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Many people are defrauding people claiming to be Amel Soname magician or Amel Soname Healer and giving out phone numbers, making websites using the words: Amel Soname, creating emails, and social media accounts using Amel Soname . Social media is being used to spoil my name.I am NOT associated with these people who are claiming to be amel soname in any way or with those people who are running spiritual offices and asthana in the name of amel soname.If you have any questions or concerns, Amel Soname does not talk over the phone at all. You can contact amel soname through email ONLY. your questions will be answered on a first come first served basis. No other email address is valid to communicate with me except for

This is not our website , i am not associated with this site

As salamu allaiqum
Non-stop Menses is one kind of Black Magic, it starts suddenly and it keeps on bleeding whatever medicine and doctor the victim try, it remains continue, and the victim loses her health day by day and feels much pain. As you know ladies can’t offer prayer while having menses.

Symptoms’ are:

1:- There are 2 Cases in first if the Magic is Extreme then the menses will very fast and very painfull in 2nd case if the Magic is soft then Lady Will keeps feeling drops.

2:- Always remain sick.

3:- Having body Temperature

4:- Face gets darker.

7:- Abdominal pain

8:- Anxiety

Solution through Quran:-

xxx Victim even can’t offers her prayers so any family member can help her just
Recite sorah Fallaq 2000 times and sorah Nas 500 times and blow on water and
Give it to victim to drink it Magic will be destroyed in first day Inshallah but it will be great if you continue it few days.

Amel soname contact

If you have any question contact me directly on my email. No other type of  help support or email support is valid to communicate with me. this is my email address

Remember me in your prayer 
amel soname 


aany said...


I dont know what is Jadu Tona .. but I am in trouble ... living in USA ... what is the way to contact you and you can let me know what should I recite more
please help me I would be very much grateful to you.


zubair aslam said...

Aslam o elakum,i hope that you will be in best of your health.
Plz sort me out ,in what kind of problem iam now,ie is there black magic or Nazar e bad causing me difficulties and troubles in my life.

.I am very dissappointed due to my life sufferings.Till my 28 years of age now ihave been suffering from mental strress,and hurdles through out my life,either it is domestic or study.
Plz can you tell me what is wrong with me.Plz can you suggest so wazifah or ayyat of quran.I had been doing job which i found after a lot of struggle which lost in march iam againjob less.One thing i tellyou that what ever work i do its study or luck have to work very hard to get success with a lot of hurdles.
,domestically we are average family,ie middle class.
Your positive response will be highly appreciated

khan mubarak said...

As-salaam wa alikum,

Brother, I get pain in my stomach and have seen quite a few people

They say someone has given me some magic to eat and drink. They

Have given me taweez to drink but has not helped.

How can I get this out of my stomach.

Allah Hafiz,

rakesh said...

Dear Amel,

First of all a big thanks for putting that blog on internet about removal of blackmagic. Please allow me to tell my story to you.

My name is Rakesh and I am 34 years old. I am presently staying in Bangalore, Karnataka. My parents are in Bhubaneswar, Orissa.

In November, 2007, I met a girl named Peony in Bangalore and we fell in love with each other and she proposed me in December 2007 and I accepted it. We belong to different castes. Everything was going on fine till December 2008, when her parents decided to get her married with someone from her caste and Peony could not refuse since she loved her parents very much. She used to meet me often even when her marriage talks were on and in the month of March 2009, her marriage was cancelled because she wanted to study further and the boy wanted to get married immediately. Peony had told her parents about me and they did not like the idea and asked me to stay away from her. Her father met me in February 2009 and seemed to be satisified with my attitude and behaviour and while leaving he told me it is too late to reconsider his decision since he has already given a word to the groom's family, but he promised if there was a problem with this marriage proposal, he would definitely consider me.

For the past two months or so, Peony has been acting very strange with me. She hates me like anything, She hates my presence, my voice, my photo, just about everything about me. I can not believe she has changed so much. She was prepared to do anything for me at one point in time. The last time we met was on April 8th and I was little disturbed and was not able to treat her properly. She has stopped talking to me since then, she does not email me, she does not any SMSs, absolutely nothing.

This behaviour looks very strange to me.

I strongly feel and have some evidence that some black magic has been performed on her by her parents to separate both of us since the behaviour of Peony does not look like natural to me.

I am here to seek help from you.

Thanking you once again.

Warm regards



Assalamalkum, i read your article which you wrote different kinds of black magics to be remove by al-quran.I want learn this ilam from you.I am very intrest to learn this ilam, why at present i am working in saudia arbia since last 15yrs.I saw many amel take money and they dont do proper tratment to the patient here and in India also.I am not learning this ilam for earning money, to help poor peoples, so that they can pray for me and my family.Is it compuslary to have one amel jinn or mukhal to solve this black magic by quran.Becouse i need a particular dua if read i should come to konw the parient has such a kind black magic without help of jinn and mukhal.Is there like this by quranic duas.If it is there any dua pls. teach me.Khudaafiz my name is .

wasim said...


i got yr address from internet

i was wondering if u can help me, remove jadoo from my house family

sabur said...

for last two years my sister is behaving strangely she eats and drinks in dark avoid light and us eabusive language . we are worried

could you help

Gurwinder Singh said...

Hi, do you remove black magic?

Anonymous said...

Assalaam Alaikum Amel Sahab,

First of all I would like to thank you for taking time out to write a blog to enlighten people about the hidden world. It has indeed helped me in understanding the hidden world more clearly. And I am sure that other people also might have benefited from your blog.

I have some problems which I believe are related to things you have explained in your blog.

Will it be to much if I kindly request you to help me in understanding the problem within me and how to come over it?

I wish all the very best to you in all your good work and also pray to the almighty to grant your every prayer.


Fawad Ahmad said...

Dear Brother,

I read your website, it is very useful. At the moment i just read it. I think you are very knowledgeable person in this field. I dont know where do you live. I live in Bradford, UK. If you dont mind can i have you contact number to call you, because i have too many issues in my life regarding Job, miscarriages, health and many more. I want to discuss with you in detail.

Please help. I tried too many things already to rid of any black magic. But not successful. Again please help me.


Fawad Ahmad

Anonymous said...

Something is not right with my younger sister ever since she started modelling...People became jealous of her and did something to her so now her whole body is now scarred and spoilt with itchy and dry skin...She cannot stop scratching herself and there is always blood coming out from the wounds as she cannot stop scratching herself. She has also become disobedient and spends late nights out with her friends and sometimes only comes home the next day. She is studying a very good course in a very good school, she always wanted this course but nowadays she always wants to run away from school she does not like school anymore and feels very upset because her classmates are not nice to her also. More than 1 year we have seek all kind of help with the doctors on her skin but we find no cure. Can you please give tell me the ayat which can remove the black magic from inside her. She was a very sweet obedient girl, I want her to be the same again, pls help me.

Thank you.

kamran said...

i am a victim of black magic . someone has done a terrible magick upon me which brings misfortune and terrible consequences in my life. i need someones help because lately i am losing everyone that is close to me. pleas if any one knows how to reverse it plz tell me caz first of all im a good human being who has suffered alot . please help me

Farhan said...

My name is Mohammad Farhan...
i am from allahabad, U.P, India...
i have read your is very usefull to many people...
i like it very much....

amber said...

Someone has done black magic on my dad and my mum asked 6 professional people and they sed da som1 close in the family has done it to him. he does not know that we took him to a sheik he read the quran on him but he did nit react to any thing. my dad had some symptoms, 1 person said that this was done the first time 4 months after their marrige. as he is not here i would really want some help inshallah.they done it to separate my parents by jealousy. HE really started hating my mum for no reason at all, can you give me some advice please. also the sheikh sed dat he has been mentally disturbed. When his parents came bak fom pakistan and he went to visit them dat day he changed, his eyes were really red, he was stressed, two in the morning he would stand outside and smoke morew which he never used to all the stuff that he didnt do he started doing. Mashllah he is a bit better know but der is still something rong because he does not like to share his problems. also we found a keyring with his name on it in urdu black and green a shell shape we asked him if he has lost a keyring and he sed he hasnt. pleasew can u give me some advice.

mohammed aqueel said...

as salam alaikum wrb my name is mohammed aqueel iam from india deccan
hyderabad need some of ur advice . i see unknown woman in my
dreams bad dreams, all of my friends r broken i fought with all of thm
feel very sleepy, health is also not supporting ? i want 2 know . wt
is this
may allah swt bless u in tha sadqa of sarkar saw ameen

Rickelle said...

Hi I am contacting you in regards to you being a spiritual healer... I don't think i need to be spiritual healed but i do have a few questions in regards to a particular situation and was wondering if you can help me... Please let me know if you can be a help thank You

Iqbal said...

salaams brother,

I have just read your post on internet and am a vicitm of jadoo, i have been to many amils for cure but no joy can you help as you seems to have agreat knowledge on the subject.

faisal imtiaz said...

Salam Alikum,

Amil saheb, I need your help, I am having lot of financial problems and job problem for along time, I have been told that someone has done bandishes on me.Can u plz check and let me know remedies.

Kenneth Horne said...

Really good content and really assists with learning the topic better.

mina said...

Can you help me please i have lots of problems send me your number where i can call you please help have not money nothing at all but am seeking help

pervez said...


I would like to know if i am being affected by black magic. I suspect I am due to my suffering.

Please can you help.

sister said...

I need to know if there are any duas to soften someones heart? and some that helps someone to stop drinking alcohal and looking at other women than his wife? Please help also? I wanted to know if there is a dua that I can say to put islam in a non muslims heart to guied them in the right way.

maryam said...

AS salamu allaiqum
if someone have done black magic on you, how do you find out?
if you can find this out please find out for me if you can than please reply me back and i will give you the details of that person.
please please please reply soon
i will be very thankful to you

Ahmed Qadri said...

Dear Sir,

Asalam_O_ Alaikum,

I read website and related Blogs, I find it very useful and helpful information. thanks for this noble work. May Allah give you better payoff for this holy work.

I would like to grab your attention towards very much increased desease in our Society.
which is Hapatites ABC or Liver Disorders.

Kindly, send me Quranic Cure for all Liver Aliments.

fatima said...

assalam o alikum
i read your blog and i want your help please help me i m having problems in my life
please reply me so that i will tell u my problem in detail

Abdul Rehman said...

Dear Sir,

This is Abdul Rehman. I am not well since 6 years. Few time before i found out that i am an effectie of magic. My name is Abdul Rehman
Kindly if u can tell me the solution of this problem

Anonymous said...

i have a bf and i want to marry him but he has already a gf... his half love is wid me and half wid other i m very depressed i want to get him through any ilm....i concern many alems but they r fake as u know...i dont want to do black magic on him or any wrong thing....u tell me which ilm is good 4 me safli ilm,ilm e jaffar or any other which is true according to Quran Pak...n plz also tell me is there any true alem in pakistan who wl help.

amjad said...

Dear Amel Soname sb,

If anybody like me staying outside country want to learn some Amals or just to
open the veil between the hidden and revealed worlds?

In your Blog I see, seeking help from "Mezar" Can I seek Help from the "Prophet Salal laho alihay Wasalam" coz I loved him alot and become die without him.

Can you tell me some special Amals, which I can perform at "Roza-e-Rasool"

rashma said...


I want to know if you do love spell also? If not can you suggest someone who can do powerful love spell. I want to save my marriage.

Awaiting for your reply.

gad said...

salam my problem is that the girl who i was ment to marry was happy with marrying me and liked me and i also liked her now for some reason she is drifting away from me and is not sure about marrying me please help i have her permission to get help from some one he just has doubt and scared about marriage and she wants help and wants to feel close to me and get the doubts out of her head

salim said...

Assalaam Alaykum Warahmatullah

May Allah (S.W) rewards you for you efforts

Brother, I kindly need your advice. I have been struggling with life problems for many years now and till now dont see a light ahead. Problems im facing are
a} Most of the business deals I make do not materialize. I spend a great deal of time and efforts searching for business deals and I often get good responses from my clients and shows serious intention of giving me jobs. Surprisingly, those opportunities disappear at the last minute
b} Those few deals I got, do not go in the way I thought it could. I face many difficulties and unforeseeable events and mostly end up with loss or very little profit, although appeared lucrative at the outset
c) I have made marriage proposal to several girls, initially I got a welcomed gestures from them and their parents and requested me to wait for a little while please, I kept waiting, but after a time elapsed, the proposal broke!!. Now Alhamdulillah I got I fiancée, and Inshaallah after two months we will do nikah. However that materialize after a lot of struggling and patiences. And right now as a marriage day comes near, I have little penny in my pocket, I have failed even to secure money for a house rent. All money I have, are either in other peoples hands and they dont pay me or are stacked in some of business deals. I dont have even money for a simple celebration. It took me two months to complete dowry though it was a moderate!! Those money which Im now obliged to be paid are enough and with surplus for everything
d) Even in my study, I have been passing through hardship after hardship to the extent that after completing my degree, I decided not to go back to College though I could continue doing MSc
5) Personnaely I try my level best to be a good muslims, but Shaytaan is playing with me, and Eeman is going down but I try to strife for that. I mean what I am, right now is not much better compare to the past, although I want to increase my piety. However, Alhamdulillah I dont remember to do any Kabaair
6) Lastly, I dont have bad dreams, hallucinations etc. Sometimes, I speak to myself

I sincerely need your advice on how to get rid on these. Is there a way for me to know if these are only worldly tests so as to clean our hearts and faiths or its a work of sorcery/jinn/evil eye etc?

Asma said...

Do you know how to remove Jadoo done on someone else. Someone I know very well has had jadoo done on him by a girl to make him like her and to turn against his family. He does not believe there is jadoo on him and so he will not do anything to help himself. It looks like the jadoo may have been done on him by giving him something to eat or drink. It has completely changed who he is and made him not care for his family or religion any more. We are a religious family who believes in the power of the Quran, but need to know what to read specifically and how many times and when to remove the jadoo from him.
Any guidance you can provide will be appreciated.

sana said...

i have one problem.. i like one guy... from my university and he also used to like me... we use to go out... and even we were planingt o get married..
but the problem came when his mother got to know.. because i am from pakistan and the guy is from emirate... and thats why his mom with the help of alim did ilm on him.. so that he fight with me... and stay away from me...
kidnly remove the magic on him and on me...
or what should i do???
he is not listening to me at all..
waiting for your advice..

baqtair said...

salaam sir,
My purpose of learning this is to get my true lover back to my life and we settle down. I also want to do bundish so that she don't go to anywhere else. I want her to love me truely and dearly. I am a true lover and i am not go to misuse this amal. otherwise i know what reverse is going to happen to me. I hope u will give me this amal method to get my true lover back. Also i want to have a mokkel for jayez hajats but i dont understand that urdu much . please give a simple method to acquire mokkel's help and his friendship with me. Hope u will help me out with this

nadeem said...

Dear Sir,
Could you please guide me and my family in our problems. At present all my door for rizaq are closed i make money for other people and for myself i make none, my son education is going down hill and my wife is not feeling well most of the time. There are a lot of people that envy us and are very evil eyes can you please recommend for all of us a amal or something.

ASHFAQUE said...

assalam w alaikum,
plzz help me one amil has told me that sm of my hairs hav been affected by magic by burning them plzz help me .this amil is always out of station andsome magic also on job hv been done so i do get job.andsome "bala" is also aaffecting me i am having lot of problem plzz help me

anum said...

Asalaam O Aleykum,

My name is Anum. I belong to Pakistan. I am a student of Finance. I am in great trouble so was trying to find solution for my problem. As I was surfing thru net I found a blog .n I found it quite helpful . Amel jee I think and believe that Allah when closes one door opens another. I pray daily and ask Allah to diminish all my problems. Amel jee I want to know when ur helping people like us what do u get in return..? As i told u earlier im just a student and dont really have so much to give. I pray May Allah bless you for helping us!
Now I shall tell u my problem. I really love one guy whose name is Asim. He's from India. We've been together for MashAllah 4 years , and we both want to get married. I told my parents about him and they wanted it to be confirmed that is this guy is good fer me or not so they askd some mulla in Pakistan n that mulla said he is not good for me. You tell me is there anyone in this world who can decide or judge any other person. How can anyone judge my love for someone like this. I really cannot be without him . Now my parents are against me getting married to him. I think there is some taweez on me or some taweez for breaking Asim's and my relationship. I want to tell u something really sincerely that no one is perfect in this world. And believe me Asim is a very nice guy n truly cares abt me. Okay! I understand that I being Pakistani girl n he from India can create some issues but Wen Allah created us we were just called as Humans (Ashraful Makhluqat) and we all were one.. these divisions are created by people these boundaries are there cos people want it to be built. So he is Alhumdulillah Muslim. What else can be required for him to marry me.. Pls Amel jee help me.. I just want to marry Asim! My hopes r on u..
Awaiting for your earliest response.

maaz said...

AsSalaam Alaikum,

Anonymous said...

I am female have done Haj and lot of Umarh,,
but my life problems never resolve. I do have headache almost everyday
and everytime. Dnt feel like praying, and pray in bad mood and half
heartedly, and have a feeling that Allah is not accepting my prayers
for sure...Even wz nt able to concentrate on Ibadaat during Haj and in
Haram. Feel Like doing Sex all the time, have no other thought other
than this in my mind, and in my imagination only i have this thing. I
do pray 5 times,also i read quran, Tasbeehaat, Im such a desperate and
lazy person always feel ill, tired and sad. Always unhappy and
disappointed. Im having good personality and highly educated with very
good family backgroung, but cant even count "Hundreds of people have
rejected me for merriege"....
Even if someone get attracted towards me from my job places n
all.....within days that person drop the idea and even i feel that.
Almost three times some very good n outstanding collegues of mine in
different timings came n directly proposed me for merriege but later
on they r no more willing...I feel like doing sex all the time n have
stronge urge for sex...even in haj, in Ahram it wz becoming difficult
to stop evil thoughts...Im going towards Allah but still i feel Im nt
tempted from the heart, infact even while being in Haram I dnt feel
like offering prayer. I never want to say any words for Dua...Im badly
ill and living a terrible life coz of headaches almost every medicin effects, nothing changes my mood, i have got a
habit of masterbation even...Im unconsistent person, always have aims
but never fullfill them coz of my laziness.. Trying haaaaaaaaaaaaaard
to hange myself since long.............but nt succeeded yet...

Do something for me....I ll b grateful if u make my life...

Anas said...

My problem is very serious,Actually, one year ago my parents fixed my marriage to a girl who i have not seen, my parents only selected that girl for me, it was a grand engagement ceremony at our home. Now after almost a year i have seen that girl in a marriage ceremony of one of our relative. After seeing her, now the my prob is that i dont like that girl and i told my parents i cannot marry that girl coz i dont like her but my parents told me that i have to marry only this girl otherwise there would be matter of shame for all of us. So my mind is confused and i m in a great dippression since then so can you please help me out what should i do. suppose if i marry that girl and in future there would be no understanding between us what would happen then. If possible please suggest any wazifa or taweez so girls parents break the engagement themselves. Please reply as soon as possible.

Allah hafiz

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