i have been staying at my parents home since then along with my son. my health is deteriorating day by stomach is becoming bloated day by day and stretched above the navel.with feet swollen.heavy feeling and sometimes difficulty in breathing.i have lost interest in life and just keep lying on the bed with lethargy.i keep on eating a lot even when not weight is gaining at a terrible rate.

another problem that is killing me is that my father has also become a victim. he fell sick one year back and found that his kidneys had failed.he is on dialysis and has to go to the hospital thrice a week .his health is also deteriorating day by day.

amelsaheb could you please perform a istikhara for me and my father to confirm if black magic has been done on us or not .can my father be released of this dialysis as it is very very painful for him.could you help me to make my husband a responsible person..for the past 10 years i have been trying many people but no response.for allahs sake amel sahib take me out of this torture

Anonymous said...

Hello Amel Sahebji,

Could you please let me know can we get rid of black magic thru which we are not able to get our property. Because of this even my mom expired. We are in a very bad state now. Problems every where. I just wanted to know how can we get rid of this black magic which is been imposed from more than 10 yrs .

arvind said...


Just went through your posts in and really think you know some stuff that would help people. The symptoms you have listed in the thread match with mine. I am a Hindu by religion but do have faith in Islam and other religions. After consulting doctors for years, i some how got to know that i have been hit by black magic things. Also i clearly witnessed people mixing black magic stuffs with foods i take which is called idu marundu in south. so usually scan hotels and dine while outside. people who look good around have done such stupidity for some reason. After talking to few people, who said to visit hanuman temple and bze of it i can see some relief. still i believe in islam, there is more powerful customs to prevent from. so can you know dargahs or any other customs or daily practices so that i can see some more relief.

Anonymous said...

Good day and Peace be with you,
I was reading your infomation about how to remove, get rid of a curse(spell,hex) of black magic, my situation is that a evil woman has cursed both me and my friend, because of a patnership of an investment that didn't go as well( we didn't know she was evil when we started, she asks us for help and as kind people we thought the investment would help all of us, also she is a neighbor), the evil woman got greedy, my friend and I did nothing wrong we are on the side of good and divine. I did get holy water and involked the angels to protect us, I can still feel and see residue from this evil and we are fighting it to the best of our abililities, we did challenge the evil and I'm wondering if you send me something useful to continue to fight against this evil-which is black magic voodoo. I cannot give up this fight because the divine always prevails.

naz said...


I am writing to you for desperate help, i have someone who has been doing very dirty black magic on me for the past 3 years, i feel suicidal, i get raped by something and feel cold chill all the time, i have seen several pirs for help but nothing seems to permanently cure the problem, please can you help me, im a desperate sister looking for a permanent resolution, its made me lose my job my whole life, the one i love is affected as i cant see him and he is suffering, a death moot has been done on him

please help

Nazafa said...

asslam O alkum,

My name is Nazafa I am sick it called neck dystonia if possible can you find out that is because of black magic or maybe something else, because i have-in-law problem. when read quran i get better. Please help me.
Thank You,

bilal said...

dear brother,

if you can tell me the ilm jaffar can solve all the problems as i had once very big and to my knowledge unsolovable problem.

if you can guide me and let me know if you can help me in that matter.

its about my girl friend to whom i didnot treated very well not we broke up and i am very sad abt her. i want her back but i have leanred she is seeing another boy.

i want she shuould leave the new guy n come back to me.

please reply if you get my massage.

chetan said...


I humbly request help.

I may be suffering from Black Magic and want to check.

Thank you

rabia said...

i really need your help sir because i have been a victim of black magic since the last seven years and nobody could help me or tell me who has done goes away and it keeps coming back.i hear constant disturbing whispers from the ceiling of my room n sometimes in the bathroom.there is a voice of a man which shouts at me very rarely.please do help me or tell me ways to finish this.

Anonymous said...

I have reversed spells through spirits, my fight is on with the person doing spells. She's dying right now, but before reversing magic I was the one dying. If theres a way in which no one gets hurt, please do mention in your blog. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

everybody read regurarly namaaz and the quran be strobg be patient and read and blow on yoursel inshallh everthing will be ok. wasalm.

Anonymous said...

salaam alaikum, I need some help and advice because my husband and I are victims of black magic. If you reply I could tell you whats happend just wondering if this reaches to you. please get back been married 7 years tried to get help from alot of people but nobody actually did it just wanted money. thanks

Unknown said...

Ahsalaam alaikum
I need you are permission zakat of the letters and surahs and aayahs will you please give me the permission I am a teenager who love to study spirituality any way I wish that I wish you will send me a e-mail if you have given permission I wish you may make me know i really appreciate you are work you have shown the way which people those who want to study about these things god bless you and you are family

Anonymous said...

If anyone suffer from magic or possession or bad sight. He should read one book named manzil. It has some quranic verses only. Nthng any other things included in it. It s small book and auther name is shekh zakria r.a.. and u l get this aayaats on net by name aarruqyatusshariya. If u want thia copy u l get on so if anyone s efected he or she should read those aayaats daily two times after fajr and afater magrib. In beggining may b u can feel dificulties like u cant read. Or u feel pain in body. Or possession bt slowly u l b cured. Bt efected people should b continued with it. Allah give u all shifa and make u free from evil.

Anonymous said...

aoa can you please tell me if someone is unable to recite the associated surahs for himself/herself can someone else recite it for them?

Unknown said...

i need help.

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