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Many people are defrauding people claiming to be Amel Soname magician or Amel Soname Healer and giving out phone numbers, making websites using the words: Amel Soname, creating emails, and social media accounts using Amel Soname . Social media is being used to spoil my name.I am NOT associated with these people who are claiming to be amel soname in any way or with those people who are running spiritual offices and asthana in the name of amel soname.If you have any questions or concerns, Amel Soname does not talk over the phone at all. You can contact amel soname through email ONLY. your questions will be answered on a first come first served basis. No other email address is valid to communicate with me except for

This is not our website , i am not associated with this site

Following are some of the signs of a magician
1. A magician walks in arrogance and pride.
2. He thinks he's better than the rest.

3. He thinks nobody can compete with him and he is above all.
4. Magicians often talk like this, that when I attack someone, he is destroyed, when I walk by some place, it becomes desolate, any field i cross, turns into ruins, the way a snake bite does not spare anyone, simillarly my bitten does not survive, I stab in the back, and do not come to the front, I never miss a shot, when i get after someone, he fears me and seeks shelter, you will have to ask me for forgivness, you will have to come under my spell, your earnings will be spent by molve mola or the kings.
5. If someone talks about Allah infront of the magician and wants to make him fear Allah, he laughs and says, there is no such thing.
6. The magician does not have any regard for Allah and the Holy book.
7. He feeds on shit and pee.

8. He slays animals without reciting Bismillah.
9. He shows his anger frequently.
10. His eyes remain red mostly.
11. he remains anxious.
12. magician is greedy for money.
13. he drinks.
14. he stares at women often with a bad eye and wants to have them for himself.
15. when a magician talks to someone, and then looks over his head and rolls his eyes, he is actually ordering the jinnat so beware of such a person and avoid him in the future.
16. he stays unclean.
17. he does not keep fast.
18. he recites bad/evil spells
19. he asks somebody his mother's name so that he can easily cast spells on him.

20. a magician asks for some animal and then uses its blood for wrong purposes in the victims body.
21. when a magician is working on someone, he asks him to stay in a dark room where there is no sunlight for some days, because the magic works best in the dark and the sunlight weakens the magic.
22. when a magician is helping someone, he sometimes asks the person not to touch water for some days, because the jin tht he is using is a christain.
23. a magician often visits the graveyard./
24. a magician goes to a new grave often, so that he can capture his hamzad.
If you find any of the above signs in someone and are sure that he is a magician, then dont meet him again and avoid him.

Amel soname contact

If you have any question contact me directly on my email. No other type of  help support or email support is valid to communicate with me. this is my email address

Remember me in your prayer 
amel soname 


nadia said...

Dear sir

as i was browsing the net i saw ur classified read some of ur remedies,sir if ur located in karachi i want ur telephone no so that i can contact u and
discuss my problem with u



mohsin said...

my name is mohsin ali , since my birth i been always encountering accidents espsecially on my head region involvinng lot of blood loss,by gods grace this has been stopped as my mother is a stunch believer in allah &other prophets she did some sort of prayer due to allahs bounty &prayer i am now safe from head injuries. However some of my inlaws from my moms side are repeatedly doing blackmagis on her so as to have quarrel she is becoming sick day by day abd this effect is also reflecting me also there is no interest in me towards studies i cannot offer namaz due to sinus problem as i cannot take headbath this is a recent problem prevailing for the past 3 years. Day by day i am becoming arrogant i am not getting job i dont get sleep for past 5 years my complexion has darkened i have become more like obese .Please help

Mohammad Yusha said...

Assalam Alaikum,

Can you tell me the way to reverse magic. Thank you.


Mohammad Kamran said...


My name is Mohammad Kamran, and i'm and my whole family is been effected with black magic, i have read your articles on the net, but my problem is whatever you have mentioned and all others; to recite we have had done it so many times but never helped.

Is it possible that you can please introduce your self and where are you reside or to contact with you on the phone.

Thank you.

Imran. said...

Salam alkum bro Amel.

I hope you are well Inshallah.

A quick question please.

I have had a problem recently for the last six months or so. Maybe it is jsut a trial from Allah swt.

Anyway there are people who have been following me around for six months; every where I go. And they change these people all the time. I am not sure who they are or why they do this; Ihave not sone anything wrong. the same has been happning to my friend also.

It has been quiet stresfull.

I think my sister in law rung somebody and made lies up about me but I am not sure.
it may be sihr she has done I am not sure.

Not sure what to do.

abu mosa said...

please describe your method how you treat people?

do i need a taweez for my wife?

Rukshana Rauf said...

Assalamalaikum, I read about blackmagic and envies on the website.I really need your help.we run a grocery shop.we are three people in the house.we have a son who is 26years.he hasnt been successful in marriage proposal.we have suffered alot since our marriage. Now our business is suffering ...Our income drops day by day and we have financial problems and we wnat our sale to grow so we can pay our debts.please do you have a book written that you can send me so i can do amal and solve this problem for my family. I know that blackmagic is done to us and our business .please help me .I wish allah would have given me this ilm.I would like to help others who are in this situation. where can I learn this ilm.can you help me please.I will look forward to your reply

nadia. said...

Salaam brother

I read your duas and how prayers can remove black magic, i am in a similar sort of problem.

i seek your permission to guide, support and help me, if it is ok, may i write my problem and i shall be most grateful for your guidance.


Sanjay said...


I read your article about black magic/jinn.

I understand many people blame their problems on this without knowledge. Problem is I have had evil-eye, headaches, nightmares, and massive-falling from society for the past 7 years plus! I just want the head-ache to go away. My face becomes dark and I get mad...I then do "diva" (hindu-light) and it immediately leaves...once the light is gone, it comes back. I have had full cat scan, blood test done...doctors say I am extremeley healthy. My mom went all over India, and nobody can help. I have zero history of mental illness in my family, and I have never hurt people, cheated, and always give donations. I pray all the time for 5 years and everything from money, friendships, business deals, and family relations have gone sour. All I want is the head-ache to go away. Head-aches lasts for 3-4 seconds as if something is entering, and then I become tired...but head-ache happens multiple times a day, maybe three time an hour, dfferent areas...doctors in USA have never heard of such an amusing thing. Can you please guide me in the right direction? I am not muslim, but you guys are the only ones who know how to fight this thing according to my mom.

savita said...

i wanted to know about black magic if u have any idea about please let me know as i need it.

Imran Ahmad said...

I have read ur post in ur blog.the types of ajadoogar u have mentioned are so true.Currently i m facing the same of jadugar.HE is so powerful even many aamils run away from site.He has so many powers that with in seconds he has destroy me >further he is not allowing me to get any job or recover from my illness>I will glad if u personally help me to recover from this trauma

waheed said...

Dear Amel

Hi my Namazie from Spore infected heavely by Black Magic from Indonesia

Can you assist thanks

Rifat said...

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your time,as discussed information as requested.

My name--- rifat(on birth certificate ,passport and official documents)otherwise at home everybody calls me iffat
mothers name zubaida ,

I am jobless,have major health problem,major financial problem no income at all and in heavy debts.situation is very bad and whatever work i want to do there are blockages.

waiting for your reply,

Thank you once again,

Best Regards,


meraj khalid said...

Aoa Brother,

I saw ur post in one of the blog i dont know where u live and what's ur name but i am find someone who can help me ending black magic on his from which my all family is suffering from last 20 years. if ur read my message please contact me

naseem said...

sir my husband has locked the house and staying in his elder brother house from one month ,iam staying in my mother husbasnd is not calling me nor meeting me,and my mother in law is not allowing me to enter the house ,they have locked the mother in law and sajida doing jaddu on me from 3 yrs so that i should giv edivorce to him ,sajida wants my husban dto marry her younger sister,they are going to hindu person and doing jaddu.i dont no how to survive ,my mother is very poor ,pls help me thinking your daughter or sister,pls see that my husband come back to me immediatelly or tell me what to read,if he stay in his elder brother house ,too much problem

sonia said...

I belong to Sikh family.
my brothers wife did black magic on my husbands business. My husband is facing losses and down falls in his business.How can i get rid of bhabhi is jaelous to see me happy in my in-laws. Please help me.

shamil said...

brother I need some serious help issues with Islam Please get back at me as soon as possible inshallah.

Ali said...

I just wanted to ask you, Do you have a dua voor me.

I'll just briefly explain what my problems are.
My wife's parents do black magic on me.
is their wish that I will divorce, and they have my wife
taken away from me, and I do not see my child,
I have still Nikah with her,
my brother help me. see me as your own family, I ask for help from heart to heart.

Jennifer said...


I read your site and have been suffering from this for 1 year I am a mother and cannot live without sleeping loosing money my beauty dissapeared in an accident etc, A woman did this harm to me from hate envy etc. I read you can cure most magic in 5 hours, this woman sent me magic to kill me for me to be poor etc How much do you charge to help me and how can you do it if you are not in Florida. I am in Florida.

Rayoman said...

The following spell has been done on my family by bengalee jadu
1 my father cannot swallow any solid food . No medicine is working
2. All our money is destroyed business in bad shape.
3 unable to get out of debt
4 unable to do any work
5 mother is mentally unsound

Kindly let me know a prayer to reverse this black jadoo and oblidge

Afggirl said...

The black magic people are from India. My daughter told us she would check only what is rikig or incorrect. She is the pendent of magic now. The magic of the people sent a cereal killer Hindu jindh at her and repeatedly angrepte her as she was almost dead. It becomes habit from her now and she can not live without the people. She does not accept, god, prophet, religious, country, their culture, relatives and his family's special parents. Magic people gave to her speed, friendship, love, money and happy life. I read SORAT albaqarah, yatulkursi, qul ahozo brabin nasi and qul ahozo brabel falaqi 7 times but she did not help. Many aulumah did something else and sent something else but she got help. Then came the Hindu jindh and they warned us that they will kill us and they always saog says we get to kirkegorden. We read yatulkursi on him seven times and they said that they are weak now. Every night they come and throw heavy things but we said and say to you that we are afraid of you and
got hot and they go.

She refuses from every thing and she does not accept advice and recommend

Life from us is like fire and hell and now we are almost a weird crazy

I need help

Can they help us

I hope for good advice and recommend from you.

arooj said...

As-Salamu Alaikum,
Me and my family are affected by black magic. We live in the UK. We have strong faith in Allah swt and pray and read Qur'an. We also read many du'as and supplications and read namaaz, Ayat-ul Kursi, 4 Quls, Manzil (contains many chapters of the Qur'an including last chapters of Surah Al Baqarah), many duroods, and read many other things which are effective. However, the black magicians have been practising for 10 years on us. They use evil jinns and also now use vodoo dolls by injecting pins. But reading the du'as have reduced the effect. About 2-3 years ago they did lots of jadu on me. I had symptoms such as Lack of appetite, but now my iman is stronger and i have become more religious. About one year ago i noticed that they tried to use jinns to attack me during sleep, but now this rarely happens. During the summer in July and August, me and mum prayed lots and lots everyday. They started to inject pins into vodoo dolls etc. So we could feel pins and needles. I think they did this because they knew their black magic wasnt working so they try to do something physical. My mum reads 10 times durood sharif before and after reading 20 times Surah Nas and blows on the water. She does this twice a day and my family drinks the water (except my brother).
A few days ago my mum noticed in the front garden that beneath the grass, soil and mud was dug out making a big hole. The black magician (old step-dad) and his relatives/friends have did this and I think used the soil to do black magic. The black magicians has relatives in Pakistan who also do the black magic because he tells them to When me and my family used to live with him there were lots of problems that we had - he mixed stuff in our food and did many bad things. He give us taweez/amulets which contained evil words. We sent the Taweez's to Pakistan to find out what the information inside them meant and it said that he wanted to kill us. My mum lost her health a long time ago because of him. 10 years ago he took our clothes and our personal things and used it to do black magic on everyone in my family. We have strong faith in Allah swt. The black magicians are very experienced. Please can you give us advice on how to tackle this and how to get rid of the black magic permanently. When we remove the effects by reading and blowing the effect out of our mouths, they always throw some more jadu again and repeat everything everyday. Our neend (sleep) and sukoon is taken away and affected because of black magic. Please help us.

sameera said...

Asalaam walaikum,

Am in real trouble can you please help me....

My problem is my Inlaws.Ever since married they have been creating only problems....During my marriage they had promised me &my parents that they are ok with me working as i was already working for an MNC...After marriage my husband left me and went to saudi as he has been working there and after that they did not allow me to go to saudi instead they created so much difference between me and my husband that he does not listen to me at all.Finally after lot of fights i resigned from my job and went to saudi....Here my husband does not listen to me and hardly talks to me and whole day i have to sit looking the walls...Am so frustrated that i feel ike ending my life but i have a 3 year old daughter seeing her am just pushing my life.

I with a help of friend asked her to check with a amil and they said that my inlaws have done some black magic so that my husband does not listen to me.
And they should have complete control on their son...he shud listen to what they say...

Can u please help me and suggest me if some thing can be done....I want to lead a normal life like others.
I want to go back to india and work...I want my husband to listen to me and not to his parents anymore....
I dont want his parents to interfear in our lifes anymore....
Also help me find a job when go back to india.....
Please it will be great help if u can help me.

shaina said...


I am a lady suffering from obssessive dirty thoughts from past 12 years.Few years back an amil suggested i am possessed by a jinn.i followed the treatment
and alhumdullilah felt has been a few years back that i have been disturbed by these dirty thoughts again. I am again under treatment and it has been a month but i have not felt any relief.the thoughts are driving me mad.i dont want any bad thoughts regarding allah and prophets.please give me a treatment where
successfully my mind becomes normal.i am also doing a treatment by an amil which involves burning of paper rolls in oil and applying attar.please give me a treatment which i can combine it with the treatment given to me by the other should not give me any harm .
from your sister

Jonathan Dsilva said...

Dear Sir,

My name is Jonathan Dsilva, live in saddar, Need some help please if you could im very upset.. I was just going through the net so got ur site from there…. I love this girl since 12 years she also loved me as I did.. but all of a sudden things started going out we used to fight a lot and had many problems and then I broke up with her in a really horrible way. I stopped talking to her regularly, I stopped looking at her the same way, I generally took her for granted and almost used her… I ended up breaking up with her because I thought it would be the right decision. I knew she loved me. We broke up and now her absence makes the heart grow fonder. At first it was great, I was free I didn’t feel bad and I would go out and have fun.. But then I started thinking of her a lot and missing her more and more… I know I have made an awful decision. I kept calling her I apologized to her extensively telling her how much of a monster I was over and over… But she stopped attending my call or replying to my messages… Please I love her a lot 12 years means a lot… can u help me out please I really need your help please…. This is my off address…. Please sir I would like to know what was it did some one do some thin to break this or what… Please….. will be waiting for your reply….. Please..

athar mehmood said...


I have to say that I am jobless for the last several years and not receiving any single interview call. I am frustrated and worried about my future. If I have BANDISH then please inform me what is the solution to get rid off.

Day by Day I am noticing that there are lot of obstacles and hurdles in my future.

I shall be grateful to you and waiting for your reply !

syed said...

i am embarrass to say it but maybe you can help me,
I have problem with my size of my penis too small there is a recipe of jewish pray to get fix the size you want and there is
a recipe in Internet with African voodoo they can fix your problem , but i am Muslim and i can not use black magic
is there any recipe is in muslam i can use to get out of this shame.
thank you and god bliss you.

TAJAMEL said...

Dear Sir,

My wife is suffering from magic, her legs,back bone,shoulders, face, eyes, mouth get debao n niddles feelings. even her legs n sensitive parts she feels so much pain n unbearable headache. An amil is asking us to bring her to him he do kala ilam. but i m not allowing. i read ur blogs recited mubatul ashra n sura muzamil ayat on her its give her calm for some moments but not permanent. I cant take to any amil because of feeling unsecurity. please guide me what to recite. I think doll magic is performed on her because she says that she feel she is having nailis in her body n hanged on wall.

Please guide for sake of God.

shaheen said...

hello! i saw your posts on a few websites and it seem to me that you have a lot of knowledge about black magic. what if somebody wants to meet you to get this illness cured?

Alysa said...


i have been looking at the internet regarding jadu, reason is we have been told that we have black magic effect i want to know do u do amal or any sort of breaking of the magic?


pretty girl said...

i have many problem. i want to know if it is black magic and who done it and why
can you say who done and why please?

affra said...


Do you know any black magic priest that can help?

Shaeba said...

salam alakum

Thank you for those beautiful duas and information about black magic. May God bless you and your family.

I need your help. I believe my husband is possessed by Jinn and that someone has done jado (separation) on us.

We were told to burn dog poo in the house for 45 days we did and everything was peaceful, but now slowly again my husband talks and laughs in his sleep. Also sometimes he cannot sleep because something is holding him down and he cannot get up or breathe properly. These days he is also avoiding coming home. As soon as he reaches home he goes out. It doesn't matter what time it is for example 2am or 4am. He avoids home. There are other symptoms such as womanising and taking drugs. My husbband before all this started did not even smoke cigarate now he is dependent on drugs and cigarate.

My family life is now at a standstill, I just don't understand. He is now depressed and says he doesn't love me. But I know he does. Please can you help us to get rid of this black magic and to protect ourselves, permanently. Also can you confirm that there is black magic in our lives.

Jake Allen said...

I am having trouble in my marriage - my wife very very good but I do not like her for sometime - I always feel she doing wrong things. I need you to help me please. I feel that someone has done something to her or me.
Please tell me how to solve my problem and get back to my wife and children so I can love her again and be happy with her again.

Terry said...

The same as someone else discussed what a fantastic blog this is. Generally I dont bother with a remark however for your energy and efforts you ought to get one. Good job

crisstina said...

assalamualaikum i was reading some things about blackmagic etc. on the internet and i found this one page with lots of info and there was your post in it. just wondering if you know anything about black magic and stuff because i need your help. jazakallah

Anonymous said...

Hi cheers for an incisive post, I really found your blog by mistake while looking on Goole for something else closely related, in any event before i ramble on too much i would just like to say how much I enjoyed your post, I have bookmarked your site and also taken your RSS feed, Once Again thanks for the blog post keep up the great work.

Gaurav said...

Respected Amel Sahib,

My self is Gaurav Tahim from District: Hoshiarpur, State: Punjab, Country: India. I have read yours blogs on internet regarding cure of black magic through Quran Shareef, through Taweez and amilonline etc.

I am also suffring from black magic problem. I have trying near about 100+ amil, Faqeer, Buzurg, Jadugar but no one able to cure if any one cure its only for hardly 1 month because my neighbor is a jadugar (magician). Currently my rizk (earning money and success)is blocked and my wife is also facing a evil problem. We are always ill and our income source are decrease day by day.

I am hindu and i cant able to read urdu or arabi. You are requested to please give me a solution, any taweez, any mantra (wazifa), or any amal so that we may fight against the black magic or break the magic which was done on me and my wife. I am hopeless in these days from all sides. A person give me a wazifa of Ali sahib and say to recite daily for few days and told with the effect of this Ali sahib appear at front of me and help me in such conditions. I dont think it is possible. I am daily worshiped Pir Hazrat Abdul Kadir Shah Jilani (Gaun E Ajam) and i think i am live because of Shah e Jilani.
You are again requested to please help me with any source any taweez, wazifa, any amal. I can do anything for cure from these suffering conditions.

sikander said...


I m sikander, I want to contact you, i m from karachi. Plese tell me your contact details etc.

IFTEQUAR said...

since long i suffere a lot

today my age is almost near to 40 , no earning , no marriage

i am standing at cross road as like before

even i make myself feel i may allah wish me to be like this

here i always feel and it is like evevry one is jealeous about me
i never do wrong to any one .

my mother cursed for nothing but only jaeloue abot money a i am not giving her

where as i know how i try to solve out the upcomming problems to them

by felling and seeing i try to do good and make there lving should not get stayed or delay
even then they do inferorty treamment to me

i dont know what the cause that making them jealeous

they never help me with the heart or even as agood gesture they never try to hel me or even as man who making them secured from other monger who n informatativey distruction they belonging or property.

i dont know , revioulsy i seperated myself from them and little happy buit they asked come live together but they not change they atttituted against me even for non reasons.

can you plz help me in my suitation


i am rao aziz from karachi my father invested a money with someone that man was also a roohani alim having moakil and he commit a fraud and ran away his family is still in our neighbors his elder brother is also very powerful and what ever we tried he uses his source and we left with nothig my mother is suffering from cancer we are very disturbed he take the whole sum please help us through quran and can u kindly tell wether he will give us the money or and where he is now like in karachi or out of pakistan through istakhara i am waiting for your reply that guy is also attached to high religious personalities like saylani welfare and many others you can even contact me on 03312662026

Anonymous said...

salam brother
i m hina from rawalpindi plz help me my mother is ill from the last 3 months.she have jinnat we donot knw that from where they came .at that tme she keeps silence.only lay down on a bed and covers her whole body including her head in a blanket.she doesn't want to see any body.plz help me my father is also v upset.plz help me for the sake of Allah pak help me .Allah wil gve u reward

Prince Hassan said...

Recite, La`Ilaha Il`Allah Muhammad Ar`Rasool Allah. As many times as you can because this Kalima e Tayyiba is remedy for everything. Insha`Allah it is PROLIFIC for all the MANKIND.

sanoof said...

i cant get well sleep over 10 months so, i consulted experienced doctors but their medicine doesnt worked in me, pls help me

Rabiul Islam said...

Some people from our neighbour is doing black magic.always after reading manzil and ruquyah and 4 quls the effect is lessing.but they are doing this every father is dead and i need to earn for survive my family.i really face a lot of problem.Please give us solution.some Amel give us tawez but they do some speels and defect it.after i listen to your black magic remove recitation dua of 2.11 min its really help.when i start hear it my headache increase have some sign of vomit and feel a terrible pain in belly but now i am fine.and i listen it daily 2 hours.but people doing black magic in my home they put some tawez in front of my house gate.How can i get rid of it.please tell me.i really pray for you every time i perform namaz cuz your solution really help.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir we have a cook in our house for years he always lets all maids that come run away from our house So he can have my father for himself my father loves him so much he brings drinks to my father and woman and knows the amount of money he has my dad is a lawyer he doesnt care about anythign only about drinking My mother died in a strange way when she took the cook out of the house she wanted to die and stopped eating and starting banging the doors and breaking everything then they said she has a disease in her liver then died. The cook is still here my dad is now in a mental hospital they say his is bipolar and has schizophrenia and severe depression he stopped eating and he is acting very weird when the cook travelled back to his country my dad went out to hospital and started praying and he became the dad he was when i was young but when the Cook came back my dad became crazy again and started banging the door and screaming and hes back in mental hospital again and the doctors said that someone gave my dad something and they cannot prescribe anything I want to know what can i do to get the cook away from dad my DAD loves him so much and when he travels he becomes crazy please help i think my mom also died from him because my dad is now acting like my Mom before she died and he has suicidal thoughts

dadu welcomes you said...

Assalamualikum sir
now i am crying because the magician's symptoms relates with me more
i love light sun shine
i hate darkness
i am dragging in to a stage (i which " i hate humans")
i hate black magic
i wanna survive my self
i wanna live a best life
some thoughts disturbing me a lot
if any body dos't care (i want to kill him)
people dosent respect me
my area is fully coverd with black magic
i mean jinns people make black magic's
Black Magicians
sir i am begging you please inform
is there any way to kill black magic?
sir sorry to say this
a lot of people are suffering with black magic
mainly muslims. sir plz try to help all people to stay out of this sir
i love a girl a wanna marry her(a friend offer me hex pay 200 and she will be yours)
I wanna do that. But A Power stopped me to do that.i want to break his mouth and turn him in to ash .
But he is my friend and that too a muslim
Sir please help all to stay out of Black Magic

dadu welcomes you said...

Hello sir
Most of the hollywood Movies are attracting me
I want to Stop the evil Black magic powers For ever

Anonymous said...

sir i read ur artical u r doing nice job i impressed.plz give us some option to share ur artical on facebook i have littel knowlg becoz in our home alots off jinnat.

Unknown said...

Assalamualaikum Sir
My Family is getting suffered because of Black Magic
We have Doubt on our Family Members. My Self Shaik.Dadapeer, Mother's Name Shaik.Masirajan
We have
1. Lot of Debts, which seems un-Recoverable,
2. Day by day Mother's and Father's Health is becoming ill
3. Business is out of control
Please Help us to Remove These Black Magic
Thanking you sir

Anonymous said...

After reading all above how to get ur answers of these questions coz im not seeing any question u have answerd . How to contact u.

muzammil said...

As salamu alikum

Brother we are very thank ful to u for the such a use full blogs

These days since 2 to 3 weeks i am feeling very upset i am not able to concentrate on my work if try to work feels very sleepy i am getting anger very soon also fighting with every one for silly reasons

When i am in office feel very tied if try to work i will get sleep

We were 2 persons who initiated the business but the other person was terminated as he cheated the investors

I also feel very tied have severe body pain and also i am having fight daily with my family members

I need your help desperately please revert for my email asap

Jazak allah humma khair

Anonymous said...

I need your help sir.

Anonymous said...

Sir I need ur can I contact you?

Unknown said...


I am your follower, please let me know the what is purnim and Amavasya how these impact on us interm of black magic casting,one magician is chasing me and injuring my brain nervous, I am listening you moukhil dua MP3, guide me the zikar for active brain,

Tanvir said...

Hello csn you tell me where you live

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