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Many people are defrauding people claiming to be Amel Soname magician or Amel Soname Healer and giving out phone numbers, making websites using the words: Amel Soname, creating emails, and social media accounts using Amel Soname . Social media is being used to spoil my name.I am NOT associated with these people who are claiming to be amel soname in any way or with those people who are running spiritual offices and asthana in the name of amel soname.If you have any questions or concerns, Amel Soname does not talk over the phone at all. You can contact amel soname through email ONLY. your questions will be answered on a first come first served basis. No other email address is valid to communicate with me except for

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Following are the types of black magic
a complete amil and magician can do almost anything with the help of his black magic art, except for escaping death and bringing the dead back to life.
Following are the types.
1. separation between husband and wife. with this he can break a home and destroy somebody's married happy life.
2. Wife hating her husband upon seeing his face. in this type of magic, when a wife looks at her husband she feels angry and thus they both live a miserable life.
3. having a headache all the time. this too is a sign of magic and the victim feels pain in the head all the time.
4. having throat infection all the time. one feels pain and cant speak, the voice seems to have stopped in the throat.
5. difficulty in breathing. it is a type of sifly magic. one cant breath easily. he feels suffocation.
6. making someone deaf. he cant hear things. and he feels pain in his ears.
7. women get periods before the proper time and she cant get close to her husband. this too is done through magic.
8. pain in the entire body. there is pain in the whole body and sometimes its too much in both the legs or in the backbone. one feels its weakness but its magic.
9. making someone blind. a magician can make one blind with magic and his sight is lost.
10. pain in the teeth and decay in the teeth and blood from the teeth. this too is done with magic.
11. making the heart beat faster than it should be. the heart beat is made faster with magic. one feels its some disease but its not.
12. one remains sick all the time. having fever. and remains weak.
13. head spinning. it too is done through magic. one is made dizzy.
14. one loses his memory. he cant remember anything for long.
15. the brain does not work properly. one wants to do one thing and something else is done. his brain does not work properly.
16. one does not feel like doing anything. his heart wants to run away from things. he does not take interest in his work.
17. making astray. someone is made astray and derailed.
18. making one habitual of smoking cigarette and hash.
19. making one habitual of drinking.
20. making one long for having sex. or making one enter into prostitution.
21. making one hate religion, and the holy book and the creator.
22. making one dreamless.
23. making a woman a prostitute.
24. giving stomach aches.
25. giving acidity and pain in the chest.
26. creating problem in the liver. Liver is an important organ in the human body, so some people when they want to destroy someone will cast spells on that victim to harm his liver.
27. The wife sees the husband’s face as swine or a dog, he appears to her as a swine or a dog. This too is done with the help of magic to create problems in someone’s life.
28. Making a man gay. A man cannot get physically involved with anyone when this spell is cast upon him because he becomes useless.
29. Magic using voodoo dolls. This too is a very harmful form of magic. And the victims doll is made and pins are stick into it and the spell is cast upon it.
30. Children weaken and die. In this type of magic, the child becomes severly weak and then his condition deteriorates day by day and then eventually dies.
31. A woman loses her child during pregnancy. The child is killed inside the womb befor he is born. This too can be done using black magic.
32. Making the cattle sick using magic. Magic on animals.
33. The animals don’t give milk and remain sick. This too is done using black magic.
34. Men start hating women. A husband is made to hate his wife.
35. Girls don’t get proposals anymore. In this type of magic, the girl that this magic is cast upon, does not get any proposals for marriage.
36. Pain in the bones and joints. Arthritis.
37. a woman is made to hate men and she does not feel like getting close to them, as in sex with her husband, she does not like it.
38. Making the face look ugly. A woman is made to look ugly and people think she looks like a whitch.
39. Making a woman infertile. In this magic a woman is made infertile and she cant have any children.
40. Making the rizq/earnings less. A person is financially made weak.
41. Destroying someone’s home. Disturbing the peace of somebody’s home and leaving it all destroyed and messed up.
42. making someone suffer from an incurable disease.
43. disgracing a woman in her husband’s eyes.
44. Making a husband suspect his wife. This creates problems in their life.
45. Snatching someone’s job or disgracing him and lowering his position.
46. Getting a woman divorced.
47. Making the rich into poor. A rich person’s riches are taken away with black magic.
48. making someone live in exile.
49. Making someone full of anger. With this magic a person remains angry all the time.
50. women feel pain in ribs and chest.
51. OKDAM zikar, it is that type of magic which when going to someone’s home for a proposal, it is cast upon them and the girl’s family then keep talking about the boy’s family for months.
52. making someone fall in love.
53. putting fear of the unknown in someone’s heart.
54.Khamol magic. Making someone weak and lazy. That he doesn’t feel like doing anything.
55. MIRGI fits. Epilepsy. A person is made to suffer Epilepsy.
56. magic with which a person is made to suffer LAQWA. Bell’s palsy.
57. Seher AL MAFLOJ, paralysis. A person is made paralyzed, either in some parts of the body or all over.
58. Seher Kabos. One feels sleepy all the time.
59. head spinning and feeling dizzy and blackout in front of the eyes.
60. Stopping nikkah for someone. Bandish of nikkah. It is cast right at the time of nikkah.
61. Surat anzal. A man is faced with this problem and he does not get cured.
62. Periods are stopped, menopause even before its time.
63. Magic of insanity. A person is made completely insane. He does not remain in his senses.
64. masan is that type of magic which is cast upon kids. In this type of magic, the ash left from the burnt hindu dead bodies is put in some food for kids to eat.

Amel soname contact

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amel soname 

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Hamze Hamze said...

is it possible to perform black magic on someone if you dont have access to them to get clothing, hair or to give them food?

Can they still be hexed or affected?

Imran said...

Dear Amel Soname

I have read your quotes on the internet. I am in a problem for quite sometime and need your help. Please inform me of your contacts and/or how I can reach you and get help.

Elizabeth said...


i read your website and i need your help


Nighat Aziz said...

sir i have read you on google please sir i want ur help personally ......
m in trouble.........
khuda apko is ka ajar dy ga.

Emina said...

hi, i read your ad about black magic, what prayer should i read to break the magic?

Seema Noorani said...

I have been suffering from black magic since very long time. Can you help me to fix it.
Can you break the black magic for me.

faiz ahmed said...

Salaam, Can you check if i have black magic done on me?

anjum said...

sona.sme jee i live in u .s . i want to talk to you an important matter. so please give your phne no # suppose to me like sister

asim said...

my name is asim. i love a girl she also like me. but my parent are not ready for our marriage. plz tell me any amal for my parents plz
khuda hafiz

Rubina said...

Dear Amel,

I wish to thank you for your excellent website on how to ward off evil. It has been incredibly helpful and educational to me at the same time and for that I thank you. I have adopted some of the wasifas you have recommended as I am an unfortunate victim of witchcraft. However, at the same time, I wanted to ask you what can be done if my spouse is under the evil machination of an African witch with whom he is living with?

I am constantly praying for him and his return but I wish to know if anything can be done or if there's any specific prayers that I need to do for him.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

me said...


sir i have read your articles about black magic removes with quran. i really appreciate it. sir i want to ask something from you. please don't ignore my question and help me with your knowledge. may be in this way you may protect someone involving in great sin. sir i am very depressed because of a problem. sir i love a boy, in start he also loved me and take care of me but suddenly he changed and said that he was just flirting with me. but i am in great love with him and i tried to tell him but he is just ignoring me. sir i can not forget him. without him my life will be spoiled and i won't do any thing in my life. please tell me what should i do to get his love. i always prays to God that may be God change his mind and he start loving me. i am very against magic and magicians but my love is always forcing me to get some one's help for this problem. sir please help me for this matter if you can.

Farhat Khan said...


Dear brother-in-islam.

i have problem for many years in all areas of life. i pray salat and do zikr all the time yet problems continue. please advice. wasalaam

Amir Mirza said...

I know you are very busy. To be brief, I told many people about your wazaif for Black magic and whoever did accordingly got benefit. I want to ask you, Is there any ayat in Quran or Name of Allah that can cure Surat e Anzal. Please Let me know. I shall be praying for you

Gurwinder Singh said...

Can you please, please help me remove black magic done by a relative, it will kill me, it has given me kidney damage which is permanent, please help me.

Anonymous said...

sir ,

Please help me to come out of my problem my collegues have done black magic i think on me and give ur contact

muhammad ghouse said...

amel soname i want help from u .
plz try to help me

allah will help u
if u help me
plz amel soname

rashid said...

from one year i am in very big problems. my busniess has destroys and i have many loans at my head and my all family and all my friends are fare from me. i want to paid these all loans at any cost and want to run . but after fully effort i cannot get success. plz tell me what i do .the peoples wnat to die me if i cannot pay these loans. i have no any saving and no any thing which sale and paid the moneys. plz tell me what i do . i am very worried about these problems.

mariam said...

hi amel,
thx for ur msg,
i had a quick question from you can you make a guy marry you if he is intersted in you??is there some verses in quran that can help let me know!

mubeenulla said...

i am trying for job since five years but not settled till now.some amils warned me that i will not get any rizq if i am not surrenedred to them for lifelong and listen to them for all life and give money andhelp them.i left them. plz look into matter and remove any bandish if i had



I came to know about you through your blogspot on internet. My family is in a big trouble due to "KALA JADU". My mother is suffering from diseases (Sur Durd, Joro Ka dard, Dil holi,etc).
I am married but i have no children as yet. My brother has divorced his wife after very difficult circumstances. We are unable to fine any Rishta for my sister. There is a long list of problems that we are facing due to "KALA JADU".

Please tell me whether you can end this magic spell and how and where can i meet you.

mughal said...


I have a couple of questions:

1. Is there a procedure of duas and ayaats from the Quraan, which can help to find out if an illness is due to black magic or not?

2. If the vicitim is in such a condition that he/she himself cannot read the duas and ayaats, then is there a method for someone else to do it on the victims behalf, or does the other person just need the niyat in his/her heart that they are carrying out this amal on so-and-so's behalf. (e.g. the amal of surah kosar, durood-e-pak and surah nas)


Allah Hafiz

Anonymous said...

Hi Amel Soname,

How are you? I have an identical problem, similar to the linked post below (

About 5 months ago, I started hearing voices. I heard a voice asking if I wanted a ‘gift’. I foolishly accepted this ‘gift’. The ‘gift’, I then later developed a Psychic connection with an Indian guy.

The Psychic can

Reads what I am thinking

Precognition what I am going to think

The ability to speak to me continuously 24/7

Psychically connect me with other people. If I for example think about someone, I get connected to them; a person’s name/voice is just like a mobile phone number.

The Psychic linked to me calls the ‘gift’ a curse. The curse is known as the 'Ruklee’ curse or 'Nuklee’ curse and ‘Jumping Jumla’ curse. The Psychic say they have put me inside a place called the 'Asylum' and will put me inside another place called the 'Creek'.

The Psychic has said that if I read a verse from a Holy book (Quran) backwards, he will be able to turn me into a Rekhilee (Ra-key-lee) and I will be able to read people's mind.

I would appreciate it if you can tell if there is a cure?

jay said...

I read ur documents about different topics ,i need ur help to understanding about sifili jadu which autometically reat it self how to remove it permanently that it does not come back please reply me

Anonymous said...

I and my parents are trying for my marriage for about 15 years now. When there is rukawat in girls marriage, sometimes its because they are over-weight, not good looking, or due to other problems etc.
However, I think I'm decent. I'm average looking, very highly educated, and belong to middle class family. Some people dont take interest at all, some do take lot of interest in the beginning, and give us hope but then they disappear or never contact us. Some people give me false hope that they will marry me but then they change after sometime. I and my family are tired of talking to people and sending them pictures and detail. As soon as we send my information to someone, a feeling comes in my heart that okay now they will never respond back. And thats exactly what happens. I am completely hopeless now as I've crossed my age of 30+. I and my family has decent reputation in society but still no luck.
I've tried many wazeefas, sadqas, taweezat. I used to work but now i feel no interest in anything. I left my job and for last 4 months I am reading wazeefas. But no result. During those wazeefas, new people did approach us but then again they reject me or dont take it to the next step. I read Surah Maryam for 41 days after Isha. Read other wazeefas too. My mother is reading Wazeefas for many years for me but no result. I've tried marrrying those people who are educated but they themselves cant find a good match for years and years, but even they dont show interest in me.
My other brother and sister are in problem too. For example, one has polio from birth, other is struggling with Rozgar. I see other girls in my family, who are less educated, not very good looking but they are married in very nice families. I think there is our fault too, my father, brother or myself we dont pray regularly. Recently, I've started offering namaz regularly but not before that. My mother is pious. I am very frustrated due to my situation and I lose control over my temper and disrespect my parents. It seems we have hard time in everything in life, finding rishtas, rozgar, n other things too. You will probably suggest me amal or wazeefa, but since I have tried everything, I have lost all hope. I think I could be a very good match for someone, but everyone rejects me.
I am in terrible situation, so please suggest something that helps me come out of this misery by the will of Allah. After my problem is solved, I will do something for you to appreciate your help.

cure girl said...

I m girl .. I love my lover truly deeply from bottom of my heart .. My
problem is some girl did blackmagic on him ..he is in her full control
.. He doing wht she says ... I want you remove blackmagic from him and
remove that girl from his life too .. Please help me as u said u
remove blackmagic so please remove it free .. Please I beg you
.. I m really so much upset I dnt have any money left and dnt have
much time too .. so please solve my
problem soon ..i will be alw greatful to you .. Thanks .. Please reply
back soon

Omar said...

I am is Omar Hasan from Dubai,i am sick and i need someone to help me collect my deposit i have set aside 30% for your time and service. Please reply me with honesty.

fakruddin said...

hello sir...........
i have a problem,that is i and my girl friend love each other sine 4 years but suddenly due to small reason she fraught with me and we both were broke up.she is not talking with me i love her very much.please help me that she should talk with me and marry me.....i love her very much....she is not talking to me since 11 months...

thanking you........

please help me....sir

tayyab said...

Dear Sir,

me & my brother along

with my sisters in august 1999 bayah at the hand of a lady who called herself Rabia sani {as called by her Murshid/Shaykh Muhammed Afzal} of Qadri Chistia Silsila her original name is Rashda Siddiqui {Ritta as she was called before embracing islam,she was an Italian}. On the day of bayah she said that my Murshid used to say that if some one stops coming to the mehfils or to the Murshid they become sick & they will keep on going to hospitals and doctors but no one can treat them, but we thought as we had read in different books that in old times the Shaykh didnt wanted people to come to this path as they used to say that it is a difficult path for ordinary people. At the time of bayah she used to cut a small portion of hairs from 3 sides of head.

After some years we came to know through her that the sherbet served at her house she claimed that once who ever would drink it will keep on coming to her. I would narrate here an incident which we saw ourselves a young lady came to her along with some person and she told her that she is interested in Sufism .on hearing this she said that our children{her Mureeds} start flying on the first day that lady was very impressed and she started coming in her mehfils regularly then one day this young lady came in our presence in the evening (we used to go to her regularly) and said that she is going to her husband who lives in England when she was out of the door Madam Rashda told us that she will be back very soon as I have put fire under her feet and she will not be able to live in London for long, after a few weeks this young lady was back and we came to know that she took divorce from her husband.

There are several incidents like this she used to instigate wife against husband and husband against wife parents against children and children against parents no body could tell the other of what she said to him or her as they thought it be a secret which the Murshid has told him or her and that the Murshid always thinks better of the Mureed..

People joining her Silsila used to come healthy but we had observed this that after a period of about two years they started becoming sick, some used to have pain in joints some diabetes some severe blood pressure and cardiac problems some numbness of body parts. When they used to go to doctors although these seem common ailments but the doctors could not treat them they used to aggravate with treatment and when patients used to say to the doctor that the medicine is not working and the disease is getting worse the doctors used to tell them that you have some psychiatric problem on which the patient used to feel very humiliated and insulted so they ultimately turned to her for help as she used to practice homeopathy (but she was not a registered homeopathic doctor) .for this I give the example of my sister who after two years of bayah started having very high blood pressure after going several times to hospital we ultimately asked her to treat her & pray for her she started scolding her then she went to her room after some time she came back and then after that day she was alright till about 5 years until we left her. Some people who did not obeyed her were punished e.g. if some one used to marry or get some job or went abroad without consulting her she used to punish

tayyab said...

Them they used to become ill or get disease on that part of the body which a person cannot show due to remorse, this is also the case of one of my sisters in spite of going to many lady doctors she still has the problem and when ever she takes any medicine instead of the good effect(she used to put some homeopathic medicine in the juice /sherbet she used to serve people of which we some time got the taste but no one could believe that she could do such a thing as I have come to know now that homeopathic medicine in small doses actually aggravates the disease if present in the body ) she always has the side effect of the medicine .In the last days when we left this lady my sister developed a severe burning sensation in the chest and stomach we admitted her in hospital but still it could not be treated so one day Madam Rashida Siddiqui gave us medicine for her and said not to tell the doctors but her condition became worse. Then she said to bring my sister to her that evening but we could not go to her that day so when the next day when my sick sister went to her along with her other sister she said that you keep on going to doctors at last you will have to come to me then she will be cured ,now I will not do any thing, then after a few months when we left her my sister again became ill she started having severe burning sensation in the head so a friend of mine told me of a Naqshbandi Shaykh we went to him and he accepted my request to come to our home with me there he recited some verses from the Holy Quran on her and on water with berry leaves and asked her to take bath with it and after doing it, her burning sensation was relieved, otherwise she was sitting in front of the air conditioner her lips had become white she was asking to pour water on her continuously, after a few days that Shaykh told me that a person who also used to visit him before, came and said that Madam Rashda wants to meet him and she sent him some books of her Silsila but he refused. I don’t know how she came to know of him, helping us.

amna mona said...

you are wonderful person . i love youuuuuuu.... I love all your blogs plz keep remember me in your prayer . thank you so much for creating this blog

Shiraaz Mohamed said...


My name is Shiraaz Mohamed and I am from South Africa.
I have a friend who is an amel also and a few months ago he woke one morning and lost his eyesight.

I was telling him about your website and told him that I read when people do black magic on sumone they can loose their eyesight, i asked him if that was the case with him, he said that he can help other people but cant help himself.

He asked me if you can help on this matter, he has got some of his eyesight back but not all.

can you help

Shazeb Rizvi said...


i need help someone has done a deadly black magic on my relative and it happened 7 yrs ago as told to me by maulanas, he has had many surgeries and financially ruined, in debt and is having many problems. Everything he tries financially is stopped and ends up hurting him, we have tried all the duas and many other things and nothing has seemed to work. It was done by some bengali magician and we have been told it is extremeley dangerous curse that is trying to kill him, the maulanas we tell are amazed that he is still alive. Can u please help us we have suffered for a long time and have tried MANY duas.


Alam said...

Salam dear Amel,

I have read your posting and I can say that almost60% of items you listed exist with me! I am one of the unlucky ones, I have been married twice. My first marriage failed, I have a daughter who is allkhumdillah 10 years old and lives w her mother n step father about 400 miles away. My daughter doesn't respect me nor acknowledges me as her father! She hates me and when I try to make conversation with her she makes boredom sounds! Her mother, my ex wife has poison my daughters head! My relationship with my daughter changed sometime after sept of 2009... And I am struggling! My daughter needs help as wells me!

Secondly, I got remarried and allkhumdillah have son. But my second wife is very jealous and controlling! I happened to find out that my new mother inlaw does lots of jado! And my second marriage is not going too well either!

I have financial issues, everyone wants part of me! I have been reading 3 kuls, ayat tul Kursi and sura zilzal.... Pls help me! My first wife takes me to court almost on anything and everything! And she always gets her way! My honesty is taking me to gutters and her lies are helping her win my daughter! Pls help!

Muhammad Asim Pervez said...

Dear sir

I hope that you can help.

I have been unemployed for the past 5 years and cannot see any logical reason for it - I am educated and was working before.

My current situation is very bad and I am close to losing my home aswell as I cannot make payments. I live in the UK.

My health has also gone down and I am suffering from a skin condition.

I have read your website and hope that you can help.


sara said...

Hi Amel

Please advise were in Surah Yasin is the hidden verse or magic, and how can I undo the evil done onto me, I have being praying Surah Yasin, and others, how do I undo the ties and cords that have being done on my name please help urgently. Also refer me to other surahs were magic has being used to curse me, and how can I reverse them

I need help urgently.

Aamir said...

Hi amel i saw few days ago your page about removing the black magic
i have a question do you have any prayer to remove the curse which they did it to grand grand father and come to my grad father as grad father came to my father and now me and my brother have this cures the cures is lack of health money happiness and prosperity which is cures going to are child too . is like generation after generation will continue ? if you have any prayer let me know,
God Bliss You

bhram kamal said...

HI, I came to knew about you by searching on net. i am suffering from severe black magic and by the various powerful ghosts. i am from india and a hindu. i find whatever you said is true about black magic . i feel body ache , headache, fever, face burning. i went to doctors but all in vain.pls tell me any good tantrik or good black magic remover if you know in asia or specially in india.pls for the sake of allah pls reply me. you could be a messenger of almighty god for me and could save my life from commiting sucide. so pls reply me.

saleem said...

Dear Amel,

I'm a Muslim from Pakistan now living in the UK. I have had problems since the past 3 or 4 years, in Pakistan there are mufti's and other people who could do isthikhara's. I'm 17 in age but still so depressed because of my father. My father forced me to shift to the UK a month ago and as a Muslim you know how we feel about our sisters and mothers respect. I'm very depressed here I don't want my mother or sister to be here in such a non Islamic society but I'm unable to say anything. Whatever I say to my dad he takes it as if I'm competing with him or I don't like him and doesn't listen to me. He also tells my mother and sister to wear jeans and not fast in Ramadan but how could they do that as this is one of the most deadliest sins. We told other relatives of the family they are also on his side. So I enquired from a few mufti's and they told me that a few people have done black magic on your family so I told them to break and they took a large amount of money from me and I'm still having problems can you see what you can do in my situation. I've written very little but there is a lot in my story. I feel very depressed, as all Muslims are brothers. Please help this brother.

Nasima Akhter said...

Assalamualaikum brother,

Im from London. My family have been suffering from the hands of a strong magician for the past 3 years. We have sought many help and completed ruqiyaas however the problem keeps returning at this time of the year where we get Jinns in our house. The Magician wants to destroy our whole family and is meddling with marriage proposals and affecting my mothers health.

Can you suggest a strong spiritual healer in London who uses the Quran to heal or treat. it is very hard to trust anyone and we are scared of committing shirk.

Please can you give me a good strong healer thats from London.

Look forward to hearing from you.


Rizwan Qureshi said...


I was searching for cure of Black Magic over the internet and came across your website. I have a relative , she has been effected by black magic for over a year now. Is there any possible way if you can check her case and help her out please? i have tried many others, but was unable to find good help. I am in desperate need of good help in this case of Magic. There is a family who has been troubling Relative for over a year now. They have tried few different sorts of magic and even tried to kill her. She has been in bad pain for over a year now.
That family who has been doing magic on her, they are now doing it to control Relative mind so that she accepts their son and gets married to him, even though Relative hates son because he is a corrupt and spoiled guy and so is son family.

We tried several peers, none seem to provided us the proper needed help.
We request you to please help us out in this situation. If you know of someone who is an expert at curing black magic spells or taking magic off.
Your Help will be Greatly Appreciated.

Jabir said...

Dear Sir,

I have read so many articles on internet posted by you regarding the Quraan & black magic.

Sir, my name is Jabir & i am working in Saudi Arabia. I would like to have your name address & phone number i have few question & some problem which i want to sort out. i would like to talk to you regarding this.

I will be great full if you will provide me your details.


Allah Hafiz

kareem said...

my name is kareem and i am a victom of voodoo, blackmagic, witchcraft, etc., and i wanted to know how can i rid this curse from me for ever..i am having everybody and all doors slammed in my face. for jobs, business oppertunities, love, money..i need help...can you refer me to someone or help me get rid of yopu know of any books, tapes, videos that work against this force...if so please contacrt me or refer me to someone..or have someone email me .i really hope yolu can..and thank you in advance....kareem

cute girl said...

Asalam-alikum saheb!
I am a married women with two children.since ten years my inlaws are after me.when ever i think about my inlaws or see them or meet them ,i have a fear in my hands and feet and fear in my heart.A kind of holl holl in my heart and my palpatations increase.i become weak in front of them.Right now,i donot stay with them,i stay seperately with my husband them.
Also since few months,my husband has become very rude to me,and beating me. And he always blackmails me that he will give me talaq.Because my father is heart patient,i donot make this issue big.I feel my husbands concentration is some where else.May be a women,but i donot know or may be these inlaws are teaching him.He argues with em for every little thing.If i quetion him soemthing,he will get irritated and again fight with me.
Respected amel saheb,i have heard lot about you,that u have all quranic tor for all theses things.please amel saheb ,help me with some kind of quranic verses,so that my inlaws inturn should fear with me and my presence.They should keep there mouth shut whenever they talk to me or see me.They should have fear in their heart and eyes,when they see me or meet me.
Above all,Also for my married life,so that my husband fear me and keep mouth shut and love me more.We are having lot of big fights now a days.please Amel saheb ,save my marraige.please help me.i will be very grateful to you.Allah hafiz.waiting for ur sincere reply.please send me some quranic verses,thatw ill help my matter.

rabia said...

As salaam-o-alikum!
how are you. my name is rabia. i am suffering in some problems.i reda ur website and it is so much informative first of all thnx fo this.i am living in Canada for the last 2 years when i came in Canada my aunty and me uncle and her children feel so much jealously with me. they dos not want that i married with a good person or in a good family and thy also dos not want that my marriage geld in Canada with any Pakistani Canadian settled person. so when ever people cam at home to see m for her son thy were so happy and after that no one gave response of rishta in yes or no. even though my istikhaara comes good.when ever my any proposal comes my aunty do some thing on m like magic and than the people never gave any mother is so much worried about my recent istikhaara thy said on me is a rishta basdesh. s plz hlp m to remove this auny daughter is my bhabi( brother wife) so when ever the rishta people come at home sh said about this to hr mother. and her mother do some magic on me.i dont want to see my mother ni tension . she is so tensed. plz gave m some wazaef to cut this rishta bandesh magic. i will be very thankful to you for this kindness.
remember me in ur prayers too and pray for me hat my this problem solved soon.

adnan said...

Dear Sir

We have jadu problems which keeps on changing but remains continuous, I am having belly button pain and frequent stool problem for last 2 yrs and no medicine work same problem with my father, mother having severe joints pain, back pain, cant pray except sitting on chair, my daughter 3 yrs weaps cry too much at night specially 11:00 to 1:00 don’t even allow to recite quran.

We are having certain ” Thak thak” noises at home and office too. Wife having bad dreams and see web “jaala” in room

Local healer diagnosed that some one is continuosly doing magic and moaqlaat / jins giving duty to disturb whole family members. We all pray five times and do ziker.

Now days my daughter “Husna Ashraf” have very bad condition at night while crying, often told that some women (jin) is teasing her. Her condition get more bad if we recite quran. Its sent by jadu as diagnosed by some local healer

We all will be very thankful to you if you could kindly solve our problem especially my daughter problem first.

omar said...

Dear Ms. Amel,

I read many of your posts regarding sihir and the jinn. I believe I am a victim, of such and so is someone who I care about.

A few years ago I met a girl whom I really liked in UK, she was a good friend. I have never been in a relationship and have always liked her; she is muslim as well. Recently I found out that a guy has done magic on her and has been seducing her for the past four years!

I went and tried to speak to her and was dismissed, she told me that they are soon to get married - he is constantly cheating on her and is always using her financially, he has her like a robot as she doesn't listen to anyone except him - I saw her and right away knew that she was under heavy influence. She has left all of her friends, moved locations - everyone has told her the same thing as I told her that this guy is no good - I even told him that as well with no confrontation. The guy now her boyfriend due to the sihir!! has told me to stay away and I believe he is doing magic on me as well! I am overseas right now and they are in UK. Her face is blank and not the same anymore and I am scared.

I want to take the sihir off of her! to show her what he is doing to her as she was a good muslim now is turning away from everything and only listens to him! Can you please advise me as what should I do and how can I protect her from this ongoing sihir and the magic he is doing on me. I am countries apart and dont know what to do.

saima said...

assalam o alaikum

i hope that u r well. I read your postings online about black magic and its cure. you mentioned that cure depends on what kind of magic is done.

1) Someone did black magic on me and my ex husband that we would fight with each other, dont have kids and separate from each other. During my married life I noticed that my periods over time became irregular, I did not want to have sexual intercourse with my husband, lost desire to have a baby with him. I always thought negative of him and he did not like me either. An Amila from Lahore told my ex that someone from our family did very strong black magic. she said that there was a ritual performed where man and woman performed some satanic ritual and such black magic has very deadly effects. I have been recently divorced. Now I feel that I cannot trust men and doubt every man who maybe a potential rishta for me. I initially like someone then start disliking. What should I do. I want the effects of magic to go away, so i can have a normal married life again in life and have kids. Please help me, and also tell me an amal that no kind of magic can hurt me in future. and whatever has been done on my in the past goes away forever.

2) Someone also told me that I am under the influence of magic where I would lose confidence, have no luck in money and love and have health problems. This person also told me that if it is not stopped I would face fatal consequences. I dont feel like living anymore, and have lost my desire to move up in life. Please tell me an amal also so if someone has done something to ruin me financially and take away my confidence and love for life, it can be solved.

3) Is there a way to find out what kind of magic has been done on someone in halal way. I dont want to use magic to get this information but in a halal way of Islam.

Aaliya said...


I have seen about masan magic on your website information. How it is done and if one is affected by this then how to cure this. Please advise.

unknown said...

asalaaam i have read al problems of everyone, firstly its upsetting of what people do to others of jealousy or hatered why cnt people jus leave us alone i have gne threw ths 30 years nw stil going threw it i had 2 years of hapines the rest threw jadu nw its cme to were my husband has lost his voice and nw my daughter has got afects things cme to her and try to make her strangle herself i have experience alot going threw with it with my husband its ur own family that does these things they cnt see anyone happy at all they should leave us alone let us live our lifes in peace my daughter has got something with her shes seen alot of things and drew them as wel snakes with three bodys other snakes things which are with other people she has drawn like an artist ang shes only 13 years old shes not bin a good drawer herself dnt go to school its bin a year nw got so much on my head never had tim to myself at all may allah taala help and cure who need help and deal with the ones who distroy ameen

Anonymous said...

We have this problem with me brother he is engaged . His wedding is in two weeks. Every time he is with his finance, the net day he tells my mom that he does not want her anymore. one day hes good and the next hes not. They are in Lebanon right now and im so worried, because i believe that someone has done something. 3 weeks ago she found a higab under her bed and they are worried to take it somewhere or even destroy it. She noticed her uncles wife taking hair from her brush and she told her what are you doing, her uncles wife said that she was cleaning her brush, so my brothers finance flushed her hair that her uncles wife was holding and flushed it down the toilet. I believe that someone had done something. They have been fighting alot. Oh and her uncle wanted my brothers finance for his son and she rejected so they are doing all they can to hate or even break them up. Please I need your help what are we suppose to do.

Anonymous said...

I want a couple to get divorced, can you help me in this? Also, how much time will it take to get the divorce done?

Anonymous said...

aslm.o.alaikum......I hope ka app thek ho ga?.....i am In big trouble....i want to talk with u personaly........can You please give me your moble number....i am from england...Tke ka reply ka intazaar karo ga Allah hafiz

research0138 said...

Assalam allaikum ,
I think that somebody has done black magic to me can you please help me

Anonymous said...

Sir In our Family we are four members dad,mom,my brother and I am as a big brother.The Big problem start happening in our house after our both brothers marriage. Afer marriage my small brother has moved with his wife and got seperated and never comes to look for mom and dad. Whenever we have some program or on occassionally party for our family members then he comes to visit our house on requesting him by giving a phone call then only he comes.Then also our life we were spending happily without him and work also.After 1 year marriage of my small brother,I have also got married. Me,my wife and my mother we were working properly and dad was retired person.But now all our work and my small computer bussiness has stopped and not a single rupee is not coming from anywhere.Whenever I am going for job interview there i am always been rejected and not getting job.My mother now days starting falling sick,dad also drinking lot.I always shout to my wife and beat her even she does not do any mistake. So now my happy life got some bad curse of someone and that someone is giving more problem to my happy living Family house.I think this all happening because of my neighbour which is staying infront of my house.She is a lady,she having a daughter who was fallen in love with my small brother and wants to marry with my brother but that girl character was bad thats why my brother married to other girl who was working with him in his showroom.So because of this her mother started going to a baba sitting near a masjid and always in morning infront when we see there are sometime rice fallen,cutted piece of nimbu,kunku haldi fallen all this was found in front of my door.So now the propery fight also started between me and my brother.He is aying sell this house and give me my money against this property.Always new problem are creating in my house,sometimes my mom says we eat poison by having in our dinner and we all commit suicide.I have smaal daughter by looking at her I start crying now what to do ? sir pls help me out or teach me some kind of black majic,that any of the happy family will not have such kind of these problem which we are suffering through this lady.Please help to save my house and my small daughter of 18 months. This is crying of a dad words which I am begging infront of you sir. At last pls save my family through this black magic.Sir Iam waiting for ur answer.

Anonymous said...

Sir, Aoa
I did not wish to go into a false belief of being under a spell or black magic, but after reading your articles i am developing second opinions. Kindly help me in assessing my sitiation and giving me an antidote to any/possible black magic done on me.


Anonymous said...

Can I have ur contact no plz

Anonymous said...

i need ur help..

Unknown said...

Please I need your help give me your contact number, send to my email:

Anonymous said...

Aoa....and if i make mention of just one thing...what wouls you say it is?

A bit of a time ago i used to have possession started me being far and someone a beast with a horn coming to find me and me hiding...then with that i used to get flying dreams that im flting in the sense therez this huuuuge net and youve to take a ride and the wind is sooo strong....and its night time..its always night time...i then also had dreams where soemtimes the one evil is me...that i wanted to bite someone...used to wake up and had to find mom...then i started getting dreams that something evil is trying to get inside me....and then latest posession dream was...that Iblis himself is trying to get in...

I used to watch horror movie bt i stopped cuz i started getting freaked out....and now im always irritated. ...cant concentrate. ...sometimes im like...what the hell is wrong wid me...

And also in bw i thought a known someone maybe under sohir i started reciting a few ayats for that...

Bt then i stopped....

My quran reading has gotten namaz is no fun cuz i cant concentrate. ....

I also used to get nightmares when i was a kid about bulls....with horns

Unknown said...

Hello mara naam naintara hai mari age 32 hai mary bhaot say rishty aty hai lakin baat nhi bnty ager mary per kisi n.kala jado karya hai tu m kasy hatm karo usay quran k zariy say

Unknown said...

i need help

Unknown said...


I am not getting jobs, after interview no reply. It never happened to me before. I get hair in my food and now I feeling something weird when I sleep or lay down my heart beat increase as well as headache on one side, feel lazy, when I'm outside I feel that I'm gonna do this do that but when I enter home I feel lazy again.

Unknown said...

These symptoms are also common in normal health situations, but agree magic is alive and well. Listening or reciting sural al baqarah or going onto youtube to listen to ruqyah should be beneficial inshAllah, never trust any healer unless you know someone who can personally vouch for him/ her. Hope this helps and ask tauba from Allah daily, may Allah remove the curses in our lives, ameen.

tanzim said...

I just on post regardinv blockage in marriege the same symtoms even m facing in my life can you please provide me any ruqya for that I suspect that somebody has done blackmagic on me so that I shouldn get marry please help

Unknown said...

I dreamt seeing a dark complexion small boy urinating in the middle of night in the open and seen him vomiting, please explain

Unknown said...

I need help can any one help me please

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