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Many people are defrauding people claiming to be Amel Soname magician or Amel Soname Healer and giving out phone numbers, making websites using the words: Amel Soname, creating emails, and social media accounts using Amel Soname . Social media is being used to spoil my name.I am NOT associated with these people who are claiming to be amel soname in any way or with those people who are running spiritual offices and asthana in the name of amel soname.If you have any questions or concerns, Amel Soname does not talk over the phone at all. You can contact amel soname through email ONLY. your questions will be answered on a first come first served basis. No other email address is valid to communicate with me except for

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As salamu allaiqum
If someone has cast black magic on you and you want to find out where they have hidden that taveez/talisman and finding the name of that person, then it is possible with the help of the Quran. because sometimes when the magician is casting black magic on someone, he/she hides the taveez either in the graveyard or with the help of his mokel, in the home of that person or in the door step of that victim's home. I will tell you how to dig out the hidden magic talisman.
This is the procedure.
1. recite sura-e-kosar. the victim should recite it him/herself. he will know where the talisman is hidden. when you find the talisman, dig it out and dispose it off in some running water body.
2. The 2nd procedure is to recite darood 11 times before and after sura-e-nas 41 times, and blow it on yourself, and ask Allah to show you where that black magic talisman is hidden. You will see it in your dream. Then go dig it out and dispose it off in some running water body.

Amel soname contact

If you have any question contact me directly on my email. No other type of  help support or email support is valid to communicate with me. this is my email address

Remember me in your prayer 
amel soname 


mohammad Ali said...

As Salaam Eli Kum;
I am under the Black Magic since last 5 years;
In 2003 we rented our basement house to a family, Later we found out she is a Magician, and Her mother is a great Magician in (Karachi, Pakistan) We rented home for better tenant, in less rent than anyone because I am belong to Karachi too, My wife she very religious person very kind to everyone, when we observe, unknown activities, and some other issue such as they pay rent late, after one year when their lease expired we ask her to leave, they don’t want to leave our house, but I ask them to leave, just to let you know I had very good job before magic plus enough money in the bank, before they leave, one day she come in the morning when I was about to go to my work, she ask my wife to borrow $10, Later my wife she discover same $10 bill posted on our basement door vertically so no one can see, it’s also wrapped with blue colour of wool, same day I was not expected I lose my job, for unknown reason, in my 22 years of Driving record I never had Car accident, but when they leave after one week I had a car accident, accident was very dangerous I was almost lose my left eye but Thanks to God I was saved, in same year I had 3 Car accidents, that not since then every year I had car accident, as I mention earlier I have enough money in my bank account I use to give lots of charity, I put money in very saved business but I lost, later I open shop which was running very good before me, I lost too much money that not all guy who give loan to other without a interest now come in the situation borrow Money from bank on interest to survive, I sold my previous home 3 years ago but problem still exist, it’s now I am under heavy loan, I don’t know how I am going to pay that, We try everyone from India to Pakistan peoples does say we are under Black magic they took some money but until now we are not cure, only thing I assume know God help, I saw your note on internet, I wish to try my luck with you, I lost my confident but still have hope

Please tell me something to avoid this Magic as quick as possible

ahmed castillo said...


Pooja Upadhyaya said...

Dear Amel,

I read one article on Kala ilm , my husband is victim of this a girl has done this on him

I am not muslim can you tell me the solution

ABDUL H. KHAN said...

dear brother

hope and pray to allah subhanahu taala, you r doing well

can u daignose me if there is sehar (my health is not well for a long period)

what details do u require.

plz. help me


Ashish Singh said...


sarah jabeen said...

sorry i also have a quick question

1. recite sura-e-kosar. the victim should recite it him/herself. he will know where the talisman is hidden. when you find the talisman, dig it out and dispose it off in some running water body.
2. The 2nd procedure is to recite darood 11 times before and after sura-e-nas 41 times, and blow it on yourself, and ask Allah to show you where that black magic talisman is hidden. You will see it in your dream. Then go dig it out and dispose it off in some running water body.

are they ment to be done together, or seperately??

will remeber you in my prayers salaam

Seemie said...


Are you a maulana that I can ask a question from or can you reccomend one that has knowledge about magic. White magic, not black magic. I understand that its all not good, but now need to speak to someone about it.

Thank you,

classy said...

asslam o alkum

I saw your post on the internet and it seems that you know alot about black magic. i saw all the symptoms if balck magic was read on you. I think black magic was done on me. awhile back when i was married my husband did not want to do anything with me for years even though nothing is wrong wiht me and alot of men find me very attractive and like everything about me. he jsut said he cudnt do it for some reason. finally ended in divorce after many yrs. I really need some help. after that for many years. Everytime it seems like everything is fine and guy wants to marry me very badly but overnite or in last minute something hapens and wants to cutoff all mad and changes mind without a reason. This has been happening too many years. and just so u know there is nothing wrong with me i have good education, job, nice, and everyone says im very pretty. People around do read things i hear all the time, so maybe someone read some jadoo on me. is there anyway u can tell if someone read anything on me or can you read or do smething for me please! or if you can please tell me anything i can read to remove this from me. or refer me to someone that can find out who did this jadoo on me and what they can do to remove it. Please let me know waht I can do. Thank you very much!

allah hafiz

imran hussain said...

Salam alkum.

I read your website that you remove blackmagic ect.

If I give you my name can you tell me if I ahve any on me?

hana said...

please my mom have somebody that put spell on her all her close brother sons and father and a husband died on her iam so shore someone did something and i pray for my mum she has the sweetest most white spirit and soul she need help to get free from all tis hell she is going thru ,help me please to hep my mother ,tnx

raeez said...

Assalamoalaikum Mr Amel Soname,

I have read your blog about how to locate a sihir/black magic stuff. I have proceed as you have written and I found the items are hidden under a black rock in a forest in Madagascar . But I live in Mauritius so I cannot access the location to destroy it. Please show me what I can do to destroy in this case.

The black magician use Iguana and aquarium green turtles blood for his work.

Anonymous said...

Salam Everyone!!!!
I dont recognize Surah Al koesar? What chapter?

Anonymous said...

As-Salaamu Alaikum:

You had mentioned to recite Sura Kauser to find out who did black magic. Can you tell me exaclty the method? How many times, when to say it, etc.

Thank you for your help.


fatima said...

I read your post . You said that you know some ilm to cure
magic. Do you really know it? and do you help people with these
problems? if so then do you charge money for this?
I really need help from someone in this matter.

May Allah bless you.

Anonymous said...

asslam u alaikum
dear moulana
i am in trouble plz help me when i came home all of my family persons fight with me plz tell me what to do plz

takiza said...

asalaam alaykum

i have been to many peer and to be honest everyone i have met only took money but didn't resolve my problem i have been married for ten years i don't have children i have had ivf treatment 3 times and now i feel no peer is genuine they just want money . i don't mind paying only if i conceive i don't want to pay any money if i don't get pregnant . if you are a true peer and can help me then let me know.

allah khafiz

umer said...

assalam alekum bro..
i got married on 22-6-2011, from the day i got married im going in loss n ma business marriage was love marriage means without permission of my wife wife name is adeeb . kindly do respond me

shehzad said...

Can you please give me the reference of Qurani Ayet which i recite so as to break the black magic.
best regards

Nayeem said...

Assalamualaikum Amel Soname,
My name is Nayeem
Last few months i follow your web site for fill better in my life.
I am suffering in bad situation from last 3-4 year. Now i just Finished my Education in last NOV, 2009.
And i still not doing anything. I trying to do business also but i cant.
When i start to doing some work its not happend in the end. I dont know why.
when i apply for some job, my letter not came where others one came.

hasan said...

Asalom alikum brother

iam from india (hyderabad) my wife runs ladies beauty parlor business in hyderabad, INDIA
the shop we taken on rent we notice that there is some evils sprits inside that shop. our staff is falling ill and they
are leaving from job. again new staff comming same problem and even my wife also fell ill. I think there is some malamat
inside that shop. we cannot shif that shop because it is near to our house. rent is less. please advice how to kick evil sprits out of our shop. please give me some very very powful solution.

Anonymous said...

Dear sir, very Good evening to you this is vengatesh from india. i am a poor family person, i have land in center of the two side main road. there no way for my land. road side persons not giving the way to my father. because my father suffer day by day. they having a lot of loans also. still family have a lot of money and other problem also. what is the solution to getting way sir. still now only i finished my studies i need abroad job also. please give solution to me sir.

munira said...

Dear, amel soname

I think i have black magic after i checked your website. can i get help to remove in quran and where i can . i am living uk.


rohi said...

dear brother,
i`m a mother of a victim.her father died at 6 months old.i dont have any bro or sis,nor parents,relatives turn their back on us.shes my only child.shes very pretty but theres been a big blockage on her marriage as well as on her job.we are facing alot of tough time.shes having non stop mensus since 7 months.please let me know is someone has put black magic on her or not?

cagar said...

I'm wondering if you can check to see if there is a spell or curse on me. I've had a very rough few years and am increasingly unable to cope with life's challenges. I used to be a very strong and vibrant person. Now I am very weak physically, emotionally and spiritually. I have a child so it is imperative that I get better for her sake.

I am currently separated from my husband, who has become more and more distant from his family. I also uncovered a series of lies he's been telling me, a true shock since I believed him to be an honest man.

I have been cursed before so I am familiar with all of the effects. I do believe someone who knows me well probably did this.

siddique said...

As-Salaam Alaikum Brother,

I saw your website and found that you can help in diagnosing for black magic. I need to please have it diagnosed for my mother, who claims that she is possibly a victim of black magic. She is religious, prays 5 times a day and also recites the quran.

rahman said...


Mere Barkat(Financial) ruki huvi hai
i am having financial problem inspite of doing all the hard work

Please kindly do the istikhara or faal to know whether any kind of bandish or rukawat is there for my financial barakat from past 1 or 2 years

Please inform me what is the status or reason for my financial problem

shakel said...

I am in deep trouble. My business is not running it has stopped running since 2 years. I consulted many aamils regarding this matter and spent a lot but was in vain. Now I am starving for money have become pennyless. Bank has given notice for auction of the property. I am having a wife and a son. I am the only son of my parents who are no more in this world. Every one has turned up their face or to say I do not expect any kind of help from any one except ALLAH.

Anonymous said...


So, first we recite surah: Al-Kawthar, next Darood 11 times and finally Al-Nas 41 times. Is this the proper order?

Thanks for all your help and kindness and I will remember you in my prayers.

umeer said...

Salaam Amel

I have come across many of your blogs online and have thus concluded that you happen to be a highly knowledgeable man when it comes to matters of spirituality and everything involved therein. I have been suffering from a strange affliction for some time now and I am struggling to understand the nature or indeed the cause whilst at times being in a considerable degree of pain. I'm as certain as I can be that this isn't a medical issue, rather a spiritual matter. Therefore if you are able to spare some of your time and patience I would be happy to go into much more detail. I understand that you must get many hundreds of similar requests every day so I will be extremely grateful and especially pleased to hear back from you soon.

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,
yOUR KNOWLEGE ABOUT BLACK MAGIC IS TOO HIGH and amased to see your blogs.
Im doing partner ship salon bussiness from past one year ,how much ever hard work i do its not improving and my health is going weak too .im not able to understand sometimes myself .can y tell me am i under influence of black magic and how do i get rid of this and how to improve my bussiness.i would be thank full if can you guide me on this

kavita said...


I have gone through your kalajaadu website i too have a problem. Pls help me to come out of it, iam suffering a lot with this black magic which is affecting me very badly in my life.

Anonymous said...

Some people do not recognize which surah it is. let me write once so that they know...
"Aoozu billahi minash-shaitaannirrajeem,
Innaa aathaina kal kathar,
faswalli- lirabbika wanahar,
Innaa shaaniyaka huwal abthar."

May Almighty Allah subhaana taala help all brothers and sisters under pain, problems and struggles.

Dear Brothers and sisters, please pray as much as you can.

One more way of removing black magic by yourself is follow the procedure.

"after the jummah salaah,
read daroodh 7 times,
read surah-al-fatiha 7 times,
read daroodh 7 times,
read aayat-al-kursi 7 times,
read all four qul surahs 7 times each(
surah an nas, surah falaq, surah al-ikhlas and surah al kafiroon)"

Insha allah, all your problems will get solved.
Do it on every friday.

and also try reading daroodh every day for more than half an hour with all family members. and afte that ask for duwas with tears should flow in your eyes and heart should pain for your past deeds.

Insha Allah, He will bless his mercy upon you all... Remember me in your duwas. Please remember me and my family.

aamir said...

Assalam o Alaykum,

I read your website, I am very much inspired with you. Actually I am victim of jado and trying to remove this but could not successed. I want to contact with you, please give me you phone no. or any contact no.

Waiting for your reply

dr vijaykumar sadulwar said...

i'm also a victim of black magic done by my sister in law who is jealous of me, my son & my wife. in last 6 months, my sweet home was broken to awaited divorce orders of court but insha allah i'll reunite with my sweet wife & son. me & my wife reside distant with no communication. if only myself reads surahs, will black magic be nullified?

IMRAN said...

al salam wa rahma

1-how much time victim should br recite Surah Kausar. did any other person can recite mean Brother father like this..

Jazak Allah khair.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters!
i want to share my little knowledge with you about surah kauser..Surah kauser has a great effect to solve any type of financial have no job..your money spends easily and there is no berkat in your earnings or the things you consume in daily food,clothes,house holdings and u can enhance the life of any consumeable thing..for example you use 20 litter petrol in car for 3 days..after reciting surah kauser and blowing your breath toward gas tank of car ur cars milage will increase and ur car will take 4 or 5 days to consume that petrol or gas...u can recite surah kauser at ur pocket and u will see the berkat inshaAllah.i have special permission from my peer sb to give further i give the permission of amal e berkat of surah kauser to all of u those r reading it..u can choose how many times uant to reciete..
Amal num 1
darood e ibrahimi namaz wala 7 times
suah kauser 129 times with complete bismillah each time
darood e ibrahimi 7 times
Amal no 2
darood 3 times
surah kauser 313 times
darood 3 times
Amal no 3 the most powerful
darood 11 times
surah kauser 1100 times
darood 11 times.... the amal daily after nimaze fajer or ishaa..and look the miricles with naked eyes..plz remember me in ur prayers...Sohaib Hashmi

Max Life said...

Assalamvalaikum, saheb,
My name is HUSSAIN ,, iam in vry big problem , something i plan tto sucide , but thinking about my parents, i will,keep quit...
I want to discuss something personally with u...
Plz Reply me on my email..
Allaha bless you..
Allaha hafIZ,,

Anonymous said...

Where are all the reply's to these questions?

Anonymous said...

How can I see past event with the quran?

rani said...

hi please can you tel me if you have wrote about how i can increase more business, i have been ill for very long and am slowly gettign better with lots of prayers etc

i now want to concentrate more on business and income as i am in loss. please can you tell me how i can do that , i came across your blog

King of Jinns & Miracles of Ghaus-e-Azam - (English) said...


Amel sb .. i am under black magic or bandish of rozi rozgar ... really fighting hard i can for this daily visiting mazar , 5 times prayers , using surten , also doing wazifaz which i found on internet .. but some time i feel they all are useless. can u give me better wazifa of something which i can fight back actully i email u last time and u told me some jadugar trying to destroy me and send his jin daily to do magic ... or bandish .. tell me some thing which i can protect myself .. some thing reading after namaz or something

please really need your help..
Allah bless you ...

Unknown said...

Asalam Alicum

Can you tell if i have a black magic on me? if i tell you my name and my moms name?

Anxiously waiting for your reply

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm a christian. I am being attack with black magic and voodoo. I tried everything. I am still being attack with magic. I need help.

Unknown said...

Guy explains on top so why people r posting there problems here..... read the second option he wrote and ask allah to show u in ur dream.... may Allah save us all from any kind of magic... ameen

mkn said...

Asalamualikum Sir. I have 2 problems. First, my husband doesnot have any job for more than 3 years now.
Second, my brother who is in Lahore has lost his business and home and doesnot have any rozgar for more than a year.

Please, suggest some dua for both. JazakAllah

Anonymous said...

i want to know whether i am under black magic.. i am married since 2 yrs but could not have children. also not able to perform any gynaecological test as during any test i started unbearable pain and Dr have to stop procedure. after some days of my marriage one of my aunty give apple to eat half by me n half by my husband.. please help.

Anonymous said...

I am really fed up and tired with these people in the world who do black magic on innocent people..may Allah destroy them

Vinay Kumar said...


I feel like there is a magic spell being used on me.

I have dental problem which had recently cropped up, else before my tooth was fine.

earllier while in US, on the back of my neck, there was a dry itching sensation, kind of eczema, i have tried all meds, but once i came back to india, it automatically disappeared.

now i see my left index finger nail - it looks like burnt, this is also without any external harm. all of a sudden i see that blackish. all other 9 fingers are good.

i feel like hopelessness, no interest in job, thoughts like whole of building should be burnt in fire, a big boulder or rock should fall on the office building, other feelings / thoughts like i am killing my child, or all other such death like harmful thoughts.

In the night, i feel someone following me, a strong presence. This i feel daily night. i feel (or dont know if its mind's play) like some lady (looks like spirit) laughs horribly and also she says she wants to kill me.

i do meditation in the night sitting on my bed. but while meditating, i see that lady's face laughing at me.

Please let me know i am being affected by blackmagic or is it just my mind's tricks.

Anonymous said...

Pray 3 times darood surah Fatiha Ayatul kursi and 4 quls 21 times and again 3 times darood aftter any namaz blow all over your body 3 times and also blow on water and drink daily for 41 days inshallah you will get rid if black magic

Anonymous said...

Can I do it for my parents?? Someone did it to separate them

sachin said...

Hai sir

My name is sachin and me also suffering from health issues and also mantrimony issues some bady said me that black magic has done on me so plz guide me and can you help me out to come out from this

Mrs Subhani said...

Dear All my Brothers and Sisters
I have faced that magic last 13 years. But, now I recite one wazifa.Requesting you to Do with all faith.I did and find a 100% result.First offer two nafil and permission to Allah Dubhana Tala and recite.
5 times Durood
505 OR 313 time surah Falq
505/313 times surah and
5 times Durood
You will see the dreams that reveal the person, Who did this.One more thing your condition would worse when will you will do, like headache, hopeless etc But do not loss heart and continue 41 days aur jab tak dil change.Dua main yaad rakhe

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