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Many people are defrauding people claiming to be Amel Soname magician or Amel Soname Healer and giving out phone numbers, making websites using the words: Amel Soname, creating emails, and social media accounts using Amel Soname . Social media is being used to spoil my name.I am NOT associated with these people who are claiming to be amel soname in any way or with those people who are running spiritual offices and asthana in the name of amel soname.If you have any questions or concerns, Amel Soname does not talk over the phone at all. You can contact amel soname through email ONLY. your questions will be answered on a first come first served basis. No other email address is valid to communicate with me except for

This is not our website , i am not associated with this site

people who dont fear Allah, use sifly amal to make women infertile, the women they are jealous of, they can be their relatives or someone known to them. A woman cannot concieve a baby and even if she does, the fetus is killed before the child is even born.
One who fears that someone would cast a spell on her for such a purpose, should perform this amal.
11 times darood, then 11 times sura-e-wakiya and then in the end, again 11 times darood. Recite this and the magic will break. Keep performing this amal till the baby is born so that the magician cannot cast spells again and again. Do Iskikhara "consultation with Allah through prayers" before starting this amal, so that would be better.

Amel soname contact

If you have any question contact me directly on my email. No other type of  help support or email support is valid to communicate with me. this is my email address

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Mona said...

Assalam oalaukum,I was pleasantly surprised that you have posted such useful info on your blog which may benefit scores of people.This is a social service or rather a neki on your part and I shall pray to Allah that he rewards you.I am a 35 year old lady from India,still unmarried and facing a number of problems due to a jealous relative who has been casting spells/bandish on us since 20-30 years or so and has been doing so regularly.Inspite of consulting a number of Maulanas/Amils,we have not got rid of our problems.My father is in a bankrupt state without any work and I also have faced problems whenever I try to take up a job.I shall see if what you have offered on your blog can help us.I have got hopeless in this situation.Do pray for me.
Samreen Rizvi

rose said...

asslam o alaikum, can u plz help me in bandhis problem.can we read wajaifs without permission.

sabiha said...

as salam ali kum, i have been reading some your comments on the net on various forums and blog they really intrigued me, i feel myself that some one has done black magic on me and my partner, we argue to much he has become overly violent which is not like him at all, he is constantly unwell, i to myself feel some hate towrd him and i keep thnking about killing him and the thing is i love him to much,people have tried so hrad to break us up so mnay people are jealous i just dont know what to do, he has like gone against me in a short period of time. some one told that i have had a bandish placed on me and that he may have done it, he has an x wife which i feel has done something so that he and i start to dislike eachother, my question to is there any way for me to find out if there is something done on him without him knowning as he gets angry alot when he sees me and he was never like that, i to am feeling very angry and drained all the time, also if i can break this jaddo uopn both of us and bring us closer together inshalla. also if there is a way of doing so without him knowing cos i cant seem to get close to him anymore anything from the quran i can read. can i use a picture of his also i have a piece of his hair which i havent done anything to just kept as a suvaniuer.but he has taken my hair what he has done with it i dont know.

so if you can help me i have tried everything and i am at wits ends cant sleep cant eat i read the 99 names of allah every night but i just get disapponted i just feel there is something terrible wrong it was never like this. i thank you and await your response.


Imran Khan said...

Assalam o alaikum,
My name is Imran khan, I live in U.K.
Can I have your contact number please. because I am not very good with inter net.
There is a person in our family, (I think she is under the spell / magic).
I will be very thankful if you could help me in this matter. I will be waiting for ur reply.

Fi Amaanillah,

ASHFAQ said...




ASHFAQ said...




raza said...

Asalam - alikum
my name is raza and i live in karachi .friend i read some of your article . masahallah its every word is diamond

friend all family member s are suffing from jadu or seher,
therefore . i want to contact you please grant me you contact no
i will be very thankful to you

anwar said...

As Salaam alaikum,

Pls find the following are my problems and issues related to me and my family & business, I preferred that pls could u elaborate with what read & do and what to read or whom to approach, at this serious situation in my life.
Problem-1, I have started a Aluminium and Glass works [fabrication of aluminum windows & Doors with glass] business in Al- Ain - U.A.E. since 1yrs but until now did not get settled, and has got lot of losses, got lot of depression, tension in business. Become like hell for me. Don’t have project in hand and labors also creating a lot of trouble daily with new issues. Plus I have to pay lot of money to market & Bank loans; I really don’t know what 2 do? How 2 get rid of present situation, Kindly do something for my business 2 get it stable, if any hope of a lined up project, on of sudden destroys everything could not get project due to small and silly invalid reasons. There is something present at my workshop? Or it is done by some one wants to eliminate me from the market? Every workshop has got enough work but at my case there is no work at my workshop labor are sitting idle for months and months. And it is very difficult to pay their wages on idle basis. I am unable to afford their salaries due to no work at workshop or project.
Problem-2, It is understood that there is negative energy is reacting on my business and due to that my business is collapse, and as u know in business you have to purchase materials and workshop rent etc. for that I have to issue bank cheques and due to aforementioned effects bank cheques are bouncing and the cheques holder instead of contacting me they are directly approaching to the police & trying to put me in prison.
Why this is happening with me as I am one of those among the market doing the same but my case is differ them others. I don’t know. At first I have to stop this issue otherwise I will be snt to the prison and I know that it not so easy for me to get out from there. Please advice on this issue and stop these cheque holders to reach police.
Problem-3, At home I have problems with kids and wife they are not feeling well and my wife on of sudden felt in high blood pressure patient. And my daughter suffering from monthly bleeding it continues for 4 months and stops for 2~4 months there is no periods. She feels so scared and not interested in studies at all-I myself feels that there are certain evil images on walls and floors & roofs of home.
I do request you that If do u know someone amel who can reveal these problems from my present situation I do appreciate and prey for you with my family all of us will prey for you may Allah [SWT] Bless you with lot of good deeds.Jazak Allah Khair

Mansureh Zabeth said...

Asalam alaikum,

Im Mansureh Zabeth , Indian and have read a lots of your articles and their solution for the black magic.

I need your help , i was told that my husband and me and effected by black magic.

In March2010 ,my husband Syed Moinuddin who was working in Dubai as Logistics Manager lost his Job suddenly without any reason, and we had to come back to India.
He was trying to get a new job but even though he is a experienced ,very very tough for him to get a job and 4 times it happen that evrything was finalised ,and he almost got a job but at last minute he did not get that we are here in India with no house and my husband without any job with nearly 6 months.

Now he is in Dubai from past 1 month ,but no job or interview calls and he is also having so bad dreams and his health also not good.he even tried to do a part time job in Dubai but there also he failed.everything only going negative in our life.Can you please suggest me any Dua or wazifa which i read for my husband to get rid of the black magic on him and he should get a good job

somy khan said...

salam brother and sister how r u , i have seen ur talking about Black Magic on a website,

i am going throw problem with my husband, we got married 1 year ago, had 1 misscarge 7, 8 months ago, now i am going throw dificalt time i am realy loosing myself, i extremly need help

pleas pleas answer me if u r real muslime brother or sister,

thanks for ur time

somy khan

muhammad hussan said...

hi i need help my whole body make me very weak i feel my hand and leg not working i feel i fell down , by black magic destroyed my sexual power i can not having sex with my wife , sometime i dont get sleep continue many night then i call soem body then he do soemthign for me i get sleep please help me

sonia said...

salam `m much more worried about my husband `s future,plz help me tell me what shall i do? i offer 5 times prayer.

nikhat said...

i got married 21/2 yrs ago,till now i dont have kids,i feel someone is doing jaadu on me,please suggest me something to recite so that my problem will be solved,i will be thankful to u

Anonymous said...

salaam hi i would like to no this wazeefa is it 2 be read on 1 time i mean if i read it after zuhur should i read it every day after zahur or can i read it anytime can i blow on water or is it just read and do dua jazakallah may allah giv u reward for what you are doing

Anonymous said...

salaam..hi..I would like to know if there is any black magic so that my husband comes back to India and never live in another country. He lives in USA..I want him to return to India forever.

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