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Magic of separation is that magic which creates separation and hatered between any two people and then no hopes of their union is left behind. It creates such intense hatered in the hearts of two people for each other that other people just wonder how it is possible for the two loving people who had so much regard and love for each other to be such worse enemies and to hate each other to this extent.
It has the following signs.
1. mother and son, or father and son, or father and daughter, mother and daughter, they become each others enemies.
2. Creating hatered between Two brothers or sisters, or brothers and sisters
3. creating hatered between two friends who probably are partners in business, or between mother and father or close relatives.
4. creating separation between a husband and wife.
Allah has mentioned in the holy quraan about the people who create separation between a husband and wife. That there are people who have learnt such black art of separating wife and husband.

Even the Holy Prophet PBUH has said that the shaytan likes that worker of his, who creates separation between husband and wife.
Its symptoms are as follows.
The love is suddenly faded and gives way to hatered. And misunderstandings are created for no reason at all. One starts suspecting the other.
Even a small matter is made into a huge big issue. And making an ego problem out of it.
The wife does not like her husband and keeps away from him and they may even fight and abuse or curse.
This kind of magic is cast on the victims clothes. Or it may be cast on something else and dig deep into their way. Or it is dug deep into some non-believer’s grave.
Or food stuff that has magic cast on them is fed to the victim.
Following is the procedure for breaking this magic. It is only for muslims to follow.
recite the following sura and blow it on the victims separately.
1. sura-e-fatiha with bismilla 41 times
2. sura-e-baqara, first 5 ayat 7 times.
3. ayat-ul-kursi 1 time
4. sura-e-baqara ayat 284 to 285, 7 times
5. sura-e-araf ayat 54 to 56 , 7 times
6. sura-e-tauba ayat 69, 41 times
7. sura-e-rehman ayat 33 to 36, 21 times
8. sura-e-jin ayat 1 to 9, 11 times
9 sura-e-ikhlas, sura-e-falak, sura-e-nas , 11 times
10. darood 21 times before and after all this
and blow it on water and give it to them for drinking.
those who have been affected with this magic, ask them to keep reciting astaghfirullaha rabbi min qull-i-zamnbin and la haola wala quwata illa bila

Take water in some pot everyday and recite (surah falaq and surah nas) 11 times and ali 41 times and blow it on the water and wash your face in a clean place with that water so that the water is not wasted and thrown in a drain or bathroom. And also wet your chest and head with this water thoroughly and inshallah the magic will be broken within 40 days.
A simpke amel can break magic easily, because he gives zakat of the verses so that’s why he can easily break the spells. I can very easily break the spells in about 4 to 5 hours because I pay zakat of Rs 125000 for the verses and I have by the grace of Allah enough power to break the magical spells. But it also depends on the amel how much talent he has got.

Amel soname contact

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MAGG said...

Assalam o alaikum!

Masha'ALLAH a very helpful site. May ALLAH bless you with a lot of jaza for yr efforts in helping thos suffering from the curse spread among muslims now a days.
I just wanted to ask if the amals you'v indicated for different magic spells, can be done by anyone under effects of magic or need to get permission for it.
How one can be sure of the amal which is most suitable for him if not sure of the type of magic from which he's suffering. Is it possible to have offline correspondence with you in order to indicate the symptoms and get advice for correct amal to follow?

JazakALLAH for your kind response.

Abdul Tauhib said...

my main problem :





robina said...


Can u plz guide me how to do black magic??

As because of some problem, i wanted to do black magic on some one....

My problem is that i have been already engaged with a person whom i don't like but this is arranged by my family...tell me something that i will get rid of him...

Does this happen in black magic that someone dies...if possible plz do that...i wanted to get rid of him i love someone else..

Please tell me the solution to this problem..

I will be really thankful to you..

I need your urgent response plzzzz


dangerous gurl said...

hii how re u?
canu please tell me that how this black magic is done?
and is it broken
my situation is different there is a gurl he married my husband that family placed black magic on my husbands family
and thn that marriage took place my husband is not happy with this he wants a divorce from that gurl but his mother
i.e my mother n law father n law everybdy is against that divorce please help me out
forceful marriage is also not allowed in islam no body listens to me im just stuck up
my husband is fed up frm this he wants to live with me but his family doent allows him i know this is all because
we did a love marriage
please help give me something to reciet sum magical QURANIC ayat that everything goes right in my favor

moon said...


I was surfing on the internet i saw your post regarding blackmagic on the internet. I know a women if she doesn't like someone that person is in miserable condition. she doesn't like one women because she is pretty and well educated and that women got divorced she has two kids 9 and 11 year old and she did this to other women also and they got divorced.. if someone doesn't follow her than you have a car accidentor some thing bad happen to you. If she kowns that you are looking for a job or have exam you wil not be sucessfull i think she put some type of bandish that your work will not be done. she says that all her prayers are answered. i know three women who do that type of staff.they turn people against each other. my question is how we will safe ourself from these women. Can you help me. because of these women my family suffered a lot.


Latha said...

i have a major problem in life. Need your help if you can help me.
I got married 3.5 yrs ago and all the time my hubby is bothered only about his mom,dad,younger sisters and he never bothered for me. All the time he listen to them come and harase me and never took care of me. I also have a 2.5 yr kid now. But unwanted reason, their parents and sister asked him to leave us. He is left home since 10 days now. He is here in bangalore only but never try to call me up to ask how am I or our kid. Neither he picks my call. I tried calling his parents to come and compromise but they them self want us to get seperated.

The way he behaves towards his family members, I feel some black magic or some intake might have been given to him. so he don't have any concern for his wife and kid.

Can you please help me how i can get my husband back home. Because I can't live without him and also don't want my kid to suffer without father.

Hope you would defnitely help me in this.

Thanks in advance,

iskandar said...

Bismilah rahmani rahim !
Dear hazert Amel :

Past few day's I am decided divorced with My wife ,but she is still keep her black magic on me and to my mother's too .there are so man y things I can't understood some things but I am still dont wanne know much of these thing's I do pray 5 time's the magic still in to over again and again she is cheating many people's say this and that .she doesn't wanne divorce with me ,keep fear with her magic power and might be also her parent's power too ,last past day's they attacked me very badly .make me very tiered ,and now I wanne take good rest ,still keep distroub me when I fall in sleep with small flyer ways bit my ear's and she did use eye's magic on my eye's I am hardly protecting by my self coz Allah blessing me I am too tiered of these kind of stuff .she calling my brother's cheated them always do this and that ,I never hurted her in fact .she is a master of cheating .one of my freind behind of me he is following in her rule's assitant her ,I did n't know why he helped her so much for what .?please give me more direction if allah allah allow's please help me of the way.I pray allah to punsh them !
God bless you

syed hassan said...


I really do hope you can help me.
I am an engineer but despite having graduated an year ago i havnt been able to find a job.I am under severe stress and im extremely worried.
Someone has told me that it is because of magic..because i know that some people in my family are involved in these kind of stuff. How can i be sure that it is because of magic?? and how can i get rid of it??

Please help me...

salma said...

salam just seen some of your post on the internet and was wondering if you could help me. the post about magic between the husband and wife.
please could you let me know asap. really could do with your help

Mariam said...

Salaam alleykum brother,
I read your posts
I think my previous partner, who is not a muslim , tries to separate me from my muslim fiance who is a good man in the path of Allah. I am revert and i am not expert at reading Quran, but I have faith in Allah that he will free me from all this sihr. I would like you to give me advice on what to do to break it.
salaam alleykum wa barakatuhu

Noura said...

Dear friend

I was searching about Peers to break the black magic and i got your email address . I would like to get the contact address for any successful professional peer who could help me to solve my problem. I have married twice and both marriages breaked down within a couple of months, I have no stable life in both work and education. Every time I am starting work or study I have to stop I cannot complete the streams which I start.

Even the proposals which I receive for marriages, once everything is agreed and about to proceed with the engagement, it stop for no reason. So no engagement successfully made.

Pls, I need the contact addresses for any successful professional peer who could help me to solve my problem and find the stability in my life.

Awaiting for your reply.

sumaira said...

Aslaam alaikum, my name is sumaira, i am suffering frm black magic please help me all the symptoms are present. Me and my husband are seperated we had been trying for a baby bt no luck we tried 4 a year bt nothing. Plz tel me wat to read or wat to do, thanx

Danielle D. Garcia said...

My name is Danielle and I am 21 years old. I have recently discoved that some has worked some kind of black magic on me and it has been going on for three years. After finding out this information, I finally realized why my life has been spiraling down! The worked performed was for me to never bear children, to never marry and basically loose my mind and think that I am crazy so that I would take my own life!!! I need some sort of help to remove this spell. The doll that was used contains a hair from my head and was burried in the gound in a cementary! I believe that God has kept me safe these past few years because it has gotten bad to the point where I really though I wanted to end my own life and I never really knew y those thoughts entered my head, but now i know y and it helps to know the Truth. So I was just curious to know what ur religion is and what you know about destroying this type of black magic. Please get back to me about this and I thank you for ur time!

neha said...

hi my name is neha I'm married n have a baby boy my husband kicked me out a year ago and I know he hares me cause someone did something in us! I've Bern to a baba jk he told me! Ihavr all the symptoms you wrote! I'm so upset! I'm Hindu so I don't understand what u wrote for the cut! Please help me get my husband back he used to live ms so much I will any duas or do whatever the cut may be take me as a younger sister and help me please I'm so upset with my life! My husband is wealthy so I know there are many people to ruin him! Thank u

amandeep singh said...

hello sir, my name is amandeep singh.i live in chandigarh. i have some problem.any boby use black magic on my girlfriend . she hatesme now. last 2 years . i love here. she is my life. i cannot live without here . plz help me. mein kya karoo plz help me. she is muslim. but i belong to sikh family.reply me plz....

abu Musab said...

Hello sir, i am having some problem with me and and my wife. She is not interested in me any more and many things happen to her like her face has become darker day by day and she has night mares of black dogs and snakes.

Can you help me please?

abdul sattar said...


My name is Abdul Sattar and I believe in allaha very much, Our family is facing problems from last 8 years, I have one sister after she got married my brother- in law married one more girl without informing to anybody of us. He cheated us now my Sister & her Son are with us, My brother – In Law families is having full of knowledge of Black Magic, They have put Balack Magic on us, One Time Non- Muslim has come to our home and full night he was reading something and he taked out that hidden talisman on front of us, after taking out we were very very happy for some months unfortunately Now again we are facing the same problems, now,

Brother I had seen your methods to take out hidden talisman by reciting 11 times darrod sheriff & 41 times sure –e-nas seeking help with allah,

But unfortunately I was not able to find hidden talisman.,

Please help me in this matter, Please tell any safe method to get rid of this problem

Allaha Hafiz

twohorn said...

Hi There,
Can you tell if somebody did an amel for me. I am about to divorce.

maryam said...

May allah bless you and protect you, I read your commonts about black magic . It was realy beneficial and informative. Sister I have same problem and I thing 95% that my husband is black magiced by his other wife. I am his second wife.You seem to me that you have more knowledge how to cure black magic than me. I want to ask you a question and that is . my husband lives another country,and as I said I think he is not normal, How can I help him?.is there some quranic verses I can read for him while I am here? so that he can be normal agin insha allaah? jazakal Allah for your help. may Allah reward you for your effort.

farah said...


I saw your information on the net and I need desperate help to break my husband's stong sifli which was done by his mother. We are now seperated due to this and I am now in Pakistan with my mother whereas my husband resides in Canada with his mother. I don't know what to do as he is in a different country. Can you please help me as I am quite desperate and feeling hopeless right now. I went to a lot of religious people who said they could break the black magic but after some time they all said that whenever the black magic is broken it comes right back as his mother is constantly doing it on him.

Can you please help me as both of our lives will be destroyed due to this if he isn't cured and his mother isn't stopped from harming him.

Please reply....Thank you for your time,

jain said...

Dear Amel Sir,
I read your mail at yahoo groups. I am in a very critical situation since 2 yrs, I got married. My husband , mother in law, father in law and sister in law all were of very shrewd nature...slowly the relationship got bitter and husband would come at 2 in night in my bedroom...everyday...he would be with his mother most of the time....this year Jan i left my home and came back to my parents since than my husband never called me or came to take this year Aug we went to collect my valuables of which some are still not returned and they got us forcefully signed the note saying that we received all......after that my father did a diary with local which there is no it is more than 10 months i am with my parents...all our relatives are enjoying this and one is there to help health is totally bad...i feel very sleep...till late nights and sleep till late mornings....i am living a dead man life...if i leave him wht will be my later life.....i cant live now like this...pls help!

sandhu said...

Hi mr amel how are you hope you are doing good. i was reading about you on the internet . you are giving a help to a lots people. I am also a victim of black magic i am seprated through black magic from my husband.some one seprate us through a black magic. I am praying day and night that i want to be with my husband . one more thing i am sikh girl. is there anything you can help me in my problem thanks a

Asiah said...


I need your advise. I have a friend in a process of divorce with his non Muslim wife. She decided to leave him with their two children Noora 18yrs and Salah 15yrs old. This happened on the last day of the past Ramadhan.
Amad is a devoted practicing Muslim but he is having difficulty dealing with his kids esp. Noora.
Because of a long drag 18yrs of marriage with no love between them they had live their lives in a very healthy enviroment full of anger and hatred and gotten worst when she left Islam.
Noora and her mother had always argue, she is a very angry person, yelling and cushing is her thing. Now after her mother is gone, she is playing the plot against him. Amad feels his dtr is trying to destroy him. The Sheikh told him the girl has jin in her.
What can he do to help his dtr. Your advise very much apprec

saqib said...

Dear Sir:

I am combating Black magic and that was put on me and my wife (Sahir Tafreeq) for the last 2 years. We are living separate since after I found out about curse. Anyway: I read Quran for my wife, but don’t know why she gets angry at my sight. Perhaps jinn or her Qareen or my Qareen creates repulsion between us. Sometimes she says nasty things about Islam in my face. Difference is months ago I used to get angry when she did blasphemy but now I don’t anymore. I just smiles when she says she doesn’t believe in Islam anymore, some thing in my heart says that is not what she saying. I don’t know why my hearts says she will become Muslim with true heart, that why I don’t give up reading QURAN for her. Strange thing is, when I go near her house or even bless her car, she finds it out that I did that. And if she is going wrong Direction, I can feel, like she goes to meet some one another. She hides it. But I can feel it. I have told her that its jinn making you to find another and creates repulsion between us. Sometimes she believes sometimes she disbelieve. I just said, she trying to deceive herself doing all this. My Parents and other people advised me to let her ruin her life. But I have two beautiful daughters with her. What influence they will get. I know, it’s in Allah's hands to show her true path, than I say why He gives me courage to pray for her. It’s almost two years we are separate and nothing good come out of my efforts yet. Please guide me what should I do in this regard. Please answer me in details and also guide me what best for me to do in this situation.

Monirul Sharif said...

Dear Amel Soname,

Assalamu Alaikum. I have been reading your blog about breaking black magic for quite some time. Brother, in the last few months, my wife and my relationship suddenly turned in an awkward direction. We have been for 5 years and the last 4.5 years have been magic with the grace of Allah. We have been so caring and loving to each other and together have been struggling to become educated and well established (again by the grace of Allah), that people around us would sometimes envy us.

A few months back all on a sudden I had started feeling repulsion from my wife and suddenly all kinds of negative thoughts started to come that even introduced suspicion. I would sometimes overreact with many things and then would feel bad and say sorry. I felt that it wasn't myself because she was above all always stunned by my broadmindedness and trust. I used to tell her that it might not be me, it might be due to my stress. But it started getting worse and worse. She started feeling repulsion too and we even would get angry and talk about divorce. I was always trying to keep things in connection. Things would go up and down as we tried to work it out. Few symptoms included

* My face started showing acne (which I didn't have for a long time)
* I started having chest pain,
* I started feeling afraid and insecure when I was alone.
* My wife would always say prayers regularly and recite the Quran. At times I would not want to hear the Quran recitation.
* A few times my wife woke up and did not recognize me in bed.
* Negative thoughts would suddenly come that I had to fight to get off my head.

Then my wife started having symptoms of not wanting to be with me. She started not liking my touch and her respect for me was going down and down.

During summer we were in two states and we used to travel almost every week. During that time we still would love each other because we were helping each other out. However, she wouldn't want to talk with me from time to time suddenly. And things got worse near August. When I'm in Atlanta and she is in California.

I am now praying regularly because I used to feel a dark presence beside me. When I used to go to the Mosque I would feel good. I see dreams in which I am performing Salah. Which I believe is telling me to say my prayers. When I sleep with the protective Surahs I feel good. One morning last week I woke up seeing a dream in which I dark figure was standing on the left side of my bed. It seemed it was waiting but couldn't come close. I tried to wake up but it was not letting me. When I did after struggling the figure was gone. I also heard whispers sometimes when I wake up.

I am fighting to fight of the magic. Recently my wife has become a changed person and she has moved away from Salah and even reciting. She talks about materialism all the time and seems to be a complete opposite of a religious person she was.

I have given Sadaqa and seeing some improvement with a lot of patience. In my family I have only told me mother-in-law and my elder sister about this. My sister called me today saying she went to a hujur who used a string to identify if we have black magic cast and he said we are both cast with separation spell whereas I am affected more. He has given my sister three tabiz that is supposed to be burned in fire. Which my sister is doing tonight. He also is doing khatam of a Surah with 40 orphans (I don't remember the name of the Surah).

Can you please let me know what I should do?

fatima said...

I was on your website and was reading about some black magic spells they place on people, I think I am a victim of that seperation spell. Did
you say that you can break that spell? Please let me know I need help.,

Naeema said...


My name is Naeema i am 27 years old. I got your address I am contacting you regarding this topic.
I have been thinking to do black magic on my fiancee but I am not sure if its permitted in Islam. I don't want to harm him in any ways I just want him to come back to me.

We have been together for 2 years. He is my business partner as well. He purposed to me on July and last month after few arguments he broke up with me. I was doing preparation for my marriage. I got my house and furniture and even bought wedding rings. but he just left. My heart is shattered and I am at the rock bottom. I need to know if Black magic is ok to do to get him back?

Any advise please help

adnan said...

i am adnan ,my mother name is ,hanifa bibi.
my wife name ,haleema fatima ,her christain name ,helen napolitano rodilla..mother name clarita bizone
we wer maried 13 april2009,we wer very loving to each other so much,she was very caring and loving with me my family,in oc tober i went a hafiz he give me some papers to drink he told me some body making magic upon u,i did not think about my wifemshe have that days stomack problem and throught problems,i did not care about her that mater,
,we wer fight to each other 22 oct that problems was slov by my family ,we wer happy gain,30 october we just use harsh talking to ach other bcz she hav a mistake ,then we went her contry lady home ,and she solve our problem,then my wife sorry me,
after that we go in my wife embasy ,a lady from emabssy told her somthing ,and that lady say me ur wife dntwant to go with u,
my wife say she willl come after three days,but she conatact me three days and she was crying plz i lov i cant live without u,like thiss,,,,,,
if i cal in embasy thay say giv her time to think,,thay get her mobile ,from 8 november i m caling embassy thay saying thet she dnt want to see me any more ,also i ha no contact with my wife ,but my some resorces my wife in embassy and she dnt want to contact me,
befr our fight ,a lady she was chris ,she was forcing my wife many time to go cherch she was saying to her i am muslim ,my wife always rifuse ,then one i talk to that lady ,that dnt come our house again and dnt force my wife to go with u in checrh,
that lady not come our home ,but she was say me that time iwill see how u will live to gather,
i went many amil,some saying that she is under balck magic,
my wife cant spent a moment without me ,its going to a month she hav stoon hert and she not contact me,also se not contacting my family ,memebrs,plz can u tell me why its hapning and wht is truth,amils wat 10 thusand 50 thousand ,but i am not in possition to pay a single cent,plz help me ,my father due to this tention ,on bed from many weaks,we request embassy but thy say she dnt want to contact ur any family memebrs,wht i do,whre i go,i amke many wazifa of sura yasen ,manzill,but no any risponce from that peopls ,evn thay make police report upon me ,thay make my wife against me,if i am asking her frieds thay angry with me ,dnt calll us again,if in embassy thay say dnt call us ,this is ur family mater ,ur wife dnt want u any more ,

Furqan Raja said...

Dear Sir,
I read your guide on removing magic and I need your help. In the past few years, odd things have begun happening, there have been many fights in my house, My eldest brother screams at night and has fits, and my other brother is becoming an alcoholic drug addict. Im afraid if somebody has put a taweez on our family, is it possible for you to find this out?

Shoma Priya said...

i should ask you for advice .

Iam a converted muslim ,have been married for 7 years now ,and have one child .
My problem is that my husband has been asking for divorce and we have not have been living a husband and wife relation for about 11/2 years now .

In past we had been having lots of arguments and thats the reason my husband gives for divorce .
I dont want my marriage to break but my husband dont want to reconcille at any cost .
I feel his family has pressured him alot or maybe something is done to break my marriage .He does not want to even discuss this and says divorce is what he wants ,he has given me so many dates for divorce before but when time comes he keeps silent .I see that he is so confused all the time .Follows what his mother says whether it is right or wrong .I dont know what to do at times .

Can you please give me any waziffa or solution to my problem .
I hope my information will remain confidential .

Thank you
Allah Hafiz .

maria said...

Dear Amel Sir,

I have read many of the articles posted by you and I agree with the information provided by you. I have few questions in mind and was thinking may be you can answer them.....

My questions are about divorce between husband and wife through kala jadoo......Please reply me here.

1. is it possible to do divorce between couples through black magic?
2. How long the black magic process takes to cause divorce?
3. Does black magic can cause divorce if the magician and the couples are living in different countries e.g Pakistan and USA?
4. And lastly, can such black magic be done by giving only person's name and mother's name and not anything else?

Please sir reply me urgently as my marriage is in great trouble. I am anxiously waiting for your reply.

God Bless You.

friend said...


I need your help. I didnt come to know this before but today i am really scared. i love my fiance and almost getting married soon but one guy is after my fiance from since 5 years . he didnt hurt her but he sometimes follow her ..thats it ......she told me this already but i thought this is not a big problem ..she scared too much now a days that what happen if he done somethig to me or her but she says that he didnt even try to talk to her ,,he just come and go few times just to see her..well main thing is she came to know before few years from her other friends that he is really mad on her and he went to all dargahs for mannat but she told her friends that she never gonna have any feeling for him .

i am getting married soon and told her to ignore this but she cant. sometimes on phone she sound so scared. she cant forget that ..on one side she says that that guy wont do anything which could harm her and on one way she is so scared that she loose me ..i tried my best but today again she feel so strange on phone and keep on saying that what happen if she dies and telling me that she is hurting me too much and dont want to hurt more so better not getting married and all that.

i dont know whats going on ? is she tensed or this is black magic or bandish ? if i love someone from bottom of my heart then i wont hurt that person at all and i guess same as that guy but she always think that he went to all dargah for her and thats breaks my relationship with her...

please please help me in this there any dua which can help her to cool down and make her strong as before........

she waited for me for so long to get married and now its time to get happy and she is not ....i love her and i dont want her to get hurt more .....i read today in most of websites about you so please help me ....hope allah will do all ok ..

khuda hafiz.
tk care

Jayaram said...

Dear Sir,
My Name is Jayaram. I lost my lover 7months ago, due to the family problems. She afraid so much. I want my lover back. Can you please help me.

Thanking you

bayan said...

I read an article for you about breaking the spell.

Am married and my husband have relation how should I bring him bake to me, I want to know if there is away to know if someone have used black magic for him?

Asma Salma said...


I don't know whether you can help me or not,but I want to bring into ur attention and if possible inshallah you can provide the solution for this.I am visiting to my home country as a vacation and I am very worried about my married relationship.My mother in law wants to separete me from his sons and I don't know any reasons for that...I always has been very nice to her,but she thinks that I will be telling something to his son and she wants me to be like a silent ignorant girl, which I do as I never interrupt in between anything and I don't know why.One of their family member told in angry that she does the magic on both of us and that my husband should leave me and his son should listen to them what they say .Last time she visited me when I was pregnant and she gave something to eat and got some leafy(grreen and blackish)powder and some oil which she applied on his sons head and have not eaten anything from this which she brought.Now I heard h that she wshe went to some hindus place and got the stuff from them and it seems it is very effective for the separation and she 0s 100% sure t that it will work(something to mix in food and oil and something to apply on our used clothes.I always thanks Allah as he made me aware of all such thing but the problem is this is not known to my husband and I have kid and I don't know how to protect them from this evil things.SO please kindly suges me some tips and duas which can be performed.Also one question thI came to know that thisif any bad evil magic is performed and things are spread out in home then Is the namaz exceptable b'coz I heard she does the samein the house.Also this info is 100% correct as it is provided by tone of the family membe4r of which I does not want to include the name.

Please kindly forwarded me the duas which can e easily recitable in the heart.May Allah provide you best place in Jannah.Ameen

Jazakallah khai

ams said...

Asalam alaikum,

I came across your post on the internet and was wondering if you could give me some advice. I am currently 5 and a half months pregnant and me and y husband have been separated or about 3 months. He has no concern or me and my child and I simply do not know what has happened to him. We have only been married since October last year and the marriage just fell apart. are you able to tell me whether anyone conducted black magic on us and also if he is not contacting me or we live separately how am i supposed to get him back? Please can you contact me to let me know.

thank you

Yahya Tariq said...

Asaalaamaalikym, i really liked your website, and benefitted from it a lot i would like to know what convinced you to become an amil, and why did you offer all this infomation online, because once i asked an amil to teach me, so i can benefit and help others, but he said no, as this is not for everyone. I wanted your opinion that should i try to do the 40 day amal or not?

jazakallah khair

asma said...

can you plzzzz send me your contact number ...


ambreen said...

i was browsing online.. looking for a site with Quranic ayat's to cure black magic.. i came across your page.
is there anything be done to remove black magic..
im a victim of it..

Raja Mohammed said...

Salaams Amel Soname,

My name is Raja Mohammed and I have been reading your columns all over the net. I would like to meet you for an important talk, I am in Karachi, please reply with a time and place kindly and we will discuss my interest in meeting you. Better still send me your mobile number and we can set up a time to meet at your convenience.

Many thanks and salaams,
Raja Mohammed

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother

I have read your blog, and the experience you have in removing the evil and black magic
Please help me in resolving my problems that i have been having for many years now, despite my education and all, it s very hard for me to find a job, whenever i find a job, the employer likes me and all, but after a while like 6 or 7 months problems starts happening for no reason, and i end up losing my job. This has happened to me for like 8 jobs every time it s the same thing. it all started when i was engaged once to one man, some girls did some sihr to us, we got separated we never got married, and i lost my job and everything for almost 10 years now

Please help me on removing this sihr from my life, also to tell you the sihr is stronger from October to march than the other months of the years

Please help as i have become hopeless about my future

Your suffering sister

Wa assalam alaikoum

zubair said...

Slmz do you carry out ruqya yourself for people afflicted

sarah said...

Hi Amel

hope you are well, please can you help me, I have being out of work for 2 and a half years, lots of blockages, do you have any prayers/spells for me to get a job urgently

thank you

taha said...

Assalam O Alikum,

I got your email from your website, my concern is i think that some one has done some magic over my home. Currently we are only 3members in family, me my mom & sister.


In 2007 July I did nikha to a girl and even I didn’t liked her and was interested into another girl I did nikha (emotional black mails) which then came out with times, just after nikha I faced a huge loss in my business due to which I had to close my business down. I got a job but every time my papers go for promotion I get on hold.

My mom lost her job last year in March 2009 and till now she is unable to get the job, secondly now they are forcing me to get married to same girl to whom I had nikha, but this girl has told many bad thing to my mom due to which life is getting miserable day by day at my home. We use to be very happy family before but now there is a huge tension in home. I am getting sick even my mom.

Can you please check, because i knew that some thing was done over my father as well long back and he got paralyzed and in 2000 he expired

sofia said...

Hi Amel

I am writing to you as I was searching through looking for information on Magic. I have recently been told someone has done some kind of magic so that I dont become pregnant. I am really scared. I am always praying to Allah but dont know what to do. Your website does say we should read sura-e- waqia 11 times. Will all kinds of magic break this way?

Pls advise anything else i should do

Many thanks

osman said...


I would like to speak to you regarding some matters, where can I reach you and talk to you. I would greatly appreciate your help.

puja arora said...

Hello Sir,
I need your hewlp.Can you help me in getting married to a guy whom I luv.

Denden Gaborne said...

I have read your article in internet... I just want to ask something about this...

did black magic can cause death??

how did it done?


flora ionita said...

hi my mane is flora an i need help plse

Abul Ala mawdudi said...

Assalamualaikum. very interesting post. would you be able to help me?

Guriqbal Singh said...

I am Guriqbal Singh living in new delhi .I am Suffering from Black Magic( masan ).Can You Help me.

Fozia Yasin said...

Assalam alaikum,
I pray that inshaAllah you are well. I was reading your site and i was hoping you could give me information about what to do when there are problems between husband and wife due to nazar and jadu

fozia said...

the problem is between me n my husband. we have been maried 2years and after three days he stoped talking to me or accepting me as his wife. we have been told somebody done jadu on us.. but now i am at my parents house and he wont take me back
plz help me

nadia said...

Assalam Alaikum..
I hope you are well and in the best of health
Lately I have seen his behaviour change with indications such as he gets really annoyed with me very quickly, he avoids talking to me, he has started being negative about our marriage, getting short tempered etc etc
Is there any way you could help?

marjeena khan said...

salam...its the 3rd month of my marriage & i am back to my
parents home because of my in laws bad has been more than a
month my husband has not asked for in laws never wanted him to be
near me..on the other side my husband is invovled with other woman too.i am
so much tensed..none of them has asked whether i am alive or dead//plz let
me know whats going on their mind & whats wriiten in my destiny?give me any
wazifa which can make my husband's heart melt & he comes running to take husband name is ejaz ahmad & his mother is musarat..kindly help me
out or do istakhara for me.

Faris Dean said...

slam I download you're some of your articles on how to remove black magic. I was told that a long time a go when I was a I child around the age of two that some one gave me some thing to drink and had tied my life line so that I wont be able to get married and have good job and I will all ways be sick which I'm I have kidney problems but the dr.'s still to this day don’t know the exactly what is the case I'm a Muslim and I can't do any thing out of my line like shik I know how to pray my five prayer with the 5-7 suras that I only know I would like to know how to remove what some one has done to me can you help ?

ayesha said...

It is 4 years that my mom hates my dad. She does not want to see my dad. Before my dad used to be very restric with everything, but now he is ok. He wants to talk to my mom, but my mom she does not want. She wants my dad to devorce her. My mom many time tried to kill her self because my dad tried to talk to her. Before 4 years my mom was very patient and never tried to be like what she is now. My parents have been together more than 30 years but now i do not know why my mom is changed. She does not care for us.Please show me a way that i can help my parents to be together.

aisha zakaria said...

Assalamualikum ,
i feel very depressed all the time and my eman is getting weaker all the time and my husband has given me talaq and taken by 2 kids they are in dubai he does not never want to give my kids back so what shall i read that i get my kids back and the black magic is removed from me. the name of satan does not go from my tongue please help me

mohsin said...

i feel lonely imy famoly members hate me i am unsuccessfull in my studies though succcessfull 13 years earlier no sleep for the past six years darkening complexion for the past 5 years loss of interest in namaz even if offered regularly condition worsens further kindly help i am afflicted please help me brother

harsh said...

help me i want to back my love. her name is neha. we fight on 2005
but i still love her.
she leave me plz help me how i get her back?

sadia said...

As salam o laikum

I want your help
i read something written by u about Black Magic on a website
i m married and facing serious problems...
i met two people regarding my problem and they said that there is a Black Magic
my married life is completely destroyed
i m living with my parents for a year
i don't have any major clash with my husband but a time came when he was going to divorce me and there was not my fault.
his parents and brother want him to do this
i dont know what is going on in his mind. but i m affraid he will divorce me.
i m 23 years old and got married in 2008
i lived with him just almost two months

tell me if u can help me
i shall be very thankful

hassan said...

hi i am from new york city please i need help give em your number i like

tell you what i ahve problem i dont get sleep all night by black magic

jinn/evil please i need help

ahmed said...

Respected Amel Soname Sahib

my problem is a bit different.i m a married person and unluckily i have been involved in deeplove with a married woman.this love is totally one sided.she does not love me rather hates me and i cant live without life has been spoiled .please help me.i want to develop hatred against her to make my heart and mind peaceful.

taha said...

assalamualkum amel ramadan mubarik, i read your blog and for a while and i think i have a black magic spell on me im very young, in my teens and i think someone has put a spell on me for a long time. i dont like praying. i have problems studing and i always have a very bad time through the months of febuaray to may. i dont know whose doing it but i would like to know your thoughts on it. if have questions im willing to answer it thank you and salam

naveed said...



imran said...

salaam ,

my name is imran ahmed , . since 5 years i am getting scratches on my back of which blood flows . my eyes get heavy , shoulders heavy . i feel some one pullin my hair , result of which my hair started fallin and i am bald now . my business collapsed . two times my engagements broke . i went to doctors , then aalims . some say its evil spirit (aasayb) some say its black magic by which aasayb is put after me .
please help . i live in pakistan

habib said...

I came across your website & saw your interesting articles. I also read your replys on various forums. Keep up the good work-may Allah reward you in helping Muslims brothers and sisters. I feel someone may have done something on me as I make very bad decisions concerning men as I am only young. I have got into situations so bad that when I think back I feel they happened so fast & I had no control. Like something else took over. I only realised this later when I thought and contemplated properly. This is because masallah I pray&read all time & thank Allah I am blessed with everything but now rishta don't come either..I have never had my hisaab done either as I always blamed myself but now I feel I should find out as it happens once a year

A. ALAM said...

Asalaamu-alaikum, Akhi (brother)

i have been reading your blogspot & was amazed at what i read regarding the amals (magicians) that practice evil acts just so that they can be in control of jinns, & then go & play with peoples lives for evil personal reasons or for business.

brother i'd like to make it short & to the point i have a 17 month old daughter (only child), & we (myself, wife & family) have noticed from around the age of 8 months that she was not progressing like a normal child, so like normal i have got the health visitors & medical Dr's invovled, we have just managed to get all the relevant tests done & are just waiting for the senior Dr's Analysis on my daughters condition, i have met with the senior Dr once & from the results he had already had his conclusion was inconclusive so he orderded further tests to be undertaken (from reading his body language there was somthing that he was finding hard to find an explanation behind)

in the meanwhile my mother has taken my wife & child to a person (a good amal if their is such a thing) & he has explained to them that my daughter has a jinn inside her. he has offered some ailments in the form of water which has been blessed or prayed on & a written supplication which was for me & has to stay on me at all times ( i dnt know how but i managed to lose it twice)

now brother im from the UK & was born & bred here & find this kind of conclusion very difficult to accept because we live here where there are Dr's & emergency services at hand 24/7, we believe if there is any HEALTH or MEDICAL problems we just stroll into the GP's surgery for advice & medication

my curiosity has led me in asking many friends & relatives regarding people (good amals) & 90% of my feedback was suggesting that these people (good amal) are there just to prey on the public's misfortune & to make a very lucrative living from it,
is this feedback of mine correct?
the amal my mum went to asked for £200 approx ( that is to protect my whole family) the amount may sound like nothing because the value on any persons safety in priceless but at the same time how do i know if this person is genuine or not, im not saying he is a fake but if his job doesnt succeed, should i ask for my money back?

i am finding this whole concept very difficult to grasp, should we still carry on going to this amal? or shall i be waiting for the Dr's conclusion on what he reckons the condition may be?

Apoplogies if this is all confusing to you because it is for me


sakib said...


i need your help can you help me to remove black magic . i need help plz help me

fatima said...

Dear brother/sister,

I hope you are in the best of health. Today I came across your website cure balck magic through Quran. The one that I am a bit confused/ concered about is the magic of seperation. My dad has stopped talking to my mum and hates her so much, it is unbelievable. Although my mum believes it is black magic, my dad does not, and he does not believe in such things. So I have a problem with doing the following:

Those that have been affected ask them to read ASTAGFIRULLAH etc, and then take some water in a pot and recite, and wash face and chest etc.

^^^ this bit I cannot do, because like i said my dad does not believe in it, also there is no clean place nearby.

Is there anything else Ican do to get rid of this black magic so my parents can be happy.

Anonymous said...

assalaam alaikum wrb

i have a question. how do i make my wife drink the water if she is not living with me and wont even talk to me?

jazak Allah khair for your help.

was salaam

noreen said...

main ik majboor larkee hoon jis ka shohar us ko choor kar ik doosre larke kay pas chala gya hay.hamare shade ko 13 saal ho gay hain kabe koi problem nee hoee sab theek tha pata nee kaysay sab badal gya maray aadme ki mohabat nafrat main badal gye.main namaaz ki paband hoon aur quran bi parte hoon aap ka likha wazeefa karna chahtee hoon par us ko panee dam kar kay nee pila saktee.main bachoon kay saat akelee hoon mere madar karain allah aap ko jaza day ga.bohat umeed kay saat aap ko likh rahi hoon.kyoon kay 4 maheenay say wo ghar nee aaya bachoon ko bi bool gya hay halankay isi eelakay main us larkee kay saat rehta hay.main aap kay jawaab ka shidat say intzaar karoon g.2 saal say bohat say aalmoon say dookha kha chukee hoon.ab to bilkul hi naumeed hoon par aap ka likha hoaa amal daykh kar chocha shayed ye parhaee meray kaam aa jaee.

Anonymous said...

AOA. Here Some people are asking to learn magic. Let me tell them that doing black magic is a form of shirk and it leads to kufr. A person who does magic himself or tells other to do it for him are both kaafirs according to a hadith.

Waqar Ahmad said...

MY Name is Waqar Ahmad

Meri Shadi Ko 11 Years ho gye hein laikin aulad nahin hui,Perron alims kay pass gye sab kehtay hein bandish hui wi hai ilaj kartay hein laikin kuch nahi hua hum husband aur wife ki bhi banti nahi hum har waqat lartay rehtay hein Please
Meri Problem Solve Kar dein Me aap ka Umer Bhar Shukar guzar rahu ga Shukriya.

My Name is Waqar Ahmad
My Mother Name is Habib Akhtar

My Email Address is

Anonymous said...

My domestic partner of three yrs ex girlfriend or mother has put a seperation and break up spell on us. How can I reverse it back to them? And take it off of us?

padmini said...

sir i need ur help and advice happy married life is fully my husband has changed a lot.he is fully controlled by his husband is neglecting all his duties and is ready for a divorce.he was responsible,loving and caring but now is behaving opposite and is also careless and irresponsible with his only child who is just 1year old now.sir,what shall i do to get my husband back.i doubt his father had done something to change his mind and rule him always.
please help me sir,i am a hindu,what shall i do to break the black magic done to my husband?

Anonymous said...

Asslamu alaikum ... I believe that someone has done black magic on my family as we are all separated we cannot seem to comminicate between brothers and sisters we used to be close when we were younger... Everything we do we brings us sadness .. Can you help please .. ALI

Anonymous said...

Assalam aleikum,
I have read the following article regarding the separation of Husband and Wife and i am very interested in this because i have been separated from my ex-husband now for almost two years. And everything that i have read, as far as the arguing and making small situations into big ones, is mainly the reason for me being separated from my husband now. I know that he still loves me and wants to be with me and i feel the same way about him. Now, we have no contact with each other. I would really like to try and brake the spell that caused us two to separate. Do you have any Idea or any website where i might be able to learn how to do this, If so I would really appreciate all of your Help.

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Dear sir
I am having problem with my daughters marriage. She is married in 2007, they were very happy, then in 20o9 onwards she started disliking him and now she almost ahtes him and she does not wnt to live with him. She wants divorce. I had gone through the symptoms in the web site redarding wife and husband relation balck magic. I feel that my daughter is affected by that She is abroad and not in India. I want your help, how can this problem be solved. Kindly give me your advice at the earliest since I am in a very tensed situation.
Witk kind regards

Anonymous said...

Aslam I am Danish khan I live in USA and I got married about 6 month ago and me and my wife love each other but after few month she started to have some problem with my parents she left with her sister and I went to get her back and now she say that she love me and have feeling for me but she wants a divorce please help me I don't want to lose her . There a past history of black magic on my parents that was done by my grandmother and one of my aunt who live close to my apartment so please me please send all the important info can help me please email me on

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu alaikum all, Astaghfirullah I am really shock with some of the comments here for example somebody is asking how to do black magic on her husband.Did you know that if a person performs black magic or buys it will be punished by Allah.

sara said...

Assalamualaikum I m Female married this year Jan after a break up with my
ex . To tell honestly when I was doing MBA a boy shorter in height to me
became my friend I thought he won't flirt with me n will be normal but as
days went by he convinced me for marriage I said I give u chance before my
mom but by then he took me in confidence he used to have bad eye on me and always wanted a privacy so that he can have physical relation with me .. I
was scared of him and I told of this to my cousin whom I used to like from
childhood but never said him my feelings as we were cousin. But after I
admitted my cousin all matter I could get break up with my college friend
then later my cousin said y u fall in this trap many times I propose u but
u denied I said yes because we belongs to one family I don't want disputes
later we had some physical relation for which Allah forgive me . But at end
his greedy mother who was ready for my marriage with his son said no because her greediness was fulfilled n rejected me I got depressed .. Anxiety ill I could not recite any surah so my cousin took me to one amil he told him
that I m suffering from nazre bandi . And my cousin asked me a few
questions that did you eat anything from that college guy I said yes some
sweet n dargah sweets . He asked me did I feel for sex daily I said yes
daily I masturbate n sleep n watch prone blue clips too .. He also asked
did u see any dream I told yes I used to see naked women .. Some sex scene on dreams ... He told me that college fellow did this nazre bandi on you but thanks to Allah you had that with me not with that fellow .... Plz tell
me on this bec of this matter even my cousin emotionally abused me a lot

Anonymous said...

Hope for a reply at the earliest...
I need the list of methods for a total wipe out....
Even if these things are affected more than 100 years..... A total removal of black magic from each and everyone in the family.......

shams said...

Assalamualaikm dear brother I am married women I have one daughter and my husband working in Dubai I have completed 5years of my marriage,my husband was so good that he always care for me love me but from 2 years he is not so caring and loving he always quarrel with me of no reason,my husband stays with her elder sister's house,my husband want me that I stay with my in laws house forever and he will come once a year but I want to stay with my husband I can't live without him,my husband sister is responsible for my worries she is very jealousy woman that he can't see me and my husband together she saperate me from my husband she does not want her brother take me to Dubai she doesn't want to leave my husband to go from her house also,she is having everything a lovable husband two daughters a settled house in Dubai but she want my husband also to take care of her children her house hold works etc I know she has done someting which saperate me and my husband.whenever I told my husband that I needs u he told what can I do I have no house to take u there I have no money whatever he earned that is not enough for him but the root cause for all this is my husband sister.I want my husband back from the clutches of her jealous wicked sister,so brother
Firstly,i want my husband should leave her sisters house immediately
Secondly my husband take a house for rent and call me to dubai
Thirdly I want my husband find a right job there so brother I am in need plz help me I am praying five time namaz reading quran everything plz help I trust god completely and his messenger and I trust Quran that it will help me inshallah so tel me brother what should I read

want my husband should saperated from her sister immediately

shams said...

Plz help me brother my husband is working in Dubai he comes once in a year my husband lives with her elder sisters house in Dubai he want me to take there but her husband doesnt want me and my husband to live happily she saperate us so I want my husband to leave her house immediately and come back to me or he take a house for rent and take me there so plz tel what should I read

asma ali said...

My family has been suffering from this for so many years that I can't remember.
Siblings don't get along and parents always fighting and now separated.
This is just one thing , there are so many of the issues you mentioned .
Please advice on what I should do. How should I break this strong magic

Unknown said...

Assalamu aliakkum.

my engagement finished on last month..and my marriage by coming august..i don't want marry that lady...i want to break this one... but the problem is should have to break from that girls side.. is it possible to cancel from that lady side...because we are very poor..but lady family rich family... so if break they will kill me..that's why that family has to say this marriage not going to done,,we are cancelling..with any issues no this possible..???

The main problem is i dont want to marry that girl..Anyhow i want to break this one...because i dont like to marry that girl.. The main issue is they are rich family..i engaged to that girl only because of my father and mother pushing. after the engagement also i talk with my father and mother i dont want to marry that lady..please break this one... That time my father told me we cannot break from our side... if they are telling we can stop this marriage.. then we can accept that...what i want means i want to break this marriage from their side..
Sir any dua possible to do like this..???
Please help me if you are sure...
And if please possible ..

please mail if u know how to do jinn sihr or black magic to change the mind..
email id:

Unknown said...

I am in a very big.trouble. Plz can u help me.

Unknown said...

I am in a very big.trouble. Plz can u help me.

Anonymous said...

I am in desperate need of your help. My life is about to be shattered.
Pls pls pls help me.
Mail me at

khan said... wife loved me a lot but sudden she left me and now hate me alot.she is not with me so impossible to do all above having one of her cloth.can u please tell me if I can check and remove black magic with the help of her cloth or imagination (tasawwur)or photo?
Please guide me it's very urgent.
Assalamu alaikum.

Heather said...

Hello Amel, I have a question for you. We were attempting to use your
"Get Rid of Black Magic With the Help of Alwi Angels" recitation, but
it's not playing - we cannot hear anything when attempting to listen,
there is no sound. Is there any way we can get another copy of the
recitation? A bad magician has been plaguing our family for generations,
and we cannot get rid of the person.

Thanks for your help and blessings to you,


Anonymous said...

Whoever post this i really need your help please contact me for the sake of Allah please contact me i think i am suffering from the black magic or some kind of bandish i really need help

Reena said...

How I contact you.

Anonymous said...

Need a help regarding above mention can i contact ???

Anonymous said...

Hello how do i contact you I need help please

Anonymous said...

How to contact you. Please reply soon

Anonymous said...

Assalamu alaikum, I have been engaged with a man who lives in another country. He used to love me so much and couldn't go a day without hearin from me.All of a sudden, he wants nothing to do with me.I don't want to disgrace my parents. I believe black magic is working on him. Please help me.

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