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Assalam o alaikum hazraat
There is a particular type of black magic spell in which the victim’s memory becomes weaker day by day. The intellect and thinking ability gets affected due to which the victim in spite of being intelligent may not be able to think properly or take the right decisions.
Even if the victim tries to remain normal he cannot do so. He loses interest in his work due to lack of concentration. He feels restless. If unfortunately the magic spell is very powerful then the victim may suffer from a total memory loss. He is unable to recognize even his own family members. Others think that he may be suffering from a low Blood Pressure problem or some other health problem but the fact is that he is going through a strange psychic problem in which his mind seems to be clenched by some outside power.
A feeling as though the mind is jammed
The mind is at unrest and the normal functioning of the brain gets affected.
The victim often forgets the place in which he may have kept important things.
In financial transactions the victim makes several blunders and ends up paying more than taking.
Lack of confidence, for example if the victim locks his door before leaving his house then he may not be sure whether he has locked it properly or not.
There is a feeling of burden on the mind.
The victim feels sleepy all the time and wakes up quite late.
The victim finds it difficult in understanding things.
Read Surah Yaseen 7 times after fajar
Read Surah Rahman 5 times after zohar
Read Surah Falaq 300 times after asar namaz.
Read Surah Naas 200 times after maghrib namaz.
Read Ayatal kursi 101 times after offering isha namaz
This amal will break the spell within a few days Inshallah and the mind will be completely at rest and the victim will regain his or her sanity.

Amel soname contact

If you have any question contact me directly on my email. No other type of  help support or email support is valid to communicate with me. this is my email address

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amel soname 


chandni sodagar said...

iam suffering from such typr of black magic since 2 and half years
but how i come out ???

abdul muqeet said...

i am suffering from bey deli r lack of interest in anything.please giv some soln from the holy quran.

maya said...

As Salam Alaikum,

I am in need of your help, im a muslim girl from Uk, i was in a relationship with a guy 3years back, and we were very much in love, but had a few problems after, so in 2009 i requested a spell caster somewhere in usa or canada i think she was from, to do a love spell so that he can get close to me. At that time i didnt think what i was doing is wont, i wasnt even practicing islam, but Alhumdulilah now i am, and i realize what i did was wrong, because ever since then things got worse between me and him, he became so distant and now we are separated, he does keep intouch but every time he trys to come forward with me, he suddenly pulls back, now i dont know if this is the bad effects of the spell or wat, also i kwn his health isnt always very good and he is still struggling in life. I feel very bad because now i just blame myself.
Is there anything i can read or do to help him, it will be impossible to give him anything because i dont see him, and wouldnt want him to ever find out what i did.I hope Allah forgives me.

Please help me .

Mojahid said...

Assalam alaikum,
my name is Mojahid, from last two year i am suffering illness and lost everything .i am kating medicine from last two year but still suffering.
married on28th november 2004 but uptonow no child. kindly for God sake help me. .i am waiting for ur reply. i know urdu,hindi and little english.

Dushyant said...

Hello Amelji ,
My name is Dushyant I came across the website to erase black magic via Quran verses although I am not Muslim but I believe in Allah and have a strong belief in Islam . I am in big problem my family is affected by black magic and my relatives are involved but where ever we went for help they are all interested to get money from us instead really helping us . Even the god we pray can help us to some extent as my relatives are in black magic for a long time they are over powering. Please help me and show me the way what should I do I have the last hope and thought may be my god Shiva has shown me your way to seek for help . Please reply my family haven't did bad to any one still we are suffering . Waiting fro your reply.

husna said...

Dear Brother, came across your website while searching for some amils to help me....I think i have some kind of bandish on me which prevents me to get married and also find employment for last three years. I get good proposals and people seem interested buy nothing works out and the same goes for job..i have been unemplyed for more than two years. I am really frustrated. Can you please help..? I prefer if you send me something to hear to cut this bandish..

Divyani said...

i am an indian girl named Divyani . i came across through a website in which you have mentioned about a person has the knowledge and power of love spells....i have lost my love...want to stay happy with him lifelong....want him back to love me more and remain sincere to me...he is a playboy and fooled me but i fell in love with him not knowing his in pain . pls help me! god has blessed you with special assets. my wait will not be over till i get your reply...

With Warm Regards
a needy friend

Anonymous said...

Hello sir,
I like someone. We used to be together. but he brock up with me 4 years ago. Can you help me get him back?

jaswinder said...

Respected amal ji
i am going through very hard times with my married life and i don't have any child yet it has been 7years of our marriage. now the situation is that problems between me and husband resulted in seperation and i don't want divorce and want to live happy married life . i also don't have job right now and i am not even finacially secure. i hope you will help me solving my problem

amar said...


brother please can u kindly accept my request n kindly advise me if u can tell me which one is stronger for life time benefits as well as becoming the amil of this wazifa for life long safely

dawat e kabeer or khatim shareef on the wazifa
la haula wa la quwwata illah billah

the wazifa i require step by step guide on is

la haula wa la quwwata illah billah

please kindly inform me if any hadia r involved n the full cost of the hadia n if i can afford ur hadia we can then start

please send reply in simple english as i can nt read urdu

thank u for ur time

brother amar

sadia said...

Dear amel,

I want to know further details that how someone can know whether black magic is there or not?
Me and my suster we dont get marry ,purposals are comming and 98% use to reject us.Somone has told us that we have black magic.
Could you please make the procedure clear so i can get an idea.

sumera said...


we had a happy family and my parents loved us and each other alot. until all of a sudden my father wanted to marry this woman from tajikistan and brought her at our place in absense of my mother. My parents got seperated and my father completely ignored us for many years. My mother passed away a 3 years back. She was too young to die. Me and my siblings have been always depressed. My sister is happily married now but there is always something stopping my marriage. I lost interest in studies. My brother is non serious about his education as well and is very agressive, forgetful and careless.

We have recently shifted with our father. my father is nice towards us but my step mother is always fighting with us and our father and acts all crazy. we found taveez at our place also several times.

my step mother is from tajikistan and is an agha khani. she does not pray or keep fasts. I feel she has all these years done magic on my father so he got seperated from my mother and us.

How to get rid of black magic is any. please guide me.

GURMIT said...



sanjana said...

Amel Soname,
Salaam!I am married to a Shia Muslim since eight years. we had a love marriage.I was a Hindu and I converted to Islam to marry my husband .After marriage we were happy together and i started liking and following Islaam.My husband had left his family for me and being the only son his mother hates me from the first day and she has harassed me a lot and tried to break our marriage many times.My sister in law also supports my mother in law and both of them have played lot of dirty games to spoil my marriage.Since my husband was not earning a single rupee I was taking care of him financially and I pampered him a lot.
My mother in law has managed to poison his mind against me and made him leave me and stay with her since last 3 years.Yet my husband kept meeting me but suddenly he started abusing me and mentally and physically torturing me and was only listening to his mother.One and a half year ago he suddenly told me he hates me and will do whatever makes his mother happy and he changed his phone number, residence address and dissappeared.i was in a bad mental state and tried to find him, prayed every day to get him back.
Suddenly last month he contacted me on the internet saying that he yet loves me and doesnt want to talk about the past and why he left me.he told me he is yet not financially stable so needs little more time to come back and stay with me.i was happy to know he wants to come back to me so i met him three weeks ago .he was loving towards me and met me 4 to 5 times and promised me that this time he wont leave me and go and very soon we will stay together as husband and wife.

but again one week ago he has dissappeared , changed his phone number.and i yet dont know where he stays,but all i know that he didnt want his mother to know he meets me.

I want my husband back and i am facing lot of problems with my work and health as i cannot concentrate on anything.I love my husband and i cant imagine my life without him and my marriage.i had heard about sifli ilm and since my husband is a shia and my mother in law used to visit a lot tantriks in india [ bengali] i am sure she has done some black magic on both of us to separate us.
also since i am a career woman she has posioned my husband's mind that i am definitely going out with other men.all i know that allah dislikes anyone who breaks a marriage and also the man who keeps his wife unhappy and doesnt take care of her.

I am confused as i dont understand if sifli ilm has been done on my husband .and after one and a half year how come my husband wanted to see me and why he made all those promises to me and he left me he doing this because of black magic or is he playing games with me on his own?
whatever the reason i want to know how u can help me to get my husband back forever.i cant live without him and i have been praying [ darood shareef, ya wadudu,ya azizu,ya raufu] everyday and i have visited every dargah [ ajmer, deva shareef, haji ali, mira dattar,]and begged to allah to bring back my husband.

i wrte this letter to you with a lot of faith and hope that you will help me to bring back my husband and bring back my happiness and a normal happy married life with my husband was madly in love with me and was obsessed with me.i know he yet loves me but my in laws have gone against allah and tried to ruin my marriage.i wait for your reply.please tell me what i should do

Asif said...

Assalaamu aliqum,

My name is Asif and I am from southern part of India.I request you take few minutes in reading what is happening to my family.

We have been victims of black magic from past 18 years.Unfortunately its my father's own younger brother.He never lets us come up in life and my family members used to fall sick and we had huge losses in business and we are in great debt.My father passed away on last EID. We used to take professional help and get things cleared and we were not reversing the spell as my father and mother was scared of the reversing the spell.

We lost my fathers business and the debt has accumulated so much that even if I get my 10 years salary together I will be able only repay all the current loan but will not have any money to get my younger sister married. Now things are gone to such a state that I dont have enough money to spend for our daily expense and cant take any professional help.Even if we get the help of some hazrath and get things right it only last for only a week or two as again he does black magic.

I have noticed that its not just my family who is being tortured by these cruel act.There are others too suffering because of my uncle and some of the people who are the victim are the people who did business with him,my other aunt for properties,his wife's relatives again for land and properties related issues.

Now my father is with allah and have my elder brother younger sister and mother here,and struggling to carry the life forward as he does many thing for me and my brother to loose our job.He even tried killing my father long back when he was alive but due to allah's grace we some how move forward in life.Al hamdhulillah ,though we are in great trouble allah provides us with food and shelter
regularly. Its always my mother ,brother and sister who is being affected by these magic always.I dint mean that I am not affected but some how ,with great difficulty I move thing forward.Now my brother got a job in Nigeria and is at the verge of loosing his job due to this againg.

I got your recitation from your web site but since you have also stated not to do it if a strong magician is behind our trouble,i am worried
as i dont really know if the person who helps my uncle in all these things are strong.All I know is that there are the lower caste people from hindu religion in my locality and they worship these small creatures.Would you please help if I should carry on with listen to that recitation for 1-2 hours daily.

From past 2-3 years since i dint have any money for getting help, I used to keep reciting certain ayaths and zikr to protect us from these black magic but now I am very tired and also has a call center job and I find it very difficult to speak as my throat pains a lot.
I found a big difference when i used to recite these suraths and zikr after night prays(like thahujood) but now i work for night shift and cannot do those prayers.Please guide me as what i should do as we suffer from all the situation that is there on your web site and he does these things again and again.
Waiting for your reply.

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaykum W.W.

Dear Amel Saab,
i was also an amil and used to do treatment for people fisabilillah a lot, someone did on me some very bad amal that i am now without home and in great difficulty i lost all my business and everything including my health, my business, my wife and child and everything that i had.

no amel so far can help me and i dont even have money to do anything.

please can you help me in my difficult situation i am really in big difficulty.

i look forward to your reply insha Allah.

waqas said...

Dear Sir,

i saw you on the internet . can i have your telephone number. i am in a lot of problem. its been an year and i have tried a lot of aamils but the spell on a family member aint breaking. need help.


Anonymous said...

Assalamu-Alaikum Hajraat !

I am in great trouble.

I usually try to mastubrate with my hands.
What should I do?
May you please tell me any solution so that I could get rid out of this thing.
also tell me some tricks to concentrate in namaz

I request you to help me.

imtiyaz said...

Sallam alekum,,,

i just want to knw .some more abt that bcoz rite now am also facing the same problem on my self and my age is 35 and name is imtiyaz eqbal from india....well am facing the black magic last 5 yrs.. and i left my job and allways fighting and rguments with my family members.......

so if u have any good suggestion for me then let me know...

some i thought i will kill my self and some time it is trying my level best to do any biz or job but getting ...may this is is black magic or nazar bad or hasad...earlier i wa in dubai in banking sector on a good post....

hena said...

Aslam o Alaikum

I am writing to you because i am in very default situation dont no what to do hope that you can really help me
I need help to get my husband back to me I have been married 5 years.
Problem is that his family and sister have done jadoo Tona ( black magic ) on him and get him to marry a other girl. And they did spells on him to hate me. They were so spirit/evil the attention they did not want us to have children together:
He is marry to his sister’s husband’s family so she and his second wife control him.
Situation is now such that theother girl is pregnant and he has contacted me the last two months:
I had aspect his second wife but his second wife and his family was so spirit that they want anything to do with me. My parents are sick because of the situation:
I really hope that you can help me
Waiting for your replay plz help
I have spent so much money but have not get any result I do not know who to trust but I hope that as a Muslim brother you will help me

nazia said...

i was on your page reading about how husband and wife hates each other please im in so much problem i hate my husband before everything wa fine and i looked and did everything ii search on computer im going crazy i need help and no one wants to help me please what should i do when he calls all we do is fight and curse and say bad words then i tell him not to call me and dont ever call me my mom is crying because shes like what happend between you too..and my dad is sick and i just dont want to get them sick becuase of me

shabbir said...

salam dear i have a problem if you can help me out, the problem is that whenever i talk to some one i get myself feared, sweating comes in hands, heart beat becomes fast and in this situation i start stuttering or stammering, some times i am not able to utter a word, this happens in pressurized situations, when i am alone nothing of this kind happens,in short i have some kind of fear in my mind that i cant speak, tho i can speak well.

2ndly my father and bather's business is always on losing side, around the year there are couple of months that they work properly and earn money, other wise there is no work or a work which does not pay them at all but results in a financial lose.

shabbir said...

my name is shabbir, dear i have a problem if you can help me out, the problem is that whenever i talk to some one i get myself feared, sweating comes in hands, heart beat becomes fast and in this situation i start stuttering or stammering, some times i am not able to utter a word, this happens in pressurized situations, when i am alone nothing of this kind happens,in short i have some kind of fear in my mind that i cant speak, tho i can speak well.

2ndly my father and bather's business is always on losing side, around the year there are couple of months that they work properly and earn money, other wise there is no work or a work which does not pay them at all but results in a financial lose.
my father name is Muhammad Nazir, my brother name is Muhammad Rasheed, and my mother name is Zainab.
hope u will pay some attention.

Steven said...


My name is Steven . I have been sick since January of this year i have been to the doctors for every check up you can think of they found nothing! Finally I had a family friend check for me regarding Taveez/Black Magic, we got confirmation from 4 different places that indeed i am a victim of this.

I have sever chest pain, left leg pain, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, cloudy eyes, muscles twitching all over my body, please if there's anything you can do to help me i would really be grateful.

Anonymous said...

i hve no jobs for last 10 years any help from u.

fatima said...

my name is fatima and i have this question from you. i married this guy in india who is my cousin and we were deeply in love and i live in canada . i didnt not go to see him for about one and half year to do his sponsorship and then when i wanted to go . he did find another hindu girl who he wants to marry..he was so much in love with me that he used to cry every day for me and i am so much in love with him. now he wants to give me divorce and we have no contatc anymore with eachother. my whole family were shocked when this happened becuase they knew how much we loved eachother . he broke up with me when he had to get his visa and come to canada. he was totally confused of his relation with me and the other girl. he finally told me he has no feelings for anyone not me or his family. he left me an dhis family.. we have not gotten divorce yet but i feel some one has done black magic to us and has ruined our life. could you give me some solutions please.
Allah hafiz

arif said...

ASSALAAM O ALAIQUM I read your amaliyaat this is very big help for muslim brothers and sisters may ALLAH reward u for this effort.i want me and my family checked are we effected by magic or any thing else please tell me what should

farhana said...

Assalam o alykum
my hasband is aggressive person and always in strick mood.he is not taking interest in me and kids, also his family members.always interested in womens he is forcing me for second marriage.all the time he gave me mentally tourcher and kids also.
when he awake up in morning he has pain in his body,
never attempt prayer
againts of allah
attraction in other womens badly and commiting bad things which i saw in his computer.
kindly i need your guidness and qurani amal and hisar method that hasband not involve in womens and take interest in me and kids.
jiza kallah.may allah solve your all problems.kindly guide me i am in big trouble.i performed 5 times prayer,tasbehe and reciting holy quran.

Umer said...

السلام عليكم

My name is Umer. I live in USA. I believe someone have done Kala Jadu
on me and my family. I need your help. Please give me your contact
number. We already spoke with a lots of other amels but no one was
able to assist us. Please Help me and my family.

I will look forward for your reply soon.

ritish said...

I got married in June’10. After 2-3 month of our marriage, my wife started developing hatred for me without any justified reason. Within another 1 month, her hatred increased to an extent that she could not see my face and starts shouting just after looking at me. She also developed a strong resistance for holy pictures or holy water and was experiencing bad dreams in night. All this was happening when she was quite normal in her daily life. We tried medical treatment, mentoring and spiritual healings for removing her hatred (for me) but with no use. In Dec’10 we met a Molvi Ji who tried his spiritual healings, and within 15 minutes my wife turned to normal and started developing love for me. However after a month she again started developing hatred for me. We continued Molvi Ji’s treatment for 2-3 months, however now even they are not effectively working.

The biggest problem is that inspite of every one’s mentoring now even my wife does not cooperate in any kind treatment (like visiting to a healer, eating anything, etc.) as she is totally hopeless and has accepted her life alone forever, and also presently staying in her parent’s house. Inspite of all the love and care I show to her, my face looks ugly to her.

Presently she is totally normal in her routine life, but become too much aggressive after looking at me and don’t want to live with me. At present she even does not show resistance to holy pictures or holy water, neither is she having any bad dreams (as it was earlier).
I look forward for your response and with very deep hopes of finding a solution.

ZAKARIA said...


asif said...

I am Asif Ahmed from hyd-India .

My uncle use to live in jeddah and came to india after working almost more than 20 yrs now without money and lot of tensions and recently ie from shabe-mehraj night he is acting very strange , he says he can see jinns and says he can stare at sun for whole day without blink and also posted to limca record and guiness world record . he is removing all the objects on which ameeliyat can be done from his house and scolding neighbors when they keep sound .like example he is taking out phones , comb , many items which has black mark on it . 2 days back he was taken to hafis sab and after recitation of Quran the jinn acted and spoked and again after going back to house he started again . Hafis sab said there are 7 paak jinns and he is infected since 11 yrs , he has two very young sons and hope of all his family . Plz he needs cure help him .

rehana said...

salam my name is rehana . i av mamshallah 3 kids.we was a very happy family mamashallah allah gave us everything.
in feburay cudnt understand wat happeded my husband thru me and my kids out of house.
now i find out sum1 has done kalaa jadoo on us. i av been to alot of people to help me but no luck. im tried had enough of life.
dont av the power to go on anymore can any1 help me plz.i will b very greatfull. thanx

mala said...

Amel how can I contact you by phone I have and had all the symptoms of black magic you listed
Now I have black dots in front of my eyesight bloated stomach like rock getting darker by the day my medical results all show no fault for 2 yrs and 7 months I'm unemployed they tied and block my jobs as many people want to employ me. But something stops or cancels it I'm struggling to live I had a good career now I have nothing they
Want to destroy me please give me some strong prayers to break the magic and knots and curses I beg you in allahs name

abida said...

salam brother my name is abida im from halifax in uk im very ill brother.i was previously married before and i have 2 sons sibtain and yousuf my relaitionship with them is not good we always argue even they are just 10 and 8 years old i feel like i hate them and im always angry.because there is a court date coming up for my kids dad to take them away from me even im more hating them. the judge always takes my exhusbands side and i hate it because i know hes doing black my body hurts so much that now doctors told me i have vitamin d ,iron and calicum medicen doesnt work and its very hard for me to walk as my weight is increasing day by day. i look pregnant when im back feels like im carrying bricks on it its that heavey. my family hates me because i got married again to a patan. i hate him and i dont know why, we argue all the time. i have no respect. i have no job money goes. i dont know where. The worst part is that sonthing has sex with me well it feels like that. i hate feeling dirty like this. also now im going to study in september and i know i wont be able too because no one supports me. please brother in the name of Allah please help me im very very ill

Anonymous said...

AssLmo Alaikum
I am professor For the last 20myears I have a spiritual disease. I consulted so many Pshychotrist, doctors and Amil(Astrologer) but couldn't get any recovery. A small Jinnh is with me and Palpitating my heart and even I am missing from beats too. When I am reciting the Holy Quran it settle down for a little bet but never finishes forever. I hope you will help me in getting ride of this disease/.

urooj said...

Assalaam-u-alaikum, Amel sahab. I read your blogs on jadoo and its ilaaj. I have a question regarding the ilaaj for spells cast on girls so they do not get married. Is this ilaaj effective if it is read after Asr or Maghrib, or must it be read after Fajr?
Thank you. I will keep you in my prayers, Inshallah.

Anonymous said...

Dear amel
I thank you for your information of removing black magic, mashallah
Could you please advice me how to stop my wife from getting/receiving any black magic through The most Sacred Al-Quran.

Here is a bit description, my mother-in-law doesnt want me and my wife to stay together but I love my wife Al hamdullillah, therefore she did & does lot of things to make her angry at me and says lot of unwanted things about me to her daughter which my wife gladly believes as her mother has completely brain washed her against me. My wife's mother has also convinced her to send me divorce letter but I know that my wife still loves me Inshallah, Inshallah, Inshallah. But cant do anything because she is in her grip right now. She also doesnt let me go near her.
I believe my wife's mother has casted some forms (I dont know what) on her to completely erase me from her memory, but i know this that she still feels for me which i can tell from the few times we spoke.
Please advice me what to do by the grace of All- mighty Allah and The Holy Quran. Any doas or All-mighty Allah's kalam to recover her back and bring her back inshallah

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to ask.

Anonymous said...

I am 19 years old. i been going through a lot this month, i have been running around every where to find solutions, i lost my dad when i was 3 years old. I have been living in New York like I' am in a cage. i got married 7 months ago and my wife now left me, it been over a month and put order of protection against me and i have to go to court. I love her very much, and not also that it because her that i am going to have a future. i lost my job because i took too many days off to see lawyers for free consulting. then i went to a spiritual guy who has control over a jinn, and the jinn told me that its destined that if i try to bring her back she will cut her self and get me arrested. I don't know what to do. please let me know if you or anyone that can help me. I also went to a hindu priest and he said he will get a fixed in 9 prayers and i am still waiting, although i think cause of him he got me my new job. still waiting for his prayers to be fulfilled. then i went to a voodoo priest her name is sister diana and she told me after reading from the cards that my wife's parents were involved in releasing three demonic spirits on me to make me sick, weak, lose everything and break me and my wife apart. and to make me go mental and finally kill me. They did this because for revenge that my wife didnt tell them she got married. please i ask for help

Anonymous said...

Hello a im hindi at affected by black magic and jins and Sifli ilm. how do i get rid of this urgently, contact me on

Anonymous said...

Can u plz contact me on my email adress. Slow:

I m in uk s well

Anonymous said...

Pls help save my marriage

Anonymous said...

Its happen to my husband then what shell I want to do?he is not believing this,shell ivread it?

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