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Assalam o alaikum ,
If someone has become a constant victim of a magician who keep casting spells on him and keeps sending his devils to jeopardize the victim’s life then i am telling about jalaali (very powerful) amal. The victim should download this recording of the amal in his PC, mobile, MP3 player etc and listen to his non-stop till 2-3 hours daily. Since this is a very powerful amal so one should only listen to it and not repeat it. If the victim tries to read it himself and then falls into some trouble then he will be responsible for his woes. Whenever one senses any of the signs of black magic, so playing the recording for 2-3 hours will do the needful and Inshallah all plans of the magician will be thwarted.

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jalali mokelat recitation.mp3

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Hussaini said...

salam o allaiqum

I am above forty years of age but yet to be married. All my attempt at getting married got aborted somehow. Then in about eight years now whenever I have an erection something will pinch my back or right side of my lap which will cause the erection to collapse.
Similarly, when I am offering prayer something will be vibrating around my abdomen and girdle. In addition whenever I am reading serious material I experience headache or drowsiness to an extend of falling asleep. Upon consultation I was inform it is cause by jinns. Please what can I do to get rid of them whether it is direct possession or black magic please help out.

farzana said...

As-Salaam Alaikum Brother,

I saw your website. Jazakallah Khair for posting such valuable information. I was told that I have spiritual problems, but I don't know know for sure. I am generally a religious person, and I try my utmost best to pray 5 times a day and also try to recite duas on a daily basis.

I am currently experiencing alot of personal problems, namely marital problems, where I have a hard time commmunicating with my husband. Also, I have temper issues and my husband is having alot health issues (namely severe lower back pains). We have arguments too. Sometimes we start out having a normal conversation but it ends up in a major fight, where at some point, I have thought about ending my life. I see no purpose.
Please, I would request you to please diagnose us if we have any black magic or similar issues. We are willing to take necessary steps to make or recite duas whatsoever to resolve this, but I need to know for sure if black magic or jinn is a cause of our personal problems.

I would highly appreciate your help. Please help me save my life and my marriage.

sabha said...

Assalamu alaikum
my husbend beats me & abuses me every time he does not have trust in me, he thinks i have relation with othe men's & finds mistake in everything i do. I love my husbend a lot & do not want to get seperated from him. I want to spend all my life with him peacefully. i kindly request you to help me on this. Please give me a wasifa or a tabeez so that he does not do any kind of mistake that he has been dooing.
I request you to help me. Iam a Physically handicapt women do not know how to come out of this situation. Please help me on this. May allaha bless you all with his blessing.

Anonymous said...

this is one of the most interesting blogs i've had the good fortune to come across. You show yourself to really know what youre talking about. Im going to come back every day just to see what you write. Please keep up the excellent work.

bpay4 said...

forgive me sir, i am not muslim. although my father is, and so is my husband. i have never feared about any bad things in the world or ill will, until i began showing some symptoms and the only thing which i can do is pray the prayers i know which are christian. prayer often gives relief. i have been trying to find information on what is happening and noone knows, not even my father who is muslim. i realise you are very busy helping peoplebut please i need to protect my children and myself, and i dont know how as the only guidance i feel in my heart is that i have to understand what kind of prayer or method is being used against my children and myself so i can stop it. the things i have privately experienced that i have not mentioned to any other with fear i would be labelled as crazy, my own children complain about, and this is why now i know it is real. the person in question even does this on my baby! please can you help me?

Anonymous said...

Evil or the forces of the darkness emerged with the emergence of Satan. Satan was infact a Jin and was elevated to the rank of leader of the Angels but when Allah Almighty created Adam and ordered all the Angels to bow before Adam, Satan refused. He said he was superior to Adam; hence he would not bow before Adam. He thought himself superior as he was made of fire while Adam was made of Mud. Angels are made of light and he was even leader of the Angels so he became jealous and compared himself with Adam and forgot Who gave the order. He disobeyed Allah’s Order and was deprived of all his ranks and was destined to Hell. Unfortunately, this thing is becoming common in Pakistan. With no check from government, these amils openly do business and erect large hoarding, claiming to provide you services if you need your beloved in your feet etc. Religious parties have never raise voice against this practice even when it’s strictly forbidden in Islam (and all other religions). People who do Black Magic on someone, then that person tries to find some other people to remove it. But in-fact what happens is the person who removes Black Magic, puts his own Black Magic on to that person so that person will come back again and again. All you need to do is provide us with a complete family details with D.O.B and little detail regarding the problem in hand. Please don’t forget to write your full mailing address to send the Revelation Results in the post. Revelation Service is not Black Magic, it is a tool help you finding the truth base upon the information is been provided by you. It is a tool that tells you what you need to do, It is a tool to provide you with the proper references for your protection. You only pay us for the service not for any other purpose like other people do when you visit some baba jee and they give you some taveez either to hide it in the ground or to drink it. Some of them require you to pay them every week or monthly basis as they quote you “for sacrifices”. This service will take you away from these things and provide you with a proper guidance to what to wear, perform & what to read. This will enable you to stop any Black Magic Effects on you or your family as soon as possible

sanam said...

I request to you . if you could tell me if black magic has been done on me. for many years since i was around 8 years old i have been confronted with many health problems that do not go away, i have had numerous infections that have started since i was 11 that i have still up until this day that doctors cannot provide a cure for, i suffer from severe hair loss, i have bleeding from every bowel movement everytime i use the toilet, severe constipation, anxiety disorder, severe depression, depersonalisation disorder and body tremors. not only do i suffer from illness but i have been removed from college as i cannot cope with the problems anymore and once i was a very able student, my friends keep their distance from me all of the time and have just left me and created their new lives without me, i have also had confrontations in the past that have developed from very minor situations with people and people themselves seem to not like me for any reason at all. i constantly feel upset and uncomfortable about my self and sometimes have difficulty even getting out of bed for anything. i also have blasphemous thoughts and dislike/ disagreement at times for the word of God, about a year ago i would defend islam but now i feel very weak towards faith, i have also become very disrespectful to people and have a lot of anger inside me which displays itself through uncontrollable violence and i also once (around a year ago during ramadan) had a dream in which i felt a hand strangle me where i could still feel the sensation on my neck of the pressure when i awoke. i am aware that my family also have black magic on them and i would really appreciate if you could tell me if these are true black magic symptoms on me, what type of black magic has been done on me if it has and what it is that i can do to remove and protect myself, please respond in english only as i cannot interpret urdu in english letters very well.

Anonymous said...

My name is Muhammad Shekhor and I am a Bangladeshi. I have lots of enemies of most kind, jinn, human, black magicians and even human with Karamat and who can control other people's mind just by thinking(sort of telepathy I guess). They have cast jinns, black magic and something more I do not Know all.... They have damaged my Karamat, Roohaniyat. My prayer's(dua's) or thinkings turns on my face immediately. I can not pray my Salat. Whenever I try to contact or seek help from religious people, even they falls in problem and leaves me. I am in economical problem, I can not study well....
I am having problem in every step that I am taking. Somebody is casting black magic and jinn on my lover. Her parents grew angry on me and even they are also causing odd problems on me. Now I can not contact with my lover any mare. I need to have her back at any cost. AND by the way, I had this same problem more than five times and I lost my girlfriends each time.
Please help me get rid of these problems and help me to have my lover back....ON THE NAME OF ALLAH.

kona said...

Nice opinions on this post. It is atypical these days to find pages with information you are interested in. I'm thankful I came upon your blog

fazal said...

Assalamualailkum Amel,

I am Muslim residing in India Mumbai and has been trouble by people
who are Hafiz and they do cipli ilam and the effects are you feel like
having sex with any women your mind is not in peace they break all
taweez by this ganda ilam

so please help me in this matter

Brittni Tarran said...

It really appears like you are in the know on this.

omar said...

Dear Amal salam a alakim I read your article on the net about black magic. First of all I am a Muslim, say my prayer. I recite the auat kursai and qual in all my prayers. Two days ago I was cleaning my storage space. I found seven different kind of whole dals(black chanas, white small beans, green whole moung, three different colors of small beans and rice in one of the box full of drinking glasses. Few years ago I found similar rice and dal in my clothes. At that time was little bit concerned and upset. But I did not talk to an body .Now I am worried. I believe until God wants nobody can harm me and my family. Pl let me know what is the reason behind and what somebody wants from me. What these thing symbolizes ? may be I can understand who can do it. God help us all and keep me and my family in his protection. I have faith in god and faith in myself. God bless you for replying me thank you tehzib

Sister-in-Islam. said...


I am experiencing personal problems, including marital problems. Someone told me that I have some spiritual problems - black magic or jinn. Is there anyone who can help me in diagnosing it for me? Please let me know... I am in desperate need of help

Israr said...


My name is Israr Amin, I'm 25 years old. I want to know if someone done Black
Magic on me. I also want to know if I do have it where is the Tarweez hiden.
Everything I do goes wrong nothing goes right for me I want to remove this bad
luck away from me it's getting me into alot of trouble

Natasha said...


I have visited your website today for the first time and thought of consulting you.

We have too many problems in our family like financially we are under so many loans and debts, too many fights and horrible house atmosphere, my father makes our lives miserable and has made my mothers life hell. I hope you can help but please inform me if you will be asking for any money as because we are financially broke we cannot pay anything as we are not in that condition. I hope to receive a reply from you soon and I will wait for your reply.

umaima said...

AA. i readinformations u have on internet. on that behalf i wanna know u can help out the peope in their problems? if yes then plz answer me, why my marriage is late...? i wanna marry with a man i know him since 5 years and always some thing happening.if dont know to beleive to whom coz now a days its very difficult to search true people arround u. if i can contact wd u, can u write down ur no.
wd lot of thnx for ur attention & reply. loooking farward for ur answer.

huma said...

Salaam Alaikum,

I would like to know the best time to call you. I have a problem and some symptoms which you have described on your website.
I lost my job this year and alot of problems happened. Please advise me the right time to call you.

rahman said...

I wanted to know whether i have any black magic (jadu) ,asraat,and enemies
Because from the past 1 year i had faced many difficulties and problems which looks like unnatural to me

Please kindly inform the current status of mine

If i have any kind of asraat or black magic what are the remedies which i have take it inorder to get rid of all this issue

Waiting for your reply with the status brief report

Thanks you

mughal said...

A.A sir i want to you some improtant work .sir im in very problem please help me.sir i m in love to one girl but she didnot reply me and hating me. if you want solve my problem please reply me.i wait for your reply

Ayida said...


I been reading your awesome posts on alot of topic. Your WONDERFUL! I have a question? My husband and I are married for 17 years, it's always a struggle with him. His so controlling to me and the children. He always makes the wrong decisions and wants everyone to obey him, even if it's wrong. If I don't follow his decisions, we become angry starts to curse me with bad word, that I think a good muslim should"nt do. He prays, but does"nt know. What's my rights as a wife in islam.

Please! can you provide me with Amel that I can do to have docile and put me all the decisions he make. Just to have mild and kind and listens to me as good muslim wife. I pray, fast and do everything a good muslim suppose to do.

sonu said...

I've been reading some tips and information on the site and i want to ask you . I would like to have a cure to stop/prevent BLACK MAGIC permanently.

I would really appreciate your help big time.

Really waiting for a quick and helpful response.

Thanking you in advance,

ani said...

I am trying to get ride of sihr that is done attentional for my father before I was born, however the sihr got into me.
Please let me know how can I contact you and what information do you need to help me please

Khuser said...


I need help , I have serious marriage problems.

My in laws have done black magic on my husband he has turned stone cold and will not talk to me he ignores me and told me he wants to end the marriage for his family.

He wont tell me what I have done wrong . I have apologized to him and tried talking but he is not the same man he just ignores me.

Please can you help

Khawaja said...


I read your many articles and those are inspiring. If you can kindly send me your contact information, your mobile or a place where i can meet you then I will be grateful to you.

salman said...

I have been to good amles and buzargwaraans , and when i reach them
the moakilats simply run away or don't show, i am job less and nothing
seems working for me, desperatly looking for cash and i am still

My family is under serve attacks of magic and moakkilats, we had
confirmed that, please do let me know if you can help me and tell me
the exact way to heal myself and my family members as well, kindly do
check and let me know if there is any magic thing on us or not or it
is an magician or moakilats after us .

kareem said...

Sir I request you to help me in the name of ALLAHA my in-laws have
created a rift in between me and my wife and she is not willing to
come back to me , she left me on 16--4-2009 , she ask me to come to
BOSNIA to stay their which after great though i agreed and now when i
agreed to come there she says i should not come , one holy person said
that some evil things have been done to separate us and t break our

Sanders said...

Witchcraft is terrible and it is destroying my life and my husbands making us sick with heart problems and throat problems and fibermyolgia. We need help do you have any suggestions.

reshma said...

I am writing to you regarding my problem. Infact I doubt my mother in law and my husband family has done black magic to break my marriage. I am living seperately from my husband. We have a son who lives with me. I am a hindu mauritian and I am afraid if you would like to help me or not. I want you to break the black magic causing our seperation. My husband has even file a divorce case in court. We do meet together with our son?

Would you help?

luna said...

Asslam Alaikoum Amael Soname;

Plese help me with these Shaitan which keeps following me everywhere i go; and i feel heavy pressure on my shoulders, and head
After playing ruqyah in my house i feel lighter and it goes away; when i leave my house it follows me, i know this is a shaitan sent by sorcer to make my life hectic and difficult nd sick, and spy on me, also keep sendidng sihr on me ?

Can you help telling me what to do ?

mumtaz said...

As - Salamu Alaykum,

I have gone through your webside Thank you for such lovely information. I started praying after namaze fazar Darood Shariff (11 times), Suray YASIN 41 times (Ayat 8 & 9) & again 11 times D. S.

I am not feeling well. There is continuous headache. Ear problem (left ear itching). Left hand pain (sever pain, cant sleep on left side) Sometime left side pain . Left side tootache. (Shown to all Doctors , done all blood test , everything is normal).

Dont feel like doing any work. No interest in life. I feel to die. I am working as Medical Represemtative for last 9 years. 2 yers back i got promoted as Area Sales Manager. In last 9 years i had change 7 company's job.

I have to leave my inlaws place with my 2 kids 10 years back (Durig Moharram Month).

I had met 10 times with accidents My first accident on 26th May'2003 and last accident 15th Sept'2009.

In 2004 i had seen vision of a priest with big silver colour cross in his neck at 3 am mornig ( Actually somebody knowked our door at 3 am & i opened, there was nobody, And i closed , set on my bed them i saw a tall person in front of me for few second & it disapeared. I coulad not see the face, but i clearly saw the silver colour chain with big cross, he was wearing black & white colour cloth). After this incidence i had gone to Moulana many times & done all ramedy. But still i feel that there is something near me.

Maulana also told me that my In-laws are doing black Magic on me.

Please recommend me , i am in badly need of a job as i am having housing loan. My husband income is very less. I have to work.

syed said...

How are you brother. Brother I am in debt (Maqrooz) and have less job. Please give me any wazifa for this and peace in Family.

anum said...

Asalaamwalikum brother,

I got your contact details off your website. My sister and I (primarily my sister) is having trouble getting married. Every guy that comes for her propsals or hand end up making an excuse which means the marriage doesn't go through. I need your help.Please let me know how I can contact you and everything. This problem goes to me as well. Is there any way to find out. Supposedly, other Imans have said that someone in my dads side did Black magic on us to never get married. Please let me know how ucan help us!

Osman said...

Myself Osman 27 years old living in Hyderabad, India. Since 2 years I have been suffering from many problems like Health is not properly good, regarding Job No Job, and In respect of my marriage proposal also didn’t get success. I have visited to many “Alim Muftis” for my spiritual treatment but nothing happened with them I am very worry about myself I didn’t use to believe in these things but now I have doubt about it. Therefore you are requested to guide me in the matter.

Nahim said...

Salam alaykum

My name is nahim, I have recently been visiting your sites, I like the advice you give according to Quran and sunnah, Allah give you jaza for your hard work.

I like to asking you a question, is there anyway I can find out what a person is suffering from??? Example if it's a jinn how can I tell if it's a jinn

If it's baad nazar, how do I know it's baad nazar and not a jinn

Sometimes it can be roohniyat related How do I find out if it is

mubashir said...

my sister is effected with black magic (as per amils) she is suffering from past 4 years two time severe attack alhamdulilla some amal is going on from past 1 year she is ok now put not perfect i think she will be telling NEHARA HARHAL want to know what is that lake or river in our how when ever any work starts it will stuck up at the enb weather marriage proposal or job kindly please help

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I was into love from passed 8 years,I really loved person more then anything in my life being true to u more then a god But he is not with me from passed 3 month I have gone for magic thinking of him because I cannot live with out him pls give me the solution for my life

hosain said...

I am in great problem and in need of help. I have enemies of most kind, jinns, magicians, human and human with karamat and huge mental power. They have casted jinns, black magic and more on me and damaged my karamat and Roohaniyat. My prayers turns on my face. I can not pray my Salat. I am in economical problem, I can not study well….
I am having problem in every step that I take. Somebody has casted black magic on my lover and trying to get her. Her parents grew angry on me and even they casted spells on me. I am unable to contact with her now. This same story had occurred in my life many times and I lost everything that I love. Now I need to get back my lover at any cost and get rid of every problem as soon as possible so that I can try and help other in near future. Please try and help me soon

rehman said...

hi asak,

i have seen ur blogs on black magic and wud like to know about myself and my mother whether we are suffering from black magic.

problems in health for my mother,financial problems,my marriage problem,my promotion,career.pls do gimmme ur cell number so we can contact u.

ahmed said...

Salaam brother,

Can you please help a young woman, who has been effected by a black magic spell, which prevents her from eating, drinking, speaking, or sleeping. She is my wife and only 35 years old.
This has been going on for about 5-6 days now. She will die like this.
I read you can do this in 4-5 hours, I beg you to help.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

I have a very difficult problem. I got married last year Since then my husband and myself are having a lot of problems he gets aggressive, and now doesnt want to keep in touch with me at all. but before wedding he was absolutely fine. Due to career we have stay apart for a while, he is in Kuwait and I am in UK. I sometimes doubt whether it has to do something with the black magic.

I will be highly grateful if you could tell me what the problem is?

Anonymous said...

As salamu alaikum Brother,

On my research through the internet, I saw your website on removal of black magic. I am not sure that I have black magic, but I am convinced that there is something. Couple of years ago, my business was perfect, I could touch sand and it became gold. Now it is contrary. Whatever I try, I reach to the end and I cannot conclude any deal. My existence is almost ruined. I have 2 children, a son and a daughter.
I have been divorced for a long time, recently I got a marriage proposal and I said NO, but I do not know why, because the marriage proposal came from a good man and a good family.

Please, give me advise what to do? I reached a stage that I cannot even care for my children anymore, because nothing goes right.

Jahanzaib said...


dear i am Suffering from serious black magic. Recently found amulets inside my bed with my name and my wife name on it with wordings like Rizq bund ho, Qabar ki mitti qubool ho (there was sand in those amulets), talaq ho, cancer say maut ho, dil bund ho etc. can u help me ?

farsres said...

i read the things you posted about sihr. how to contact you and what to do. because i feel i am victim because all these symptoms match with me and its gotten very bad any advice be greatly appreciated.

muslim girl said...

Dear Amel

Black magic has been done to me and my mother by her sister, and I'm 100 percent sure. I don't seem to get married or meet anyone. My mother keeps having problem never finding jobs or making business happen. She signs contracts and last minute everything falls apart. I don't know wat to do, I read quran and pray, my mother is in masjid a lot, and we r helpless. We have faith in allah. I rly need your help on advice on what to do or read to make the black magic dissapear. Please help me

nash said...

amel soname
i went to one magician
who is rolling his eyes every time and seeing my head
and he said to give me a chicken i gave him
he is asking 10,000 rs i gave him
he given me taweez

my head pain cured and the dreams were stopped
he is saying that not to take the taweez from the neck

if i take out the taweez then i become mad
again he said
amel soname i want to go to saudhi
i dont want to go with taweez in my neck
plz give me some solution to take that taweez and get cured
i hope u understand my problem

shuaib said...

assalam alaikum brother
i dont know what happened to me all the time i sleep and what ever i
do it fails regarding my studies..i am much worried about my future
please help me so that all my problems should be solved i dont know
whether i am suffering from black magic please help me so that i can
concentrate on my studies and my future....please brother help
me...Eagerly waiting for your reply..Allah hafiz

khoo said...

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and 4 months. We met each other in school. He is now 20 this year. He didnt continue his study and started earning money in the dark way. (like gambling and drugs)

We were very happy together. plan to get married once we have money.

Then he went to work in Langkawi for 1 month. Come back every weekend. His temper went very bad and scold people and he cannot control himself.
Last week I found out he was together with this thai girl. She is 23 years old and works in a pub or something like a prostitute. She know all about me. She knows my name, my age, my phone number. She called me and keep scolding me.

I asked my boyfriend again and again and finally he told me he love her. He had sex with her whenever he went to langkawi. I couldnt accept it.
He said he wanted both me and the girl. But I couldnt share the person i love with other girls. She is not a virgin and may carry virus.
He said he love her and cannot let go.

We quarrel and he left. I keep calling him but he wont answer my calls. After half a day, i still keep calling and he answered at last. But it wasnt him!
It was the girl! She keep scolding me and said that my boyfriend dont want me already. She keep asking me not to call him and call me a dog!

From that day I never see my boyfriend again. I call him but he dont want to talk and call me rude words. The girl just keep stick to him. He didnt go home and brought the girl to stay in a hotel. Now they go to his house. She follow him and sleep in his room. She dont let him talk to his friends and family. And purposely cry when I call to talk.
His friends and family cannot go near him at all. She will call his name and he will go back to her immediately. They saw him and he is now very thin and look very old. He act very weird.
He started taking drugs now.

Is it possible that the girl perform black magic on him?

I am scared.

My things and photos, clothes, letters are still in my boyfriend's room. She is now sleeping with him there. Can she perform black magic on me?

What can I do to get rid of her and all her black magic?

Please help me.

zeeshan said...

as salaam o alaikum my name is sharaz my fathers name mohammed ayub and mothers name nasim akhtar .i have had sihr al hawathif hearing voices on me 16 years with no one to help i hear voices all the time .because of this i cannot read my salah and cannot work and do duties for my family.i hear these voices all the time for last 16 years.please can you help .if you can do calculation to see what my exact problem is and inshallah give me direction on what ayath surahs of quran al karim i need to read what amal i need to do in accordance with correct islamic teaching revealed from allah swt through gibraeel ahs to al akkibu muhammad saw.inshallah allah swt bless you and your family in al dunyah and al akhira.i also would like to know how to get rid of sihr done on my cousin my was wife to be we were seperated .

Anonymous said...


I have read your post somewhere about magic of separation. I read this because I wanted to know about this, as I feel myself as a victim of it.

I am hopeless and I need your help. I will pray for you forever.
My story began three years ago, when a class fellow of mine proposed me. I asked him to bring his parents to my place. Right from the beginning they did not like me, called my mother once that ask Zahra to leave our son or we have a brigadier in army who will look after her. but the man who proposed me was sincere and he told his family that he wants to marry me only. after this, they never did anything bad infront of him but whenever they come to our place or meet me, talked in a way that we cannot get married soon enough. or tell me things that hurt me. on the other side, they have started showing great love to their son, so that he doesnt ever doubt their intentions. His two sisters, mother, father and brother all seem to dislike me. they have lingered on our relation to no status for three years. we r not even properly engaged, only its understood between parents that we will get married. My parents like the man and they want me to get married to him as soon as possible.

His family has only one demand that their son gets job then get us married, it is a fair demand but what happens is whenever his job is almost done somewhere, at the final step something happens and he never gets a job. On the other hand, due to not getting married and family problems, we fight like anything, I love him but I dont feel this love anymore. All the the times we keep fighting whenever we contact each other, we do not respect each other. I shout at him, curse him,. abuse him which I never want to do. I love him alot and he does too. There is one significant thing. Whenever I sit in his car, we fight like animals. No where else we fight like this. His family sends us food sometime as Niyaz as well. they have access to my clothes easily or they gift me clothes as well. I feel myself mentally captivated and not free. I am a very intelligent girl but cannot focus on my career anymore. I had a job of 40,000 PKR. I have nothing now. I have lost my respect in my parents' eyes.

I want to get married to him as soon as possible and his job as well, plus to know if his family has done anything on me or him (they often visit to some pir babas they believe in)

Waiting for ur response

Luisa said...

Hello Mr. Soname

I saw on your site that you remove the evil eye by the Holy Quran. I have been here in Montreal at a mosque for this problem they said to drink water and oil prayed on.

A psychiatrist here in Montreal, Quebec, Canada told me to have the evil eye exercised. I am a Christian and I have asked around but I did not find. I am Italian.

I ask myself being a Christian am I not protected by God against black magic or evil eye or curse, it is all the same thing. Now this doctor gave me sleeping pills it is all-ready many years I take them. I also take an antidepressant and medication for high blood pressure. I am jobless for many years now. My son 19 years old goes out with a girl 18 years old and doesn't come home some nights. I am divorced, my ex-husband lives in Italy with another woman. My son Anthony is suspended until May 2011 from school. He and another boy had an argument.

I was told that this problem comes from a jealous sister-in-law and that I live in a negative environment like the psychiatrist says. I was wondering whether with your assistance we can pray with the Holy Quran . On the internet it says that the Holy Quran is very effective for these kind of problems.

I thank-you very much and await a response.

Vidhi said...

Respected Sir,

I was in search of getting my lover rid of this Love spell caused by his friend.

since six months I have visited pandits, maulanas and babas, everyone identified that it is a love spell caused by giving some filthy thing in his eadible... and it ws done.

But till today no one is successful in breaking and reversing that spell.

I was going through your sight and though that you can help me in resolving this problem

shahid said...

Dear help me,i sudenly becam sick,with blood pressur etc,i feel that its the infuence of magic,my name is shahid ,tell me am i right,so what i can do for that?

Anonymous said...

asaalam alykuum i am a new muslim i reverted six months ago to islam and got married two months approximately ago. our relationship was great but we started arguing for no reason at all about my daughter.then after a while the arguments got out of control wed bicker all the time,one day the face of a clock jumped off the main clock for no reason my wife turned round and said a jinn was coming i had a few symptoms headaches sluggishness high sex drive we argued again about my daughter i walked out but now she has disappeared and won,t take calls how can a loving marriage just implode cos people objected to our relationship from the beginning please help me cos my life is in turmoil and don,t know why this is.

tanveer said...

AsSalaamuAlaikum Amel Sahab,

I cannot download the jalali amal mp3 [for alwi angels], because my internet connection says "access denied" [or may be this country blocks the content].

Could you please email me the mp3? I will be very grateful, as I am going through a very long episode of suffering from magicians who NEVER stop! Please help.

Jazakallah & Salaam,

sehrish said...


I am looking at you website and wondering if you could share some good Alim who can do this because being as female i dont think its appropriate as some of the versus are jalali and we need some elder to take care in case of any problem. Thanks for shading knowledge.

dr. troy said...

every one of you guys who have visited the website and have written there problems here
i wanted to know if amal sahib has replied to your problems
coz i was thinknig how to ocntact the peson
as there is no phone number given
plz any one if you have the info post em here
thank you
jazzak Allah

Anonymous said...

asalm alkikum, i'm not an amil, a regular person like u all, i had jinn problems, serious ones, and that too i am sure it was not one or two but a gang after me, alhamduillah with the help of Allah i am fine now, so i want to share my expeirence with u all, there are the solutions, not every one can get rid of jinns or black magic with in a day or two, so plz be realisticm brace urself to deal and right with them atleast for a year (i recommend do until u feel its there or until u hear funny sound in ur house ,or on roof, or even when u feel burning sensation on ur feet, any kind of unknown vibrarion in ur body or u see bad dreams..any symtom mentioned by this alim )
here are the remedies i benefitted from.alahamdulillah

1) download surah baqarah and play on ur windows media player (u can increase the speed here, real player doesnt give u )this facility
..ok while u play the surah, u run ur eyes with full concentration on the surah baqarah(i mean read with ur eyes),anyone who can read without the help of computer plz do that. i am giving this tip becz i know many people will get intimidated to read this surah daily...make sure u never miss even once through out ur treatment. depending on ur severity u will have to continue, my advice dont take any chance atleast for a yr daily. then recite in parts and finish every third day...this is the main treatment for any jinn or magic. (i was chated manytimes by the jinn, i thought i got well ( i missed my periods for almost 8 months, by 40th day my periods had started so i had stopped the recitation, this happends twice with me,and then htey appeared after 4- 5 months, then i learnt my lesson, the third time the same thing happened but i didnt stop this time)
2) on media player add azan 71 times and then play with high speed(just make sure u can understand it,(i think 2.0 is max u can play , beyond that u cant understand it), then plug earphones to ur pc(laptop is ver convenient), then place both the earphones on ur tummmy( u stick with a tape too), very soon u will feel the vibration or bubbling or burning sensation in ur left foot or arm or crown or ur head or lower ab), or u will hear noise around u, know that insha allah u are getting cured. do the same with surah baqarah also daily.
3)u have to avoid sins as much as possible, women plz observe hijab..they have some sort of power with open hair in the open sky.
4)b4 going to bed, blow on ur self the duas mentioned here, and also blow these duas on olive oil, b4 u go to bed apply the oil all over ur body, including ur nose, ears and eyelids and ...specially private parts.every time u say any surah or dua make sure u blow on this oil and on some water and make sure u never eat any food or water which was left uncoevered. if u have doubts ,say drood once and surah falaq 3 times and drood once more and blow and eat. the same with the oils and creams.
5) i benefitted with the jalali dua over here, so i recommend people to either listen or make the jinn listen ie , placing earphones on ur tummy.
insha Allah, if u do all these u will be cure.
P.s= they try to make our mind negative, ie by making us angry , argue unnecessarily or watch haram things(which includes any tv programme which will divert our attetnion from Allah), so plz be concious about it, if u give in to it, u give them the power to enter ur bpdy again, i have goen through it, so warning u all.

my duas to all of u, plz prey for me too
assalam alikum

Anonymous said...

one more thing, when ever u go to bed, play surah baqarah, surah jinn and yasin loudly enuff that u can hear, and then go to bed, this will prevent them from attacking u in sleep(they some how do most of thier dirty mischeif while we are asleep), sometimes, u might get surprise visit even when quran is on, so dont get discouraged, ignore it and continue what u are doing.

and the water i asked to blow dua and surahs into( above), is for drinking, drink as much as possible,

remember, when we are determined mentally they cant do anything, they try to discourage our mental strengh, and change our thoughts and feelings (such as anger, jealousy etc)
cling to Allah

farha said...

Hello friend.
I feel like black magic was done on to me.
Can u please help me. I'm terrified.

Sumaya said...

i currently feels very weak tired and lazy with extreme pains in the bones in her legs,and also has pains in her chest. and recurring vaginal problems and discharge and irregular or heavy periods. otherwise i am a very bright child but since starting college i have lost all interest in study. The odd nightmare or pressure now and again.

azmila said...


I 'm having black magic. Can you tell me any surah for to read.
My problems are:

Not getting period (menses)
Bathroom for motion
pain body
eyes are in red
face getting dark
pain in stomach
fat , etc...

Can you help me to get good.

thank you

saima said...

Pls help me do you have any treatment for black magic. Pls send me your phone

ali said...

Salam im very worryed since iv found out my inlaws are doing jadu on my family what can i read to get rid of them not to do anything.i wang to knw how to get rid of snakes done fron wijiboard plz

Anonymous said...

Asalam o alaicum
It seems half of the world is suffering from black magic and half is doing it.i have the problem of very much difficult marital life ,very suspicious n stone hearted husband depression,anxiety which caused severe hair loss in the form of alopecia, in spite of masters in science job ,finacial difficulties.i read about jalali mokalat recitation .is it permitted to listen to it . Is there any way i can contact u ....ur email address ..Best Regards

Anonymous said...


I'm getting problems in my marriage life , its been less than 1 yr ive got married. i wan t to know if im affected by any black magic please

Mohammed hussain Shaikh said...

As salam alaikum Moelim, /sir, please help me and my family, we are suffering from black magic ,my wife is suffering since 5 years and I am suffering in health and jobless problem, always I get some job but within some months I will be jobless, and should keep trying for job, I am a hared working person qualified , in engineering profession, but still I am jobless, since 10 years I am working in gulf , but no gains and profit, I am suffering a lot, how to survive with my family, my childrens are growing up ,and studying and I am facing very lot of problems , please do help me regarding this matter, i fell this is the matter creating by my relatives and friends. last few months I was selected for gulf completed all my processings also visa stamped on my passport and at the time of departure they kept me in pending and I am still pending , help me

My name is Mohammed Hussain Shaikh

Ghousia said...

Assalam Walaikum Hazrath,
I request you for any dua or wazifa to get rid of my back pain, i have suffered with slip disc and have been operataed, but still suffer from pain. I am not married yet and worry a lot. Please help me with dua or wazifa for better health and get rid of pains from my back.
I need your urgent help in the name of Allah and our beloved Prophet Mohammed Sallal laahu Alaihiwasallam.

Anonymous said...

hey dear sir how cani contact u ,,, plz i ned help.

Aida said...

I hope you we'll help me.The help comes from Allah, but the evil comes from the people.Ihave a problem, can you tell me any surah to read to get over my problem.I am a married,happy marriage, but now almost a year and half I have some problems.I belive in God, also I dont belive that anyone have heart to damage the other one or to see the other one suffering.BUt Now I belive that that kind of people exist.I dont now how anyone can make a problem if there is no problem.Thats how my husband treat me.I am so reall person and I dont love lies.Every word i say to him I feel like I say the word with knifes.He get nervous in second. and every time we have problems he's eyes become red.Im so scared i dont want to breakup the marriage but this situation is so unplasent.please help me to deal with that

Anonymous said...

Due e manzil read every day listen to it on listen to Azaan read namaz read Quran try it 40 days you will see a difference Give zakath

Anonymous said...

I am in deep need for help. Our neighbours are destroying our life by humiliating us, spreading false rumours and makiing a fun piece of us. They are creating situations to make us die out of frustration in life. I want to destroy them and make their life miserable since they have been playing with our life for more than 15 years now. they have also cast black magic on us. Babaji, I humbly plead you for help. Kindly reply me on

Lars Shalom said...

Alhamduu Lillah! somethign close to me here...

Anonymous said...

recite azan 7 times and recite last 4 surahs of surah mominoon 7 times and blow in the right ear first and repeat this again for the left ear.this is a miraculous wazeefa for the most severe black magic,jinn and also for incurable diseases.
this should be done 5 times a day preferably after every namaz or if the problem is severe it can be done after every hour.
this is such an amazing amal which cures not only blackmagic but other incurable diseases it regularly and inshA Allah by the Grace of Allah u will be cured.
note: azan should be read like a surah is read.
dont get discouraged by bad dreams etc as satan discourages u from doing any amal which will cure you.
to make this wazeefa more effective abstain from sins,pray regularly,make lots of dua to Allah and give sadqah and zakat.
remember me in your prayers.jazakAllah

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum brother,

May Allah shower you with his blessings and mercy..I have a question regarding Sihr.. black magic.

In particular..the recitation of jalali mokelat ...

My question is brother...does this recitation invoke ALLAH or to his angels?
I am concerned about blindly following so I ask for you're clarification on this matter, because I am fearful of falling into SHIRK..
I am all for dua to allah...but I am hesitant to recite the jalali mokelat untill I can get a clearer understanding,
forgive my lack of knowledge in the arabic tounge..

I am a young muslim man 31 years of age.. and I've been battling several jinn for years.. about 12 years now.

Alhumdullilah.. I've overcome the jinn in every circumstances but it is an ongoing struggle...I am seeking you're advice

If you could so simply take a small moment of you're time to give me a simple answer,

Thank You Brother

Anonymous said...

Every time i feel to have sex and going to have self masturbation,because i am un-married,i will go namaz regularly,expect fazar namaz,is this a black magic? please tell me some solution.

Anonymous said...

Assllam Alleakum

I Saqib Azmi bin Naseem Bano, I very confuse and suffer a typical sick ness last 7 years.
I feel some time irritation, angry and feel hot air flow in my ears.
Some time I feel fear ness some body.
Some time I feel a weight in my head on the time of night
Some time I can not sleep due to fear ness of somebody and due to some worried of life problems.
This is continue last 7 year after my marriage. I married since 8 year ago and no have any baby, the treatment of my wife continue last 7 years and she was ok after laparoscopy etc but I was suffer some ill ness and my transferred from my city. When I will come then again my wife suffered for tubel blockage.

Financial Progress, Social progress fully bounded last 4 years. I get good salried job, but last 4 year I lost the job and present job is very low of my last job.

I can not get any suitable job.

I faces very struggle of daily routine works of life.

Suddenly, my brothers and relatives goes to against me. Some relatives wants to hold me.

My behaiviours become very roudly day by day.

I am very very much trouble. PLEASE HELP ME . PLEASE HELP ME.

My wife name is Gazala Begum bin Sitara Begum

Klo Zep said...

i can't download this

Anonymous said...

Dear Amal

Salam walaikum, I am shafeeq here, I would like to thank you very much for giving the MP3 jalaali amal,
I am playing it daily for 2 hours in our house and inshallah we are getting good results,
all our problems are getting solved slowly,
My father fell down thrice in bathroom and he could not even move, after playing the MP3 jalaali, he is feeling better daily now.

wasim said...

Assalamu alaikum,
my name is wasim rahman ismaily. i am contacting you from Ottawa, canada. i am 33yrs old.
my problem is that for the past year i am feeling like some thing is hitting and pinching my body. it happens on specific places on body. i have gone for brain scan and blood tests, everything seems normal. i know it is another power, like gin which is attached to my body. they are using the gin to harm and abuse me. for example when i drive i feel like hitting foot, when i pray nimaaz body being hit. please help me. There is a round spot on my spinal cord wich burns when i pray and when i am at the mosque. my tele 613-226-7721 or add: 5 old country gate k2e-7n5.

when i was young a gin was put into my body, and they were using the gin to do majics on many peoples.
i need to take off the gin, there is nobody to help here. so far the help is tavees and certain prayers wich i did before suffering from the issues.
i hope you can help or give me contact of someone who can help,

Unknown said...

Asalam o alaikum
My name is adnan and i am seeking help for my brother,his name is muhammad abid bro use to be really loving and careing person..he use to love all siblings n respect parents..after getting married straight away(from wedding day) he started having pain in his neck muscles.i took him to doctors n docter said theres nothing wrong with him..with the passage of time his behaviour kept changing and now he doesnt care about our parents or any bro or sis..he doent answer our phone and doesnt even open door when my parents go to see him.he cares about no one except his mrs.he left his job because his mrs wanted him to help her dad..ive spoken to molana saab and they said some body has done taweez on him and gave me some taweez n told me that my bro needs to drink all of them for 21 days(no chance as he doesnt wana see us or speak to us) i gave the taweez back to molana saab after a month..we r so stressed,i hear my mother cry every night while doing dua for there anything you can do for me??many thanks..
My email add is

Anonymous said...

Plz help life has so many problems due magic being email ID is .
If you can help us than alhamdulillah or tell me about another good person who can remove black magic.thankyou.

Unknown said...

plz help me i am suffering from black magic spells plz contact on my gmail

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