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Many people are defrauding people claiming to be Amel Soname magician or Amel Soname Healer and giving out phone numbers, making websites using the words: Amel Soname, creating emails, and social media accounts using Amel Soname . Social media is being used to spoil my name.I am NOT associated with these people who are claiming to be amel soname in any way or with those people who are running spiritual offices and asthana in the name of amel soname.If you have any questions or concerns, Amel Soname does not talk over the phone at all. You can contact amel soname through email ONLY. your questions will be answered on a first come first served basis. No other email address is valid to communicate with me except for

This is not our website , i am not associated with this site

First of all, I’d like to tell you something about "amel" and "magicians". Any amel or magician, who has great knowledge or "roohaniyat"
Can do almost anything with the help of his "ilem" or knowledge, and casting small spells are not a big deal for him.
A magician will only cast that spell which he has either learnt from his master, or which is in his knowledge.
First, I will tell you about the categories of "amel"
1) Are those amels who use only the quraanic verses and sura’s for doing their spells and azmeyat.(angels spells)
2) Then there are those amels who use the 99 names of Allah for doing their "amal"(spell), and such an amel is called "Zaakir"
3) Then there is one who uses "nakash" (Images/Scripts/Illustrations) also called "taveez" and this is also a very high knowledge.
4) Then there are those "amils" who use "Ilme-e-Jaffer"
5) There is another type of amel, who uses "elim-e-Adat" (numbers sptrituality)for doing his spells, and he has power over "number"
6) Another type of Amel uses astrology as a source, and he has great power over it, and whoever has this knowledge, he can always do
Great "Amal" with it and is never mistaken. He can tell the future using his astrological powers.
One who possesses this Ilem too has a high position, in Amils and they can control the stars and their "Mokilat" (angels). But this kind of knowledge can only reveal what the future possibilities are, but they cannot be 100% definite.
They may tell many things about someone, but out of all those, only some may become true, and some other may not. People who believe in the stars go to such astrologers and they tell them things that hardly come true.
But only whatever Allah wills, happens. Such knowledge can only reveal the probability of something happening. Only the "Wali" of Allah can predict the future.
7) There is that amil who controls his "Hamzad" (shadow) and makes him work for him.
He does not do any amal(spell) himself, but only orders his Hamzad(shadow) for carrying out tasks for him.
8) Then there is an amil who controls the "Alam-e-Arva" which includes the jinn, Hamzad, Paryaan, deyo, Hakel, Mokel, Bair and many other creatures.
He can control the jinn and even their king, and orders them around, and in turn,
The amel too has to do something for them, only then the jinn carry out the orders of the amil.
And if the amil don’t do what the jinn ask them, in turn, so they can even punish the amil.
Similarly, they control the Mokal, or their king, and it’s very hard to control them,
as for that reason they have to keep fast and do all that is good and keep themselves from doing all that is bad and doing such a thing is todays times is very hard.
Once the amil gets a hold of the mokal, he requests them to carry out some tasks for him and then he just sits back and watches while the mokal does everything for him. The amil asks the king of mokal to send some of his workers for him help, and the mokal clearly tells him not to use them for doing wrong.
Mokal has the power to even destroy jinn, but the jinn cannot hurt mokal. Even the king of jinnat is no match for the mokel.
9) there is one type of amil who is the "Wali or Buzarg" of all the amils, and he has "mokel kodse" that is very hard to capture, and only that amil who keeps fast all year long and is close to Allah, and does not care a bit for the world and who loves Allah and the Prophet PBUH, he can control that mokel. And he does not miss even a single prayer, for example, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani, Khuwaja Ghareeb Nawaz, Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Hazrat Data Ganj Baksh, Ghos Pak Dastageer and many more pious people. They were the people who were visited by the jinnat and fairies, for telling them, their problems and these pious people would help them out. They are so close to Allah that when they say something, it is heard, and their wishes are granted. They live in places where there are no people and they are busy in praising Allah all the time. They are the ones who know what the future holds. Even the magicians cannot harm them. If a magician tries to harm them, that magician is interned hurt so badly that he dies in the streets or stays sick and lives in a very bad condition.

Amel soname contact

If you have any question contact me directly on my email. No other type of  help support or email support is valid to communicate with me. this is my email address

Remember me in your prayer 
amel soname 


Huma said...

Salam Peer Saab

Please help me. I am contacting with you much hopes.

I have purchasd some saving bonds from my Jama Poonji. Main bahut Majboor hoon.

Please give me wazeefa so that my bond will get first prize.

Please peer sahib help me pleasee, give me wazafia or amal,,,



fawad said...

Dear amel soname

i am fawad ali from pakistan and i want to talk with you if possible

i want to discuss some matters with you
but plz sms me your number with name i will call you back

koukla k said...

I was just reading your blog on black magic is it possible this exists?

Noor said...

What to do if some Snatching someone’s job or disgracing him and
lowering his position.
Then what should he/she recite to over come from it.
Please mail me the required things so that i can help some one.

kate said...

Myself and my family have been suffering from severe black magic for many years now. The situation has worsened and I know that there have been many objects buried to cause harm to myself and my family in both my residence and graveyards. Unfortunately I do not have the ability to remove them myself. Please please can you help me to find someone that can cure us by removing these objects. Thank you in advance for your help.

iqbal said...

Amel Soname Sahib, asalamo alikum

I have read some parts of your blog and find the knowledge that you possess is unparralleled and i have never seen so much information about jinnat on any other website.
Learnign about the different clans, sects, different types of jinn and the power they possess is frightening to say the least yet so informative. It seems you posses a lot of knowledge and seem like an elderly gentleman, but your writing style makes me think you are young. if you are young then you have no doubt done a lot in your life.

I myself have been seperated from my wife for about 8 years and have recently re-married. at first we were inseperable but then we just drifted apart, BUT i do remember a time we were both in Pakistan in 1992 and out of nowhere she got some drops of blood on her clothes. These clothes had been washed and just she had put on. we were both dumfounded, i do now believe that evil people did taveez or something for us to drift apart.
i have now re married and my new wife came to england last month and in the first week she said she heard a snoring noise from one of the corners of the room. This noise lasted about 2 hours (about 3am in the morning til 5 pm)i just laughed it off and now sleep in that corner and have bad dreams and a few days ago woke up as though something was starngling me.
i might just be paranoid, but we also both had scary dreams in the SAME night and both read the 1st kalima in our different dreams! Infact i woke up as i was so scared and was still reading kalima.

I wanted to ask you if its true that the 3rd corner in every room is potentially haunted? as thats where i sleep, the 3rd corner from where the door opens.

I am somewhat troubled by this thing whatever it is. l also have the NAAMA MUBARAK already in my roomas about 4 years ago lstarted to become really scared an so my imaam sahib who gave it to me.

Could you help?

ajaz said...



I was wondering what i have to recited to stop the throwing up , stomach pain , Nosia

this happens after reading sura jinn 11x then reading sura yaseen 51x ( which is recommended for exorcism and protection)

after reading this for 3 weeks the 2 jinnats attack by causing physical sickness Example: stomach pain and vomiting.

when do you recommend for this case?
please let me know


amin said...

I was on search engines and fortunately read your blog. I am a 21 year old boy who lives in Canada. I am orignally from Pakistan. I think you can surely help me in this matter inshallah.
My problem is that i am suffering from fear. My heart beats starts pounding for no reason for sometime and it then becomes normal. I am healthy and was fearless. But now i face lack of confidence. Fear of eye contact,Low morale, low self esteem. My mind is always thinking onething or other. Everything is going bad for so many months now. I am severely depressed and facing memory loss. My brain is not functioning the way it used to. I am GETTING bad dreams like a goat in water who is bleeding and drowning. I try to sleep but just in 2 to 5 mins i wake up with jerks that move my whole body. I feel someone is around me . Sudden flashes just go by my eyes.. I try to remember my dreams but i donot completely remember them . I just know i had a bad dream.. In the case of dreams i have been having dreams of having sex with my own sister. I cannot tell you how ashamed i am . Being a muslim this is no more than death to me. My dad has been affected too by this and he is now in dust. I think that someone in my house is a magician or knows some magician. We live in a joint family and my father always had arguments with his brother and sisters. To the extent of intense violence. I donot want to become like him . I know i am capable of everything but my motivation and confidence has just vanished. I can definately say that someone or other is jealous of our family, mostly my aunt whose mums family has a background of casting magics. Speaking of myself i am not a very good muslim and had bad habbits. But now i pledged to quit them . I have started praying too. I am very confused and feels as my wisdom is put against a barrier. I know I am born to do something special in life. But this trauma has really disturbed me . I got many symptoms of magic and Jinn. Just wanted some help .
Please let me know about your charges and the cure.
Looking forward for your reply,

salim sheikh said...

Asalam walekum

As per our telecon. I wanted to have a completed report for me and my family for last ten years exactly I am facing this issue of black magic and in these ten years I have faced extreme problems. My mother expired in this process because of cancer. I have lost my jobs many times. Currently I have made a huge losses in my business and I am unable to recover that money.

I have been been removed from my house and no relative come and meets me for calls me. I am just staying just alone. My wife and daughter are in India.

I would appreciate if you can send me detailed report.

ayesha said...

Asalam alaikum wa rahmatullahe wa barakatuhu,

I have been looking everywhere to find someone who knows and can help me. I have relatives that have been doing taweez on us for a long time, but this time they did black magic of a different kind. I believe it's from a hindu source... my relative have been doing things that seem impossible for their benefits, hurting me, my family and a lot of other innocent people. I really need help, as I do not know any taweez giver...

Please send me your phone number, or contact me as soon as possible.

Raja Alidreesi said...

i was browsing the net for solution of sher (سحر) since i believe that me and my family have a serious trouble in life but the situation is very complex. i wonder if u can help us to overcome it by Qran since we do not want to deal with any bad staff. please contact to me so i can tell u more. and thank u very much for u help. god reward u the best.

Faiz. said...

As salam o alaikum,
My name is faiz, i am from India,
I had confirmed from one maulana that i and my wife are affected with black magic.
i will come to the bottom line, that the maulana is telling to cure it through quran, and he will also be using some kind of doll and he will put that in Kabrastan and after that my wifes black magic will be removed... in 21 to 40 days.
so i wanted to know whether this procedure is right in Islam., and the black magiv done on wife is done using a doll.

thanks and regards,

nadia faizi said...


I was researching Islam and black magic and I found your website. I am afraid that my parents might be under the influence of black magic as they have been very unhappy since they got married (over twenty years ago) and they never seem to get along. My father is too attached to his brothers and sisters and cares for them more than his wife and my mother is deeply suspicious of my father and always tries to start a quarrel with him.
Both my parents are deeply religious and say their prayers regularly but recently it came to our attention that my phuppi has been doing magic on our family for a very very VERY long time. She still tries to harm us in any way that she can, she comes to our house and pretends to pray there but we suspect that she is not really praying but reciting something bad. May Allah forgive us if we are wrong in our suspicions. Our suspicions were confirmed by Hakeem Sahab who we visited looking for confirmation.
Is it too late to do anything (they are really old now and they still do not get along) or can I fix this problem somehow? Please let me know soon, I would deeply appreciate your help.

samad said...

My sister Farah over last two years is behaving strangely

.1.She sits in darl and eats in dark
2. during day she sits on fround outside hous ein the sun
3.she does not take bath
4.wear old cloths with lots of smell coming form them
5.ask us to leav ethe house and fights wih us/

what has happened to her .WE have tried every amil or peer we can reach but to no avil.We also recite quran darrod and dua .

please help us i want my sister to be normal as before.

manjit said...

amel saheb i am explane every thing to you. my name manjit age 21 that happend in 2 years ago .my family and me face some problems like my father and mother and we (3 brothers) allways fight with each other and we have some cattel in my home they always fell ill (sick) and not give us proper milk and some time we also found blood in there place and we try to find out where is blood come from but we are fail that was very difficult time for us always figth in my home and my young brother leave thir study he passed their 6th in first devison after some months he accidently told us iam not wanna more study that time we try to explan them but we are fail after 2 year i deside i will go abrode for my study now iam in australia i dont know whats going on there but iam always warry about my family we have also some more big problems like in australia i have no good job my all friends settel here i and my friend not my friend have also some problem like me in their home that bay we contacted you i have lotes of problems i can explane that problems in words . after read my this problems if you find any soulation please cont me and please if possibal give me your phone number and if you understand hindi please tell me i can explane more batter to you ok my friend god bless you

sara said...

Assalam o alaikum,

I read your article on the categories of amels online. I am interested in learning more about spirituality, jinnat and amels. I tried to search online but I don't get much information. Can you guide me and let me know if there are any links available to the information material online. Thanks

arin said...

Wow, a wonderful blog.

Can I pay you to help me ?

saima ahmed said...


asma said...

salam.i got married 4 yrs ago till now i dont have kids.i feel some one
is doing jaadu on me. please suggest me something, to recite so that my
problem will be solved, i will be thankful to u

ozzette said...

I am having such bad luck with love and money. Every time I meet someone eveything is great and they take off or all of a sudden hate me for no reason.

I saw one of your blogs. it says to read sura e kousar i dont recognize that?
please help

hassiba said...

Assalam Alaikhum brother,
I am a sister who found your site and i am asking you about the wazeefa you mentioned, because my husband and I are suffering from the effect of black magic.
Please help me.
May Alllah S.W. gives all his blessings

Salegha said...

As Salaamu Alaikum,

My name is Salegha and I just visited your blog on sihr.

I've been trying to get help with something that is inside of me for about 8 years already, but to no avail. The best way I can describe the pain is that it makes a "knot" that causes heavy pain in my lower back. It sometimes moves around and causes my whole body to pain, especially my feet. I cannot stand/walk for long and then it causes my feet extreme pain, my whole left side of my leg goes numb and my whole body just feels so heavy. I have gone from normal weight of 53kg's, down to a mere 41kg's and then back up to a staggering 63kg's and still climbing. This is without any dieting, without changing any of my usual eating habits. I dont eat a lot but I keep on putting weight.

I am divorced, my husband was previously married and I use to suspect that his first wife had something to do with breaking us up, but I could never prove it. We werent married for long and I could never conceive eventhough both of us were medically tested and confirmed to be healthy by our doctor. Since we are divorced he made another lady pregnant...

I have been to various well respected muslim amils here in South Africa, (black magic seems to be rife in SA, especially amongst the black tribes as they seem to be handing out pamphlets on the streets to advertise witchcraft services to the public), no amil has ever been able to help me, only to bring relief of the pain.

I want to know if you are an amil and if you could possibly help me? I see on your blog that you advertise quranic healing through Are you affiliated to them?

I look forward to your reply.

Aalia said...

Just wondering if you know of any amal to remove blockage caused by the ememy--job, relationship,

faaizah said...

assalamu alaikum i am only 16 years old living in canada and i havn't been able to sleep normally for the past 11 months. i dont know what happened but i just cant sleep and the medicine the doctors gave me isn't even really sad because i havnt been able to go to school for 11 months now and i am very very tired. i try to pray 5x but sometimes i am so tired so it is hard. but praying makes me feel alot better but i still am not able to sleep. when i pray namaz my nose starts running very much and my eyes get watery. i mostly sleep 1 or 2 hours thats it. i have been starting to think this is a spiritual problem because maybe someone does not want to see me happy. my friends always used to tell me oh your so smart and this and this. so do you think you can help me out? plz make dua for me jazakallah
and justwondering where are you from like america or do you live in canada?

Allen said...

i was reading throught some of the posts and i locate them to be altogether interesting. sorry my english is not exaclty the bloody best. would there be anyway to transalte this into my argot, spanish. it would really better me a lot. since i could compare the english lingo to the spanish language.

waqar anjum said...

Aslam o Alikum

How can i contact you to get help from you.

Madiha Rashid said...

my situation.i have reason to believe that black magic is being practiced upon my mother

she is a healthy,sane normal person but ever since i can remember there were some specific periods of time in the yer when her whole personality would change and she would become a completely irrational person.she starts feeling a tightness in her neck and shoulders and back pain.she starts saying that my uncle and his wife and kids,who live downstairs from us,are saying bad things about her even though they dont.she says she hears them say it but its not true because no one else can.she starts turning on every indvidual of the family,mostly my father.she remains agitated throughout the day but that agitation icreases in intensity after maghrib.she does not sleep,does not feel hungry and has extreme mood one can control her when she gets angry,she hits out,starts screaming and tries to step out from a moving car,then wanders the father lost his job because of this.

This time is hell for my family.i agree this may seem like a psycological disease but it occurs during specific times in the year.She is completely fine one month,a happy housewife,then a different person the next three,then again reverting back to normal after 3 months or so.

i myself am doing my A levels,my brother doing his bachelor in engineering.

my mothers behaviour has accelerated greatly this time around.i would like to ask you wether you know of any authentic amil or someone in karachi who will help us,and not charge a lot.apart from this any other advice will b extremley welcome.thank you

waqar said...

Aslam o Alikum
I have some problems for the past few years creating severe hardships for me.For the past five years i am experiencing dreams which have destroyed me mentally and also disturb my learning abilities. Most of time when i am going to sleep it seems that some thing has overcome my body like electricity is flowing through my body and i have to recite quranic verses and then use to force to wake up. sometimes it is like someone beating my brain like drums.

It also come at the time before i am going to wake up like early in the morning. it could be any dream for disturbance so when i wake up i feel disappointed. my heart beat sometime become low and most of the time i feel lonely and disturbed. In these years i have lost my interest and happiness in those things which give me happiness. It has destroyed my education and now i am facing severe problems in jobs. most of the dreams are disturbing such as i am struggling,some of my close relative will become sick. My money matters are becoming severe and even now i am not able to get married.

If you want any further information in this regard let me know.

sheeba said...

Assalam alaikum ,

i have some problem related my mairrage .

i am still single .

i have many ristha related shaadi but may be some reason we cant final .

we are thinking some one is doing bandish for my shaadi.

plz help me . my parents are also very upset for that .

plz help me out

MADLYN said...

i need help i dont know where to go or who to ask, I fell that someone has used black magic on my family and it is affecting us alot..i want how can i know for sure if someone has put a spell on one of us and if yes how can i remove it as some as i possible ...Please Allah khalik help me!!

iftequar said...

Assalamualiakum Brother,

My name is muhammad iftequar i have been married for around 5 years i dont have any children, my wife got two miscourage also and i have done lot of tratments through doctors, but no result people says its some magic on me and my wife , can you please help me i will be thankfull to you through out my life .

dimple said...

My grand mother Mrs Kaushalya Devi got ill on 9th oct 2010 . & till the date
she is not recovering ,we r all in a very painfull situation ,earlier she is having
her mouth closed it opened very difficulty after some time she has some other
problem ,on 21th oct 2010 we have taken her to delhi,here doctors r giving her
a treatment, now she is suffering from bleeding problem from the toilet portion,
i have also left my job from a very big company ,our whole family in a very painfull
situation ,we have also shifted her from one hospital from other,nw the situation is
her 2 reports r clear ,nw i have no doubt that she is suffering from jadu ,my uncle
from himachal continuously going everwhere to saving her from the jadu,we r trying
to do our best ,we have already given her jal,bhibhuti,& jantru,day & night i am thinking about
that bad people who used to do all these thing , some gentle man told me that somebody had
taken her SAND OF HER FOOT,& MADU GUDDU some month back we have received 3 guddu from
what should we do ,pls help me..........

sajid said...

aslamualaykum.ive been getting headaches from past 4 years.and i feel tired and sleepy.and sometimes it feels like as if the ants are walking on my head.i feel the pain on top of my head.also my stomach is very bad with digesting.and when i checked with some1 they said.there was 3 magics done on me.1 on my spine.1 on my stomach.and the other 1 on my head.what do u recomend i should do?

Anonymous said...

my grand mother have problem . she is having pain in legs,,,,very much bleeding from the toilet portion,,,,,,,,red marks nazar a rahain hain paron kai neechai ki side
she is also saying that she is suffering from jadu ,,,,,,,,,pls help me i want to find the people who used to do all these things they should
no burai ki kabhi jeet nahi hoti ,,,,,,,,,,, but very confused one more thing i wanted to tell u that the below mention things i am suffering from
many things which u have mentioned below but write now i wanted to save my grand mother

farrukh said...

Aslam brother my name farrukh hussain im from los angeles california currenly i been really sick for the past two year im suffering from

arbaaz said...

Salaam Alaikum...i am frm mumbai and am suffering frm blck magic since yrs , now almst since my child is born i am jobless and going through vry bad situation... hv lot of wrk to do which can make me rich in no time but it hardly clicks...financers r ready to gv d finance but dey delay 4 no reason... i am always unhappy wid my slf and my wife u and der is alwaya a thought in my mind to tk a divorse ..have gone through ur site and is eagerly waiting 4 some help by d grace of ALLAH,,,, if u hv any contact no. plz give me or if u need mine den i can give too.... jazakalla khair ..waiting anxiously 4 ur reply...ALLAHAFIZ.

inshan ali said...

assalam alikum

brother in every black magic and jinn decription in your post i read
but brother thats in india and pakistan my story is west indian magic in the caribbean also known as west indies so brother please lend an ear i really trying to get some help brother so please consider me

mala said...

Dear Amel

Please help me, what dua's or surahs must I do to get a job, I am
unemployed for 2 years, people have tied me in knots and blocked my
path, I am praying all the duas on your websites. I really need help

Anonymous said...

Give your phone #

Rasheed said...

Dear Sir,

I just visited your webpage and its seems very interesting to me.

My name is Rasheed

I am suffering from depression for last almost 6 years
I feel fear that some thing will bad happen to my business, thats makes me very depress.

Hope to have some help from you

Unknown said...

Please help as

tapio silver said...

me suffering about 6 year by black magic

tapio silver said...

somebody done blackmagic to me about 6 years somebody helps me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

yaha koi amil nhi maine bht dair se koi khushi nhi dkhi mere bacoan se he main sb dukh dekh rha hn mujy aj tk koi khushi nhi mili or meri sari property mere relatives ne ly li hy...mjy aj tk koi amil nhi mila jo meri help kr sky

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