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Many people are defrauding people claiming to be Amel Soname magician or Amel Soname Healer and giving out phone numbers, making websites using the words: Amel Soname, creating emails, and social media accounts using Amel Soname . Social media is being used to spoil my name.I am NOT associated with these people who are claiming to be amel soname in any way or with those people who are running spiritual offices and asthana in the name of amel soname.If you have any questions or concerns, Amel Soname does not talk over the phone at all. You can contact amel soname through email ONLY. your questions will be answered on a first come first served basis. No other email address is valid to communicate with me except for

This is not our website , i am not associated with this site

Assalam o alaikum hazraat,

In this kind of black magic the magician casts a spell on the victim, mostly children who have bright future prospects and are brilliant. It is done to mislead them so that they lose their perspective and start wasting their time in unconstructive activities. Such victims start spending a lot of their time outside their house

The victims spend a lot of time outside house and come back quite late
The victims spend a lot of time with their friends and give too much importance to their friends. They consider their friends to be the most close to them.
The victims do not feel at ease when in their house. They feel very lonely and a sense of boredom prevails over them when they are at their home.
The victims feel suffocated in the house
If the spell is powerful then the victim indulges in every possible vice that one can think of such as smoking, immoral sexual activities etc.

Read Surah Falak 100 times after fajar namaz.
Read Surah Rahman 9 times after zohar namaz.
Read Surah Fateha 300 times after asar namaz.
Listen to recording of azan at least 4 times in the house.
Read Surah Ambiya thrice after Isha namaz.

Inshallah, the magic spell will break. If the victim is not interested in doing this amal then any of his family member can do so.

Amel soname contact

If you have any question contact me directly on my email. No other type of  help support or email support is valid to communicate with me. this is my email address

Remember me in your prayer 
amel soname 


Anonymous said...

I wanted to know if my husband is also a victin. Last 5 months
he kept me at my fathers place n he is not taking me. Why he is
behaving like this i dont. few healers in India told me that my
enemies want to break my maariage and they are doing whatever possible
to harm me. Plz help me.
Allah hafiz.

amjad said...

Dear Amel Sb,

If I want to become your student. than how to proceed let me know about if anybody want to learn Amaliyat full time from you.

Amna said...

aoa sir...i was saerching net so found ur page here..its Amna from Multan..sir am 24 years old...i am in great depression sir. i did Masters 3 yrs bak but still mum died 22 years bak since then living in join system...sir i want to make my life but i have no way now...i tried for higher study but failed 2 times. i am in dire need of ur dua. plz do me any avor..i blong to a very conservative traditional caste obsesesed family.i cant make any dicision of my life. i have permission to do just teaching.but that to is out of access for me.hope u will read my mail and will guide me. i try hard to be regular in Salah and all islamic values.i cant go to any person regarding spiritual help. so plz guide in this way sir. give me some powerful wazifa to recite.that can pave my ways.otherwise this tension will make me down surely....thnx. will wait for ur

masood said...

Mohatrim Ustaad Sahib:
Assalaamu Alaikum,

I came across some of your blogs, very very informational and nice interesting stuff. I like to learn from you and need some help. My mother been victimized and killed by severe Black Magic and by close relatives. Even someone still doing on me constantly. I like to know if I get your help to identify the real hidden dushman who hurted my masoom mother and teach them good lesson for the evils they done and still doing.

Please reply me, I am too much impressed from you and need help in learning some stuff too. I like to know your fees and how you can help me

kauser said...

I need help please my mother and father in law keep doing black magic to end my marriage I need to save my marriage and try and get my husband back.
Can you please help.

zainab said...

Assalam'a alaikum

I read few blogs of yours and wanted to ask a question that my brother has unable to find work for over 1 n half year, the old place where they promised him to hire are under hiring freeze all of sudden.....In past, there was a divorce I went through when my ex husband's mother said that she will ruin my brothers life completely and she had been involved in black magic very regularly that she gets every little work done through it.

Wanted to ask if my brother is under such influence, bandish or bad asraat.....or is it just a phase of his life but no influence.

hussain said...

Janab amel soname,
glad to read ur all article related to black magic n amal! I knew everything about magic, amal and movakil,jinn etc. by ur website!
can i ask any question whenever i need to know!

Anonymous said...

Aslam O Alaikum

Brother I wanted to know if you can help me find out if we have any jadoo in my house or on any of my family members, mother, sisters, wife kids, etc. Every day we face an issue either health wise or with my sisters husbands. One of my sister cannot conceive a child.
May Allah tallah bless you and may the prophet PBUH shower his blessings upon you as well.

mike said...

Assalam-o-alaikum !
Sorry to disturb u, I have seen in most of the places and read about the explanations which u have given on different websites about black magic. Can I discuss with about the problem and the matter with me of the magic.

Anonymous said...

I am in Saudi Arabia on Azad visa. After two or Three months I lose my job and then after 2 months I again get job. This has occurred three times until now. I want to bring my wife who is in India but I could not since the change in jobs and unemployed for two months means no income. I am worried. I also have some debts which I am paying but due unemployment for couple of months again I incur further debts. The circle of debts is not stopping. I am paying old debts and incur new debts. I am trying very much to get rid of these debts so, I can be without them. But unfortunately the debts circle never seem to stop.

Hope to find your response very soon,

mudasir said...

Assalumualaikum brother,

My mother is suffering from health problems from past 6 months. Earlier, she had slip disc. Later, she was admitted for severe pain and prolonged fever. Pain and fever isnt going. She feels vomiting when she try's to eat food. Every night after 8 PM she gets high fever. She has become too weak and pale and day by day her health is deteriorating. So far, doctor haven't been successful in diagnosing her disease. All the reports are showing normal. We even asked some local hazrat to do instikhara and he confirmed that someone has done some kind of black magic on her. He asked us to read surah al-jinn, surah was-saffat and surah yaseen and blow in water and drink and take bath. It worked for some days but now it isnt working.Please help us.

minnah said...


I just see ur blogspot during my search on web page, my parents are victim of witchcraft from last 14 of it my parents lose so many things from their lives...

V r Namazi Alhumdolilah! Even i am found of recitation...My mom is so much holy lady...but...v r still in blackmagic spell...

Now a days v r facing a new problem....My father can't sleep in night, becz during his sleep he felt that someone block his breath, He also visit to doctors and take medicines, but no use of them...

m so much worried..plz plz help us and pray for us...u know our financial conditions are not so good....Papa is hardly surviving in eyes melts, ven i c, my father is working so much hard, and harder and then in last he able to earn small piece of money for us...

sonia said...

hi there for the past year there has been alot of trouble in my family, especially between me and my mam, due to my mam doing something totally disgusting and out of the ordinary. I was just wondering if i was to tell you everything would you be able to confirm to me whether or not it is black magic?

sonia said...

hi there for the past year there has been alot of trouble in my family, especially between me and my mam, due to my mam doing something totally disgusting and out of the ordinary. I was just wondering if i was to tell you everything would you be able to confirm to me whether or not it is black magic?

shawana said...

Aslamalykum warhamthulahiy wabarakathohu,

InshAllah I pray you are in the best of Imaan and health!

I have read your posts Mashallah it is very informative may Allah swta bless you for posting it.

I have tell you as i as suffering from magic and jinns for a long time.

I was just wondering if you could help me. Help comes from Allah swta but if you know of anyone that is able to deal with jinns that are trapped in a body with magic?

InhsAllah I hope and pray you read this message and can InshAllah reply me some help

Anonymous said...

hey amel,
my finance is a victim of black magic her complexion
has gone really dark she was really fair b4 but day by day she gets

she is really upset

i really need a cure

i wanna bring back that smile on her that was before

pliz help us out

shamaila said...

I need your help please.
I think someone has done black magic on me but im not sure.
I am always tired, my body always hurts, my eyes are red and hurt, I have very dark under eye circles, I get angry very quick, I am depressed, I dont go out, and im 33 years old and still not married.
Please help me.

yaqoob said...

From past 1 or 2 years my business or job is not working properly

i am completely lost in finances and i am in deep trouble

i want to know whether currently any black magic or any kind of magic done on me

if it is done whether the persons are my close relatives or friends

is there any threat to my life with these magics

urooj said...

i need ur help
i read ur article .plz can u help me knowing if i m under jadu?
i m considered beautiful but still rishtay main bohat maslay hain.mujhe lagta hay kuch hay

mujahid said...


Anonymous said...

As Salam Ale kum.

I am going through a bad phase in my life where my wife does not respect me and my parents.

Infact she does not want to meet any one and use bad words ( abuse) them.

She feels that everyone in this world is against her and she is the perfect women made by god. She has too much arrogance towards everyone.

Most recently she has slapped me which I took it as a token of her extreme anger and did not say a word.

I have tried all the efforts to make her understand in the last three years of my marriage but she has started saying that give me divorce...almost 15 times from the last 3 days and that she does not want to live with me anymore.

Now I do not want to continue my life with her and want a divorce ( talaq) either

Please guide me how should i go further so that she should be happy in her life.

Anonymous said...


I am suffering rom black magic since 7 years...and it is so strong that no alim could break are the last hope...can you please help me get out of this..

jennifer said...

i m a victim of a black magic.the magician is my fathers can i know that the magician do the magic by the help of devil or other thing,so which amol i should use,

Anonymous said...

i need yur help amy from canada i swear i need help may god help yu

farhat said...

Asalm Alekum Brother,
I am an unfortunate woman who'se marriage broke up 3 years ago. I do believe i was a target of Sifly Elim which was done upon me by my ex-husbands step sister, because i refused to marry my son to her daughter. She promised she would break up my marraige and so it did. My ex- husband got married again and has a child. I have 4 children whome i take care of myself. I wish that i too could find myself an honest and trustworthy partner so that i can get married again, but i am afraid that if i make a mistake it would leave me heartbroken. please can you help me or give me some advice so that i do not make the wrong decision. I feel like nothing is going right for me.

sagheer said...

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله

Dear Amel Saheb

I am suffering from black magic since four years now. I have tried to get the cure through some amels but so far not comlete success and dont know the reason why it is not completely cured.

Have repeated attacks and some time on daily basis the effects are transferred to me. the major effects are headache,body ache and sleep problem causing the problem in whole body.

I will appreciate if you please let me know some quaranic verses to recite to block these not stop attacks . especially blocking for headache, sleep and stopage of amal in body.

May Allah bless you for this help

atiya said...

A.O.A ji am from lahore n i read abt u on the internet as i am always keen to get knowledge from religious people .................... i want to learn ilme jafar n secondaly i have one problem dat my husband do not come home wid us he spend all his day wid his sisters n brother too much upset he dont listen us i have three kids ..i want to know wt i can do to make my home comfortable place ..plz reply i will b waiting


aziz said...

Dear Brother Salam,

I have taken my education from very good university 2008 and and right after my degree i got a very good job in sep 2008, after getting the job my parents found me a very good girl and we got married in mar 2009. everything was going ok but all of sudden i lost interest in my work, i started getting pains in my stomack, the pain would start at 11am until 3 pm till my work is over for the day, the pain use to be so bad that i could not do any work with that pain and i went to doctors and they even checked my stomack from inside with the help of camers and they could not find anytihng worng inside. after work when i use to come back home my heart beat use to be really fast, even most of the time my wife use to ask me what is wrong with me and i should go to doctor, but i always ignored it.
and the same time my neck, shoulders and back use to be really tired. and in sep 2009 the company asked me to leave as i was not doing work according to their standards. and it is 2011 now and i am still jobless, i apply everywhere but i do not get any interview call, since 2009 i got only 2 interview calls and i went to those interviews and did really good interview. both time i got short listed to top 3 candidates but i could not get the job.
and now i am so aggrassive that i get mad at every little thing. i do not pay attention to my wife Al-hamdulilla Allah has blessed me and my wife with a son on Feb 16 2010. but the my main worry is that i can not get a job. and day by day i am doing down.
please tell me if i can speak to you on the phone to tell you in more detail. and is there any fee i am ready to pay that as well i just want to get the solution of the situation i am in right now. and i really need your help to find out if it is really a black magic or it is sometihng else.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amel,am Haadi, a 19 year old muslim from Ghana. I am writing my final exams starting from wednesday.Can you please teach me some prayer's that will help me pass this exams? Hope you will help me.

robiul said...

Brother Salam,

I'm suffering from black magic. I believe you can resolve my problem.
I'm interested to take professional help. Please let me know your
demand in dollar. After I become good, I'll pay through Western Union
or any other way.

I'll also always remember your help.

ajmal said...

Sir I am so upset and nearly with broken heart due to my still unsolveable Spell Problem.

I was get illed about 7 years ago. The primary symptoms includes some Terrible perons (male) and female voices from my month beside paralizing and niddles in my whole body . This conditions remains for 2 or 3 hours and then my mother recite some Surrah or give my some Holy water then i got some type of recovery.

I contacted Doctors who suggested me 100 of test which i provided too. But no adiquate symtops of any disease was appeared. Every things looks fine in test but the conditions was as it.

Then some person told to contact some Rohani Person as according to him, this problem looked to be a Rohani disorder

Sir, I contacted Rohani person who denied after some time saying that this was out his reach.

From that period a chain of Rohani Elaj was stared which is still continue..

** About 2 year ago I came to a Rohani person who digged out some Tavizat from about 12 miles far from our house near Khanpur Stream (Near Sheikhupura). By digging these taviz some intenstity of the problem dcreased but did not cured completely

*** After that I contacted a Rohani Amal (Riaz.. Near Sanda Lahore) who is black magic expert for treatment. He demanded Mooshk, Zafran, and A Bakra (Goat).. Which i provided. But unfortunatly after 3 days of his treatment my health became more unstable.. I feel that some body was making spell me again.. some niddles and heart burn started and used to be remained every time and same to all of my brothers (I have 2 more brothers namely AFZAL and AWAIS). From till today this heart burn and niddles did not stop.. Furthermore my senses are also going day by day.. my size of body and head is also dcreasing and weakness and sleeplessness.. Every time even after trying my best to be happy, remained in anger and in cage of bad thoughts..

My problem became more sewear after that person (i.e. Riaz).. Before that my problem was not so much unbearable as it is now. Furthermore, My brothers did not so seriouly invloved before. .But now my Younger brother AWAIS is in very serious attack.. He has frequent pain in stomach and swear heart burn

niddles etc...

I did not know what to do.. I used to recite different Surrah espceially Surrah NASS and FALAK but it works for some time and situation again become as it

Even sometimes I thought may be our Holy words did not have any remedy against this siutation

Dear Hazrat Sb... I am tired and lost my heart too and did not know where to go for treatment.. I am not leave in my House and remained in my friends shop because as i entered my shoulder and heart loaded with tones of weight.

Every day me and my brothers are going towards death.. My father and mother used to weap all the day.. My younger sisters also remained sad and did

not even eat.

Pleae Please... Please tell me what to do.. What my problem is and how it solved.. Is it solvable or not?..

I am so tensed and worried..

I will wait.. Your kind reply will bring a sing of hope for us... My whole family will pray for your long and prosper life.

Anonymous said...

brother how are you
Brother can you please tell me what my brother is suffering from

kurban said...

my name is khuban im 24 years old girl i have symptoms of black majic i have problem im feeling to much heavy on ma shoulders and head can u plz help me out thanks


Dear Amel,

I run a Company in the London,United Kingdom for over 7months I noticed am a victim of black magic as my business has been going down and I have not made a penny.

As I write I went to pawn my gold ring and chain to pay my bills.

In the past I was helping communities in Africa and assisting people who could not pay their children's school fees.Any business I undertake does not work and things are going down every day.

Please I will really apprecaite your help through prayers.

shabib said...

Salam dear Amel Soname,

Did read your blog and that is written MasAllah very good.
may i ask in what catogori of Amel are you in?

and would also like to ask, if one want to learn healing by Quran, is that possible from you. i do Alhamdulliah pray 5times prayer.

Look forward to hear from you.

saima said...


I am married for 10 years & live in Pakistan
My marriage is in shambles.. I am a US citizen, my 3 children are also born in the US.
I am educated from the US and have been a very independent minded person most of my life.
My husband is very domineering, and is extreamly violant, i have been beaten through out my marriage, i have marks all over me which still have not gone.
He is abusive and abuses me and my mother all the time. beats me up over the smallest of issues..
He calls me a liar & accuses me of deception all the time.
Anything i do he thinks i'm up to something wrong and will punish me for the same.
He was my best friend for 17 years now but I feel nothing for him because of our relationship.
I am in this marriage only because of my three children.
he brainwashes my children against me. infront of them he is abusing me and telling them that i am a bad mother.
He is constantly paranoid about me and is always controlling me.
if i voice my opinion then he tells me that i am arguing with him and punishes me by beating me up, He then quotes the Quran that he is allowed to beat me because Allah Subhantalla has permitted it in Sura Nassa.
I am beaten with belts, hangers, have been kicked, punched in the face.. many many many times. I have also been stabbed by him on my arm because he claimed that i was lying to him.
I have lost all my confidence, I am a broken person.
I dont know what to do..

lamonte said...

as salaam alakim,im under black magic and i need help jinns are still talking through my body and i want to get rid of them,how much does the amil charge for removal or help

Aziz said...

Hi Amel Soname,

How are you? I am experiencing an issue. I hear a voice talking to me 24 hours a day and night. The voice calls itself a Demon.

When I am asleep, my bed shakes. I can feel something moving under the bed.

I went for Ruqyah Shariyah The Raqi told me there was no Jinn inside my body.

Can you provide a solution.

noman said...

Dear Amel Soname,
I have visited your website in detail and you really did a very nice job to convince all people by providing solutions in Quran Majeed. I respect you very much. May Allah bless you.
I have myself a problem with my wife that she sometimes become mad at me and scolds me a lot. She wants to leave me. I am sure this is a black magic problem from all symptoms which you mentioned on your other websites. Please help me to get rid of this problem. I shall be grateful.
Can you give me your cell no. to discuss all.

fazal said...

asslamu laikum.,

one black megisian cheat me ,,

she has magic power..

i go to her becouse my family had a case from police.then one my friend told to go to this lady u will be quit from case...wen i go there she do black magic to my family to get money.
she take almost 400000 rs.she said she will not give me back..sha has power of bad jinn i know it..

i do not want this will happen to other one .so can u pls tell me what quran word i spell to distroy her power with bad jinn.

she cheated lots of people.

if u give me ur mobile no i can talk to u

waiting for u r early replay

rokhsar said...

Salaam my name is rokhsar ,
im having problems with my studies and lover. i have become too lazy to study and i cannot remember anything about what i have studied
the problems that im having with my lover is that, he doesn't really love me for who i am and i dont think so that he feels the same way about me. everyone says that i have been through a lot and i need someone that would die for me, care and love me to the extreme but i dont think that he will be like this. :( also he hate islam and he is very violent. recently he got himself into a very difficult situation and he needs money fast. i wish there was a way that i could help but there is none and it hurts me a lot when i think about these problems. seems that there is no way out of this. and im asking you to help me please and take this pain away from me

Anonymous said...

sir, my name is raju jalagam undergoing tretment for black magic, plz check and tell me whether i am cured 100 percent? my elder sister suffering with problems with her husband and father in law, mother in law, small sister not conceiving a child. my mother name sharamma jalagam, elder sister shoba rani, younger sister vijaya kumari. plz guide me and help me. my email thank u very much.

Nimra said...

Asslam u alaikum,
My name is Nimra and I have a problem. I read one of your blog a few days back. It described my situation. Amel sahab I am a grown up girl and i am suffering from lack of good proposals. Only a few came to my house to see me but my parents refused them on genuine grounds. From past few years there is no one who visited my house for the purpose and similar situation goes for my elder sister. She is still unmarried and worried due to lack of proposals. My first two sisters are happily married but we two are waiting for happiness to knock our doors. Kindly evaluate my situation and suggest a solution as me and my parents are quiet worried.

Ibcircuit said...

Salaam , ever since I have finished university study I have been finding it difficult to get a job since 2012 I prayed a lot yet nothing good is happening to me ,they even prepared some soaps for me to he bathing .despite this ,whenever I'm shortlisted for any job ,in the middle of it I m always cut off .pls help me with the insight for the way out . I am thirty years old now , no wife no anything except my age that is passing on .thanks

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