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i am going to tell you the symptoms of black magic.
if you have any of these symptoms then you are also suffering from black magic.

1) if some one sees motion or urine in his dream or see himself in bathroom or with the motion attached to his body, see himself/herself in unhygienic condition.
2) headache.
3) the whole body is in pain.
4) the one wishes or wants to have sex.
5) back-ache or has pain in kidneys
6) smelly farts.
7) feels like the body is on fire.
8) the whole body remains hot and so does the mouth.
9) eyes remain red and feels irritation in eyes.
10) you feel to go to the bathroom after a little while for urine and motion.
11) fast heat beats.
12) difficulty in breathing and have chest pain.
13) become irritant.
14) face complexion changes and becomes darker day by day. the more worse the magic is the more your complexion will become darker.
15) feel pain in stomach and you will be having diarrhea like situation.
16) pimples appear on the face.
17) face becomes terrible no attraction left in the face.
18) feeling anxiety.
19) becomes impatient.
20) you have all the happiness in life but still you don’t feel happy.
21) what ever you eat you feel hungry again in about an hour and a half.
22) you don’t wish to offer prayer and day by day you go away from religion.
23) always you have throat problem and the voice quality is also affected.
24) get scared in dreams. sometimes sees snakes, spiders, lizards, and cockroaches in dream.
25) you have fear in your heart.
26) feels like some one injecting pins in body.
27) get pain in stomach and feel nausea.
28) become lazy. and sleep for longer durations.
29) you forget where you put things and spend rest of the day in finding. in money transactions give more money.
30) starts hating your self.
31 - seeing blue or pink dots or seeing funny lines
32 - feeling tired without any reason
33 - by reading or hearing the quran do you get pain in your body
34 - feeling sick and hot
35 - always having a erection
36- Twitching of body parts and soreness of muscles
37 - hands and feet turn swollen
38 - spots on the head
39 - strong smell in your urine
40 - when you cook a lot does a bad smell come
41 - body feels cold
42 - pain in the feet
43 - seeing dogs and dead people as well as ants in your dream
44 - going skinny day by day
45 - taking medicine which works at the beginning then starts giving you more problems
46 - seeing a women and man having sex meaning a wet dream
47 - body head and shoulders feeling heavy
48 - getting marks on your body
49 - body feels weak for no reason
50 - feeling dizzy and blacked out
51 - getting red spots on the body
52 - on hearing the azan you run away and you hate the azan
53 Your sleep is disturbed
54 Disinterest in life

Amel soname contact

If you have any question contact me directly on my email. No other type of  help support or email support is valid to communicate with me. this is my email address

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amel soname 


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summayah said...


I have the following symptoms. Can u tell me if it is black magic?

1. I feel lazy and sleep a lot during the day.
2. I don't feel like offering namaz and when i do offer, my mind is never focused.
3. No matter how hard i work, i never get my salary.... or it becomes really difficult to get even a single pay cheque.
4. I do not receive marriage proposals at all.... not even a single.

what is the cure?

Nayeemuddin Siddiqui said...

Amel sahab this you are very true that you said that


I would you be very thankful to you and May all reward you
with his
best blessing to you .
If you cold help me to over come this,

I recite daily in the morning(after fajar) and in the
evening(after magrib)

3 times Durood
1 time surah fatiha
first rukoo of surah Baqarah
ayatul kursi
last rukoo of surah Baqarah
and 4 Qul three times
3 times Durood

and I do Alhamdulillah pray five times.

I recite this and try to do bandish to myself, well nobody
told me to
do like this I made up myself buy listening in bayaan that
ayaats and surah to recite.

The main thing I still face is that 28) BECAME LAZY. AND
rare i have
just seen two three snakes I only saw them they didn't hurt
me or

1- I fell a force of lazyness that is stopping me to
succeed in my aims.
If you could give me some quranic procedure to over come
this and how
to do bandish of oneself and his family.
Thank you.
Allah hafiz.

Nayeemuddin Siddiqui Mohammed

laiwany said...

Dear amel soname

hello and hi
please I read ur article in internet Thanks

dear plz tell me how can we find the person who done the jadu
coz I have some problem and want to get know about the person who r going to hit me.

plz help me and tell me about ur goodself


Gagan Saini said...

Hi friend
I have these symptoms. Which you wrote in your post. I frequently go to urine. I have done all the medical tests. i don't have diabetes. I don't have stones. My liver is also ok. I don't know for past how much time i'm suffering from it. I just realized it lately. I don't know Urdu. I'm not a muslim...Can you plz tell if something can be done about it?

10) you feel to go to the bathroom after a little while for urine and motion.
14) face complexion changes and becomes darker day by day. the more worse the magic is the more your complexion will become darker.
21) what ever you eat you feel hungry again in about an hour and a half.
22) you don’t wish to offer prayer and day by day you go away from religion.
29) you forget where you put things and spend rest of the day in finding. in money transactions give more money.

Thank you.

ali malik said...

Please do you know someone i can meet in Lahore very important jadoo questions

Shahanaz said...

Dear Sir,

I was reading your indications singns of Jadoo on a person in the chat room. Are you a Amel or astrologist. What exactly you do. I have some problems, may be if you will be able to help. Please let me know about your fees and stuff. Any example that make me assure that you are the authuntic Amel.



kiran chudary said...

salamaleikum, my name is kiran and i live in germany recently my friend said me that someone had done blackmagic to her sister..i read but there is soo many other things and i dont know what is the right the person is only 16 years old and someone told her that the black magic is since 4 years have u a mybe a number where u live pleasee help s because we dont know here in germany about such things and i cant explain u so good in english can u speak urdu?? may god bless u Allahahfiz

Danish said...

Assalamoalikum dear ,

My name is Danish ,I m a University Student, I hav made dis Id just for da reason to discuss with u sume Points .. I have just read yor posts on a website related to harms of Black magic ... I was shocked when I read the symtoms of being the victim of balck bagic ... I m surely saying that I have almost all sumptoms in myslef dat u have posted...espacially unhygenic things inm dreams , absence of mind , going away from SALAH , now I have even started masturbation , pimples on face, no shine on face , almost all are true on me ..

Now wat do u suggest, Am I really a victim of black magic or it is just a co-incidence.

If yes .. then please suggest me some ayats from the Holy Quran aur some exercises ...

I ll be waiting for your REPLY


Jill said...

Thank you for your post online about the symptoms of Black magic.

I have so many of these symptoms it's scary. I know that a girl had a spell cast to take away my soul mate, and he is trapped and unable to get away from her, even though he still loves me completely and knows that we are meant to be together. He has many of these symptoms too. However, I never thought that she would have also had the spell put on me.

Can you help me break this spell, and bind her and the person she hired from harming us ever again?

Thank you for any information you can give. I have seen so many offering services online, but I have not had honorable and permanent results from any of them. They just keep telling me that they need more money to increase the spell or the work to bring him back to me. I am in no position to be able to afford any more money for help, not that I wouldn't hesitate to spend a fortune if I had it and knew I could trust the witch.

Any suggestions you can offer me?

Sara Mohamed said...

Salam 3alaykum brother.

I recently found your blog in which you rote about some of the symptoms of someone having black magic on them.
What I really want to ask you is, Is Kabos (dreams where i feel paralyzed and unable to speak,) a form of black magic? And how do i get rid of it? I`m asking this because sometimes I get these dreams and Im unable to move, and i feel drousy and sleepy and just scared. I feel like the Jinn is near me when this happens.. Please let me know if this a spell. I also started praying 5 times a day and I wore the Hijab and soon plan to wear the abaya. I need guidance as to know if im Safe from Jinn. Ive told some1 close to me and they said dont worry about it, its just a bad dream.

I`l be waiting for your reply..


Sister in Islam.

Mumtaz said...

This is Mumtaz from USA. I am originally from India. I read your website/artical about black magic effect. Where are you and do you help others to remove black magic. I will really appriciete, if you help me in this mater. Thanks!

shazad imtayaz said...

salaam bro
I hope you have the ability to identify and cure my black magic problems if i have any.i would be so greateful if you could and would help me.
My name is shahzad imtiaz.22.02.78.time of birth 1pm.born in uk

Zara said...


I believe black magic has been performed on me, usually I would not believe this however, all the symtoms you describe I have... Please do you know of someone who can help me?

saleem said...

Mr Amel Soname,

About ten years back I got engaged and a few days later one of my aunts gave me something mixed in milk and did black magic on me.
My engagement broke and I am still single.
My family also goes through immense financial hardships.

After she gave did magic on me - I had those symptoms you discribed; esp. my complexion got very dark and I used to be very fair and I got pimples and I gained lot of weight because i was always hungry.

I would really appreciate if you could guide me because I have lost all hope of ever getting any kind of happiness in this lifetime.

Tahnk you,

Anonymous said...


I have a question regarding black magic. We have been told by many people that we were under the influence of black magic and its been since my mom was married from 20 years ago, I have a cousin in pakistan who was helping us get cured and he made tawaiz, but the problem was he was charging us alot of money, like $500 every month and we had to stop because we couldnt afford to pay him. Then there was another man in pakistan who was helping us but it was really hard to contact him. So we called india and We were told the same thing. its black magic of 20 years, we have gone thru alot. My father's side of the family never liked my mother, and 20 years later they are separated. We were homeless at one point in america in 2003 and we got some help from a housing program, Then my sister Madeeha fell ill and she was hopitalized but died in 2007 due to heart failure, and Then my brother was in jail and he got released. Then my oldest sister got in a car accident in 2005 and the guy that was in the car died. My brother was suppose to get his citizenshilp and now he is having problems with it. We had so much happen in 6 years. So i went to this spiritual healer and I know this is wrong but i was confused and i didnt know where my life was going anymore. My brother and I are supporting the family and my father doesnt live with us. I am having health issues as well, I get sick and then i'm better. So i went to this spiritual healer and she said the same thing. its a curse from 20 years old black magic. She is christain and I'm muslim and i dont know if we can ask her for help. I spoke to a sheik and he said its okay if we cannot get into contact with anyone who is muslim. And as long as we know are beliefs. I really need to know is it okay to ask this women for help. She is a very religious christian women who is a spritual healer as well. She does physic readings and tarot for a living and we went to her and i dont support tarot readings or phyic but i went anyways. so she did some reading at night and saw that there was a man and women who did this to us and she was like its 20 years old black magic and its risky but she is willing to help. So I dont know.Please help me. My mom and sister are ready to go see her and ask for her help.But I dont know. Please help me and let me know what is the right thing to do. Inshallah..

neeha said...

i have gone through da internet u r only person i found who perfect gave
perfect symptoms of black magic.i stay in surprised u know
abt da symptoms.have u ever suffered?pass my mail id 2 someone who stays
in Birmingham suffering from black magic,as i can definitely help.thank u

Mcsick said...

I have some question...
Someone of my parents has this symptons
can you help me ?
what I have to do ?

salina khan said...

i read ur symptons of black magic i wana kno u who u r?

asim javed said...

plz send me your fone number. plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz

mussarat Mushtaq said...

Dear Amel.
for more than a decade i have been experiencing health and spiritual symptoms that could not be explained by anything but bad magic. Nothing i do brings results....
Many professionals( spiritual personells) have also confirmed..but no one has really helped me to pull out of it.... There shows some kind of scare on their faces after a while....possibly because of the intensity...

Could anyone on earth help to get rid out of it.

Tambi Jankata said...

Asalamu alykom brother amel

My name is tambi and i saw your comment on one of the web sites about black magic,i think i have some of the symptoms you mentioned on that web site,i read quran almost every night and i feel better allhamdolelah,but the symptoms keep coming back stronger than before ,i live in the United States of America.
if you can please help me by giving me an advice or make a recommendation on how to break that spell,or know some one who God Gave him that knowledge please reply me back.

Truly your

Athar hussain said...

i need you contact # i hace black magic problem My name is Athar hussain
what is your fee and what is you contact

Anurag said...

hi amel
I had seen the symptoms that all match's to me I also visited some taantriks to solve my problem but they said about some black magic, Munja’s, Bhanumati vidya and some dolls.

1. I always sees Snakes in my dreams they try to byte me, I see Worms, Azgar’s, etc

2. JOB problem: Not getting job since 2 years and I had given interviews more than 300 than too the results are nearly same and same results for my sister’s engagement too.

3. I was having business in good Location and it was running in good flesh condition, but it closed suddenly.

4. My sister fall in Love with somebody, & we don’t know much about him she left the House… But she now returned back at home recently.

5. We found a Big stone in our House some sort of Smooth generally found on river or Lake side.

6. Dad having Problems on Job that the Machine’s always undergoes for breakdown and after having lots of efforts the results remain same and seniors get angry and then submit negative report to managers.

7. Waste of money through : Mobile, Telephone, Electricity bills ,etc its always more than 8000 thousand a month after complaining too result some sort of negative.

8. Stomach problems (Acidity, Itching, Pain) and always having Lose motions, Weakness, Mother having problem in heart only pain and we four members having pain in Leg in Joints of Foot mostly in Right Leg.

9. We faced some sort of attacks in the form of MUTTHA ,etc

Please help me to remove all these problems and if possible please give me Your direct contact details

akhtar said...

dear brother salam o elekum.
i am md akhtar,working as senior engineer in a leading public sector company in india.i am staying in company township.on 20th nov 2009 one of my non muslim unmarried colleauge was murdered brutally who was staying behind my quarter. After that everyone vacant the quarter in his lobby.My family consists of two children of age 2yrs old daughter and 5 months old son.My question is that should i stay in same quarter or should change my quarte?is he can harm my family or me anyways?what happens to non-muslim when they die?pls answer me as soon as possible.presently my family is at my native place,they were not there at the time of that incident.
allah hafiz

KAMi Dadaa said...

salam how r u i was just wondering where r u from i saw ur kala jadu symptoms please can u reply me and let me know how can we remove it one of my friend hes needs ur help thank u

Sultan Akhtar said...

1)my request is that is there any method to find the name of a person who is doing that bad AMAL with xyz person.

Sonia said...

Aslamaalikum Brother,

I read you website and MasAllah its quite informative to ordinary people like me who have no knowledge about these things. Brother my question is first about Moakils can they come by reading surah muzamil 1000 times for 40 days in a row for my marriage My mother did that and she wants to make sure that reading the ayat was not the cause of our problem. She also did alot of other wazeefas Brother we are having alot of problems me and parents and brother are extremely sick and we are having problems health wise, financially and education wise and marriage wise. My mother and me and my brother see scary dreams. My mother saw a dark black snake and a man sitting beside it and she couldnt see the face. I see alot of toilet seat and feaces and I am constantly seeing urine in my dreams. I also saw apes in my dreams of which tow big ones are killed and small five of them are remaining. I also saw invisible shadow two times in my dreams I can not tell the face or features at all and I saw tornado coming and this invisible shadow is putting some gram( chaney) and gave it to my parenst and they ate it . Also my brother saw a vampire in his dream and sucking his blood. My also brother saw a green and brownish type frog who is staring at him and two months ago he heard a child crying voice. Brother Could you please tell me if its a magic or jinn possession on us. I am so depressed as me and family can not take it anymore. We spent so much money giving to different amils and nothing happened what should I do or where should I find a good AMIIL? Also i forgot to tell you I saw in my dream someone having intercourse with ema nd I lost my virginity.

Please can you tell how to break barriers,,,,,,,,,,,,Please waiting for your response.


shamaila said...

Salaam,when i read your feedback about the symptoms of black magic. I have the following symtoms you had written down:

1) the one wishes or wants to have sex.
2) smelly fats.
3) eyes remain red and feels irritation in eyes.
4) you feel to go to the bathroom after a little while for urine.
5) becomes impatient.
76) you don’t wish to offer prayer and day by day you go away from religion.
7) alwayz you have throat problem and the voice qulaity is also affected.
8) get scared in dreams. sometimes sees snakes, spiders, in dream.
9) get pain in stomach and feel nausia.
10 - feeling tired without any reason
11 - seeing a women and man having sex meaning a wet dream
12 - body feels weak for no reason

the major and most servere symptoms i have are listed below, especially 13,14,15,16,and 17

13) face becomes terrible no attraction left in the face.
14) face complexion changes and becomes darker day by day. the more worse the magic is the more your complexion will become darker.
15 - going skinny day by day
16- body feels cold
17- become lazy. and sleep for longer durations.
18) feel pain in stomach and you will be having diarrhea like stiuation.
19) feeling anxiety.

what do i do to find out what kind of black magic is done on me and to cure the black magic the islamic way?

your help is very much appreciated

umi yusuf said...



There is this a guy i refused to marry and he sent me to jinns. Apparently they had possesed me in the upper top of my body (to confuse me, and make me not sleep, and mumble the events of the day at night, make people hate me for no reason) and the lower part of my body waist down (to marry me and sleep with me, and cover my beauty with a viel that i cannot be noticed).Agstafirallah.

I was wondering if you can identify these jinns and tell me what to read. I have already visited an Amil and Alhamdulilah i have become much much better since.

Allah continue to protect us from evil people who have no shirk and Inshallah they will be punished for their evil deeds.

Kindest Regards,

your muslim sister

Yousuf Aslam said...

Dear brother. My name is Yousuf. I want to ask some questions regarding some problems. Only if you give me permission. Thanks.

AYESHA said...

i read ur artical in site.i like the informaltion u gave.the signs there abt jadu .me and my husband have few of them .like body pain with out any reasontooth pain, feel tired and lazy also sleepy.face full of pimple and colour get black.even i tried the best skin specialist.may husband has both legs and back ach but on certain time it appear like after noon and evening time.
same problem with me .we both had lots of love if use to think abt getting aways i use to cry but now i cant even see my hubby face .i dont trust him coz he hurt my feelings also my drinking alcohal ,watch mujhara ect but thanks to Allah he quit sharab and friendship with girls and wasting money on mujara.he is giving time us he want to be close to us but i have this fear that aain he will betray me.he never listen to me on any issues ,his parents lies abt me and i m yeanger in my susral so they use to mentally ,physally and emotionally tourture me and lies to my husban that she dont listen ect and my hubby gets angry on me. he was cool on the 1st year of our marriage he use to listen also understand me.i read lots of quran and the thing from pansura he is just ok out off all bad habbits .we got married 7 year back his parents never wanted me to go to my parents home but 2 year back dont know suddenly my husband took me to my parents home with out telling his parents since that time we r having fincially bad some body dont like my husband to spend on me or love me or care.becoz after long time he tried to care me he is suffering now 4 that his carrier is totaly end now.job is almost finish .those bosses who were like brother now they r with out any reason enemy.bussiness in lost loan is too much hardly have money to eat we sold all of my gold for kids fees...after reading ur artials i got the hope that will can sarvive plz help us if u can.coz day by day our satution is getting me to take out the taweez from my home and remove the bandish plz.i hope u will reply me soon as posible. my husband name is Mohammad nizam uddin ahmed his mother name is Seema name is Ayesha nizam and my mother name is Naseem sharif
i also have doubt on my dawer and dewerany there names r Naseer uddin and his wife Arshi...they both r very active in all thses baba and taweez kind of things also my mother in law .im not sure they r doing its but they openly doest like me to meet my parents and my husband job,fame and love care towards me and kids.plz plz help me to get rid of all these things .past since 7 years im suffering from different things like nerevr get some thing was happening good 2 and a half year back and i was happy that now my bad time is end but i was wrong my worse time was starting .plz do sothing for my husband job and carrier.

Charu said...

Dear Amel,

I have read lot of info about black magic written by u.

I am in great trouble, my husband is suffering frm the same for past 1 year, pls can u give me ur number so that i can call you and if u could help me out.

Farhat Khan said...


Dear Brother-in-islam

i am having problems with these kinds of people who cause alot of problems for me all the time.please help if you can give some amals to get rid of people like this. jazakallahkhairan. wasalaam

Nigora Whitehorn said...

Is anyone professional could read these prayers for you? and were do u get those leafs? could you pls pray for me?? ;-( I am so worried and dont know what to do.

I have been in such a pain for a while now and I feel I have been a victim. I even know who that person is. What do I do?

Khalil said...

Asalam alaikum

I and my family are having lot of problems like divorce, obesity, chronic diseases, possession of jinn and epileptic attacks. I am suspecting that someone has done black magic on us.

I am searching for a sheikh who can cure this. It is very important for that he has strong taqwa and does not deal in shirk to cure this.

Please help as I am desperate and on the verge of losing my iman na auzbillah.


Maria said...

Hey salaam
Amel can you find out what kind of magic is done on me,
my name is Maria Saghir, age 26 date of birth is January 9th, 1984 and my mother's name is Noshin Saghir
Thank u
Allah knows the best

Surinde said...

Hi, I am having alot of problems in life and health. It is getting
worse by the day. Can you help me?

arshia said...

Assalam - u alaiqum.

i believe you are from pakistan and i am so happy to see how helpfull your written columns are for fellow muslims.

i may not have been so good a muslim as since very long i stopped praying due to continuous hopelessness and many grief full happenings that even though i do have faith and believe upon allah and have fear of allah but still couldnt never convince myself to perform pray.

whenever i have tried starting pray, i get so emotional and cry like mad and again after 1 or 2 times some or other such thing happens which makes me stop pray as if showing my anger and disbelieve in this performing act.

i want allah's forgiveness with true heart, my life has never found a true settlement no matter however hard i tried.

i could not been able to marry as whoever appeared in life , some or the other thing happened and i could not find a peace full normal life as others.

i am a working professional
i have a good soul, good heart, like to help people in need, do whatever the best i can to help people in need, but still my suffering never ends.

being a woman, i never had peace of finding financial security of my own.
whatever i earn i spend, no saving, jobs as world state, always fluctuating, again im at verge of loosing the job despite all my hard work, i could not produce any business in market and coming to a suffering,

all these worries plus the physical ailments are bringing me down to hell time
i am suffering with stomach ailments, hitus hernia just got diagonosed
have last vertibra pain continuous since 3 month in back bone.

last 2 months i received irregular periods very very early.
pains in body, and all stress related symptoms are presented.

kindly provide me a support.

if you want i can send you my name and my mother and father's name. date of birth etc.
im not concerned who done magic and why,

it is possible that some other spirit is heavy on me as i sometimes feel or mayb its my imagination bcoz i live a lonely live most of my life.
im willing to find a solution, and i want a pray from your side to enable me start performing pray and quran recitation.

i am feeling the urge to start praying now, all i need is a bit of support of allah and momin's prayers. and i want to thank you because after reading your blog i felt this energy in me to start over and get back to my original self as a true momin.

my name: Arshia

malik amjad said...

Dear Sir ,

I am jobless since two monthes. Inspite of my so many efforts i am jobless. It seems some body has done Jadoo on me. Please help me out on my geuine problem.

Anonymous said...

I ran into your article online

my mom went to a muslim person that said they could help her with her
epilepsy. I believe he performed black magic
she has had a pain in her head since and has been very weak. we have went to
all doctors and have nothing left to do
any information would be helpful
please and thank you

kaleem said...

Asslamu aliakum

Very nice to see a good website. My problem is not that serious, I think! Me and my whole family are converts for more than 10 years. I am married. I just came back from Umrah one month ago. Before going on umrah, there were some sins that I was involved in regularly. I went for umrah and did pure taubah from my heart, never to go back. I have not gone back and will not as my promise with Allah. But in the last 2 weeks I have been getting sudden pannic attack, heart racing. I went to the doc and all my tests came out normal. The doctors said I have high blood pressure. I am only 30, I am healthy, active, I eat good. Could it be the jinns feeling angry with me not commiting those sins, and what is the solution. I pray 5 times with tahjud, Quran everyday, wuzu all the time, and zikr always. so what can be the problem?

Please get back


Nisha said...

Salam O aliakum , i believe that black magic was done on a friend of mine by a woman who wants him. They both live in Saudi Ariabia and i am in Egypt. Is there any thing i can do for him here . I dont have any personal possession of his only a pic that he send me. His behavioiur has changed towards me very much .
Plz advice of any quranic help i can do . Your help is greatly appreciated.


Ashok Matere said...

Dear Sir,

I got your details from internet.

Since December 2004 I am suffering from anxiety, stress related problems.

I was told that I am suffering from black magic. Since then I am going in Meerawali Baba's Dargah in Pune (Maharashtra), India to get cured from this. There is little progress in me but still the life has become very miserable for me to live.

Can you please guide me

Paul said...

Dear Mr Amel,

I am Vikas Paul,53 Yeras now, from Delhi India.Looks i am suffering from negative powers /energy,so called Black Magic from many years.(almost 30 yeras now)Depression, lack of confidence, contineous Throat Infection, Anger unneccesary,Less Mental clarity,Week memory,Nervousness etc
Pl send me the remedy Qran Remedy ..i am desperate to live normal life.


Aaliya said...

Salaamun Alaikum,

I am contacting you for some problem- Actually we are affected by some witchcraft and my elder sister is more under all this. We are doing the treatment from some religious scholar here. It's one and half year now she is much better now but not getting cure completely. We want to know how much duration all this things will vanish. Can you inform about this. My sister is working in school and she is against all the family members including mother. Earlier she was under the control of some evil spirit, now that is removed, but her behaviour is still not improved.

Khuda Hafiz
Aaliya N.

Sheikh Hafiz Mahmood said...

Assaalmu alykum wa rahmatullah

Glory be to Allah who created man and jinn and taught them what they do no know.

Dear brother Amel

I have read your article and I my self and a Muhadith and teacher of Quran in Jamia Islamia Birmingham, please see webb page I want to know how you know so much about controling jinn? and how can you destry armies of jinn? Only Suleman Alayhe Saalam had total control of Jinns. Plus you did not mention what method to destroy jinns? please reply and tell me which madrassa or Maulana you studied under


Sheikh Hafiz Mahmood

Syed Fahad Saeed said...

Hi! Soname I 've visited your website and I am impressed.
Sir actually my father has become the victim of black magic and from some sources its been 5 years that he's victim & I contacted many Alam's and well known people in this field all have tried there level best but they all say its very difficult to break the magic which is now done on him.He is not feeling well & day by day going down & down please can you help me.?
Also all have mentioned that it is done by some lady, so please help me if you can?
He get very angry & don't believe that, that women can do this..
He believes no body.

Aisha said...

Salam Amel Soname

I came across your page via google on breaking magic using the Koran. It has been a very insightful and interesting read. I am a muslim also, Alhamdulillah and I will appreciate it a lot if we can communicate more


alex said...

Dear Mr. Soname,

I stopped by your website, and am very interested in your articles.

I believe that many of the symptoms you described have come upon me out of the blue.

Would you be able to recommend someone who can help with black magic reversal?

I currently reside in South-East Asia, and travelling around the region isn't an issue.
My situation is serious, and I would like, if possible, for an expert to diagnose if I am under the influence of black magic.

Thank you very much for your time, and best regards.


choice said...

i have read ur post on forum about black magic
i must say thos were some interesting points
u mentioned

but tell me something brother...
having all those things really shows that that some black magic is on u...i mean it could be fever or some disease
still how do u have the knowledge about this

yasmin said...



My name is Yasmin. i am a victim of black magic. this has been going on for a long time. i have gone through exorcisms with various healers but I am not feeling any better. I am feeling very low in energy, nauseous all the time, I have lost all confidence in myself. I keep on feeling that I look fat and ugly and for that reason I don’t socialize. I normally used to be very energetic but I find it very difficult to do my daily chores which involves looking after my 3 kids who are small. I also feel the same symptoms that I used to have when I was possessed like I feel a lot of heaviness in my whole body and more on my legs. I also keep on feeling as though something is moving in my legs. I sometimes go through the fits. I have a lot of pain all over my body. i have no friends, nobody in my family is talking to me, no job, no confidence since all this began. To make matters worse, my mum was coming here to look after me and she was murdered two days before she arrived here. So I am also trying to handle the trauma.

I also went for a reiki session and I was told that I had an entity in me and my chakras are not balanced. The lady who did the reiki told me that she has sent the entity to the light. I normally feel better the day I do the session but the next day I feel the same. Low energy, heaviness, anxiety, a lot of fear and nauseous.. Medically all my blood tests are normal.

Currently, my sister who loved me dearly is not talking to me for the past one year and i also miss her alot.

i have tried alot of prayers, i have listened to manzil everyday, recite ayatul kursi, 4 quls, sura baqarah, sura jinn. i feel more sick after the prayers.

the last healer i have seen told me i don't have a jinn anymore but alot of black magic effect.

have spent alot of money on my treatment and my husband is refusing to treat me anymore.

could ou please advise me what i should do. is there any particular prayers i need to recite to cure me.


Monem said...

Salam amel..Iv read ur posts regarding the black magic and its cure.It was really informative and helping..but i need some further help from you as my whole family is surrounded by this magic...
kindly reply to this msg as soon as possible and if possible do give me your number,it wud b very kind of u

Saeidh Ebrahimpour said...

Hello Dear Mr Soname,

Many thanks for your very informative and great article. Whole my life i was searching for help but I have never seen this kind of useful information. I wish i would meet you sooner, even now after so many years suffering i feel i belessed with God mercy to know you. I need your help despertly. Could you please help me to have normal life like other woman. I am looking forward to hear from you.

With fully respect and wish you GOD mercy

noman said...

Hi There,

I am a victim of Black Magic / Bandish / Sehar / Jinns etc for the last many years, a year back someone confirmed me and since then I am doing the cure of it, it has been cut 3~4 times but comes every time.

Besides this, the symptoms which you have mention in a website are mostly found in me but certainly mostly cured but I think Bandish is still there.

What's your advise.

Is there any Islamic way to find out who is doing all these things.

alif khan said...

As salam ualikum brother.

I have gone through your blog and I wish to seek your help. I believe that my family and I have been inflicted by black magin. I have lost everything I have and am left with zero money and property. I have not been able to earn any income since 2003. My wife and I have gone through hell these last seven years, when I say hell i mean it literally.

Please advise what I can do.

fatima said...

Dear Amel_soname,
Please give me a clearer HISAR with shakaal ! I am unable to read this one ! Anyway, I love your blog. It's great .

I've a question. How to really know who does BLACK MAGIC on you and what type and the reason ? Who is behind it all .... the MASTERMIND ? I mean the HUMAN/S who does the BLACK MAGIC ?

sana said...

I sm contacting you from the UK.I was planning to get married to someone called Imran. Just before we booked the date for the shaadi Imran started hearing voices from a Jinn. This jinn is telling him to kill me.

We have been to many different molvis but no-one has been able to help. Imran gas been told that he has had this jinn with him since birth.

Your suggestions on the the website are very helpful however I do not feel that Imran is willing to do these. He has gone into a depression phase and is planning to quit his job on the UK and move to new Zealand away from his whole family because this is what the jinn is telling him to do.

I am very worried and u am absolutely desperate for help to remove all evil from his life.

His full name is Imran khalid ghauri. He was born in the UK on 22 September 1977. His mother is called nadira jabeen ghauri.

I am absolutely desperate. Please please help me!

ibrahim Berte said...

Salam Aleykum

Hi brother i m looking for advice and help caus eof pblm of jinn, spirits and sihr : hear voices, attack my legz , knees, heels, arms, different points of my back, vertebral column, prevent me to lay down and having a rest by stinging different parts of body, pray every time but they go and come back or attack by distance, i m student they not me to study normally, single they do not want me to have possibility for marriage, live in UAE attack me for hesitating to stay and not go to block my life and health.
People gave me inefficient medicine in the past, feel tiredness, i m late in my studies

I m in the need for efficient prayers

sogat said...

Aslamwalekum my name is sogat hussain and i m living in india. Sir at present i m living in very terror conditions i have a problem that i m not getting the job since 3 yrs and if a job comes to me then i work only for 3 days the reason is that due to bad smell which comes out from my body and when i pray namaz people get move away from me plz give me some easy amel and also suggest some amel of taking bath some baba have told me that i m suffering from jadu and as i know from your blogs that u r very gud amel could u plz see that who has done jadu on me i m very gladful to u if u do this work in my favour plz reply me

Sufiya said...


My name is Sufiya and i came across ur blog while searching for a solution for my problem. I hope this time around some one will help me out. Just understand that u r my last resort. Till date i came across many people who claim to do spiritual healing but when contacted wanted huge sum of money.

My problem is not peculiar. My parents have been trying to find a suitable match for me. But things dont seem to have an happy end. Initially good proposals used to come and the people also used to come to see me. I even got engaged once but my engagement was broken. How much ever we try the proposals dont get fixed. Now, toh even people reject it through phone only. My parents are really tensed and so am i? what can be the reason behind it and please provide a solution so that i get married soon to a nice boy and in a nice family as per mine and my parents expectations. I always keep praying to Allah for this. Also, let me make it clear now only, if u r charging anything then i will be able to pay after i get married. and for this u have to trust me. I will be upto my words. Once my this problem is solved i will pay you your charges (if any). The thing is that only after i am married i may have some way to send you your fees (if any).

Please aamil sahab, dont say no. i am really hopeful that u will help me. you are my last resort. Please baba Sahab, help me out. I am really hoping for a positive reply from your side.And please suggest the most easiest way. I am doing this without the knowledge of my parents because i want to solve their problem as soon as possible

jaya said...

I came across you through internet.I need some help

I am having problems in conceiving and I suspect some one (from family only)has done some tona for this. How can I know whether my suspect is right or not?

hira said...

I have a question: There is a type of black magic that is sent to a victim

by tapping the victim's back and a moving object starts on the back like a

ball. When praying there is a feeling of moving ants. Please help.

rafiq said...

Aslam o Alequm,

janab Amel sahib,

If i want to cont you regarding few matters (like jado) how can I contact you. my matter is quite old and important

hawa said...

this is hawa, im very much interested in sihr and wanna practice it not for material purpose but for spiritual im in new delhi,can i find any book regarding this in any islamic book store or i have to consult any sufi?
khoda hafez.

Muhammad Khalid said...

IN the name of Allah

aslamualaikom I am 61 year a regular nemazee (allah ki remat) in dreams I ofeten see 1 bath rooms and pakhanas some times cleaning(with efforts) the body somes making asetnja 2 have stomic pain and 3 also see the lizadrds some tmis I through out side but some time it come in side home I will be thank full to you if guided Muhammad Khalid

Rizwan said...

Salam alaykum brother in Islam, I am Rizwan from UK,

I read some of your posts on website and trust your methods and judgments and need your urgent assistance...

I have been afflicted with magic/jinn and am very close to mental breakdown and suicide and need your help please, Im 30 years of age, married with 3 kids

When you respond i will give you details..

If it is possible on msn messenger or something like this, it will be even better...

Jazakallah Khayr, Awaiting your responce.

May Allah bless you

prince ellenberg said...

This is often a extremely very good read for me, Have to admit you might be one with the very best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.

samreen rizvi said...

Assalam o alaykum,
What is the difference between doing sifli on someone or doing bandish? How can one get break a bandish on ones marriage,job etc?

bikash said...

i m scared from everything.I feel like i m suffering from a dangerous disease but there is no sing of it.But still my fear doesnt go away still i feel like some one is going to infect me or feel like some one had already don or gonna do.I m so scared.I dont want to stay in this place i m scared help

demonicaa said...

i have 20 out of 30 symptoms of black magic, i can use bad luck and other dark things to curse

nadia said...

All the symptoms that you have mentioned on the website about how a person feels when under the influence of black magic about 90% of it applies to me.
There are so many problems in my house and my parents. My mother and father pray 5 times a day but I don't pray as much as I used to. I try to pray but I cant and when I dont pray I feel so rubbish - I cant explain the situation.
I also had a dream of a woman all in black wearing green gloves - she was dressed in a black dress she was quite short and she looked like a christian. I was trying to pray namaz in my dream but this women was holding my hands and trying to stop me from praying then my cousin stops her from coming near me.

I really am fed up of all the problems and need to know what I can pray to stop all these bad things from happening.

khalid said...

Salaam Brother,

From the symptoms listed on your site, I think my house or someone in my house might be affected by Jinns.

Can you tell if the house or someone in my house is effected or not?

Please let me know.


geeta said...

Hi Amel Soname,

I have some questions regarding the black magic.

One of my relative is doing black magic on us (wife and husband).

I have 8 yrs son and 5 yrs daughter. My question is "Any chances of doing black magic on my kids".

I am very much worried about my kids, please let me know the symptons.

Ida said...


May Allah bless you for the great website. Your a true person! Masha Allah!

dev said...

Hello Sir,

Some one in my native place has done black magic on me.

I am suffering from lots of problem.

I feel that I am losing my weight day by day and feel weak. I read all the symptoms you have mentioned in website. Is black magic really reduces weight. I am very much worried. Please reply me.

I am waiting for your answer.

Thanking You,

bpay4 said...

Dear Sir Amel, Please, can you help my family and me. We need protection. I tried writing what has been happening to my children and myself, and how strange, unbelievable and supernatural it all is, but there is not enough room. I dont know why someone would do such a thing to us as we are good people who stay out of others way. I have just realised that a good family friend is starting to behave like that of the first person i saw doing what they were doing, that is staring at my forehead and whispering something. And i recieve a call from a private number often at sunset, and it is silent, and if i dont pick it up, they leave a silent message on my messagebank. And when i got a new phone number, i only told this friend my new number to stop the strange calls, ....and i was shocked when i got a new phone number, i only told this friend my new number to stop the strange calls, ....and i was shocked when i still got that private number.... on my new phoneline! And she started the looking at my forehead thing too. So please sir can i send you what has been happening so you may help my children and me as you seem very educated and professional with this matter

Unknown said...

salam i am rinku i see one girl in my dreem some time she cray or some time she laff (hastihai) and i see in more time in my dreem know i fear to that girl and i have seen the symtom of black magic my stomack is pain and i have pain my body so give some sugestion of ayat e quran and many time she came in my dreem with the dress of bride i cant under stand what is it and i dont have any type of filling with her

nadeem said...

Dear Hazret ,

Assalam-O-Alikum ,

I am feeling a lot of Black Magic Symptoms . Can you please Check am I Under Influence of Black Magic . If So how you can help me please reply me asap .

Anonymous said...

im suffering from headache ,prayture ,stomach and my legs are get sole and i couldn't not sleep at night and cheast is getting like stack and in night i dreams scarred dreams and etc.

imran said...


i want my wife came back in my house and live in my home permanently.

I definately sure My wife mother name .They have many links in BLACK MAGIC PEOPLES .SO i definately say they can start BLACK MAGIC on me.Because they want i live in My wife Parents home.Not my parents home.But i am back in my home and kick on my wife all family.So thats why they jealous about me and they start black magic on me. MY WIFE AND THE MOTHER OF GUNCHA KHAN NAMED(TAJ KHAN) THEY CHEATES MY 4 LAC INDIAN RUPEES AND THEY TAKE OVER MY BUSSINESS ALSO.RIGHT NOW AM JOBLESS.

So pls sir you start my work and if you want my wife pics so i definately send you when you want.I want my wife came back in my home and live permanently in my house.I love my wife very much.

Anonymous said...

I read some of your blogs on the internet and I am just intrigued. Currently, I am in a bad situation. I wonder if I can get some help. I'd like to know if there is a possibility to know th person who who made something tp you.


Ramesh said...

hello i am an indian and i live in italia,i got married in january 2010 with a turkish girl she lives in adana in turkey,we were in love from almost 3 years and i went in turkey in august 2009 and i met with her family her family and my family decided that we get marry in december 2009 and she will come here in italia to me,i came back from turkey in september 2009 and i started making dcuments for marrige but in october one guy met my wife in university before marrige,i felt tht in some days after meeting that guy, my wife started getting attracted for him and she was going with him to places and she was lying me that she didnt go with him,i asked her that if she feel attracted to him then she must tell me and we dont do marrige or she can take time but she said no no he is ust my friend,then in december 2009 i went again to turkey and we did marrige there in turkey in ankara,in marrige also i didnt feel her happy and she was not happy as she was before when i went in august,anyway,i came back to italia in january and started making documents to bring her in italia,but again after marrige also she was going with him and started lying to me again.i again tried to make her understand tht she must not do this ow because she is married now and i told her tht dont meet that guy again.thn just in march 2010 suddenly she said that she is not feeling me as her husband and she want divorse from me,i was very much shocked to hear this,i spoke with her family and they said also that they dont know also why she is doing like this,but after her family didnt take much interest also,then after some time i came to know from a person in india that,that guy she met in university did the black magic on my wife,first he tried her not to marry me and then he did strong black magic on her to say me that she want divorse from me,now she is making documents to give me divorse and the person in idna told me that guy did black magic o her parents also to make them not to speak anything to my wife whatever she wil do.

i want you to helpme please tell me that is it true that that guy did black magic on my wife?and can u remove that black magic from my wife?

Please help me as soon as possible otherwise my wife wil give divorse to me,please reply me as soon as possible

Anonymous said...

Salam i want to become aamil of ya haadi. can you please tell me what should i do step by step. And do you assist in doing chila and do you charge any thing.
i want to know when i become aamil these mokel demand any thing against work we ask them to do? because i ant to help people free of chage if i become aamil.

i have seen every one charge for these thing and i have seen people they cant have money to get medicine .
thanks and Allah hafiz

sabrina said...

i need some advise plz , i have bee n widowed twice and third time divorced , i have no money or friends or familly, my cat died a few days ago and nothing is going right is ther any way you can help
thx from a distressed sister

rafi said...

Dear amel soname,
I dont know if I have evil eye or sumthing but things going good 3months ago then I have
nothing now.

I was promised job & money but never got it, I tried meeting a girl in december for shaadi many
times but I never get to see her face to face after knowing her for 2yrs.

Girl wud always luv me through day night wudnt be able to sleep without hearing my voice, but
now she has even phoned me for 1 month. Her brother dont email me or talk he never phoned me
always wud avoid it.

I never did anything, she has becme against me after 2yrs for nothing, I leave job for her
to help but she dont care anymore.

Please tell me is this evil eye or jadoo?

arif said...


I went through your blog regarding black magic & its very informative,
Thanks for taking initiative regarding the well being of mankind Allah
will surely grant you reward for the same as lots of people duas are
with you including me.

I am also a victim of black magic done by my distance relative due to
which i am unemployed for more than 2 yrs & not getting job although
I am having master degree with me. It start when I went to Delhi to
pursue my study, I was living along with my relative and there live
one daughter of my relative to whom they want me to marry and
indirectly they told my mother also for the same but neither me nor my
mother were agree for the same. At that time I use to teach their
daughter in my free time as she was illiterate unknown about her or
her family intention, but one day my mother told me about their ill
intention....and warn me.

After this I stop living along with them and started avoiding them,
After completing study I found 1st job that last for 20 days
thereafter I got 2nd job in telecom which last for 4-5 months and then
the 3rd one in media which also last for 5 months and let me tell you
that in all circumstances I have found that in spite of my hard work I
unable to get success and also all of my bosses have different
(negative) attitude toward me which is also notice by my co-worker.
Thereafter although I am getting interviews calls but not with
positive result( as I dont get any feedback from the interviewer.

These relative of mine visit my home frequently and for making long
stay they makes various excuses like not getting railway reservation

In my recent visit to my home I have found that there is something
was drawn with blood on the wall of my room where my relative use to
stay, for which I have confirmed with my ustadji (urdu teacher).and
he told me that it is some evil work done from their side. After this
my ustadji has given one tabiz along with amal to be done for 40
days...Its been 25 days of performing the amal during this time I came
across your blog " breaking black magic for Rizq through quran" in
which u have mention for the recitation of certain ayats from
different surah after every prayer which I am performing since 22nd of

Please do let me know about the precaution that I need to take under
these circumstance and also about any needful suggestion from your
side for the same. I am living out of my hometown since i had left to
pursue my study & work Looking forward for your prompt reply.

sabine said...

i have al ready 3 children but now i can not get pergnant i had 2 miscarreges there is one person ore more in my in law family the want to destroy my marrige and want my husband to marry some one else they have done a lot of things one my husband .the person who i suspect is his sister in law
please help me i am now married for years but i have had a missarabel live since i got married to my husband he has beaten me a lot . please help i have had ask a lot of people but notting works with my husband and for me i want to have more children but they stopped it how can i undo this please help me my husband even take rent of the house from me he does not give money but takes all you are muy last hope.

kiran said...

Asalam- Alaikum,
I have read your article online regarding Jado, tona and cures.I want to discuss my family problems and find a cure for it, Would you be able to help me in this regard, and how much do you charge.
Please respond now, It is very imparitive for me to get help now.

najah said...

Dear Amel Soname
I am from Maldives. my father is having lot of problem, we had taken him to India and other Countries to get him cured , but so far no much progress. So can you tell me what is happening to him i beg your pardon and pray for you by the Grace of Allah.

kiran said...

I need to know if what is happening in my family is something psychological consiquencies of the past or if somone has cast any spell on us

kashif said...

AoA ,

Hope you will be fine by the grace of Allah. I am a Pakistani student living in Paris these days. I saw your adress in your website and decided to write to you in the hope to get some help. I had a very successful life. I was a government officer in Pakistan then I got a scholarship for higher studies in France and I came here. After coming here, my life became difficult. I got failed in my studies and lost my scholarship. I did not go back and decided to stay here and to do job and complete my studies. I started a job here and continued my studies. I passed my Master and now want to do PhD. I have a huge loan to pay back. Every time I reach nearer to any success, it disappears and my life becomes harder by every passing day. I just want to ask you if it is because of some magic or due to some of my sin. I try to do toba from Allah for my deeds. Few of my relatives want to have my proposal for their daughters but I refused. They have some track record of doing magic to others. Thats why I am a bit suspicious. I am writting you in a hope to get some help. Please guide me any thing from Holy Quran to recite to improve my life situation. May Allah shower His blessings upon you. wsalam

tanuja said...


I am a Mauritian.I have been suffering from black magic for a very long time nearly 15years.But we discovered it in 2003 when my sister started getting ill and she was manifesting.every year it was the same thing.we have been living a hell life since 2003, no peace, no pleasure every time stressed. In 2005 my sister was very ill again and we got someone to help us(a muslim man). it was then that i discovered that I was ill as well n so was my mum and dad. I started my law studies since 2002 but after doing well in my first year i didnt want to continue.everytime i tried to studied i couldnt and before my exams i got total blank, i can't study as if i dont have any brain, i cant write in the exams my hands start trembling,black out,feel something trembling in my stomach. everytime i am failing or passing on very low marks. My final exams was last year and it has been hell. I was so ill during that period,my head was exploding, could not even pray. on the eve of my exams while closing my eyes i even saw someone hanging in front of me. I used to see fumes in the room n i had to remove all my god murthis. my mum,my dad,my sis n me we all suffer from this problem. we have wasted so much money with that n our money is just going in water.we just work but cant enjoy any penny. But the muslim man(Ja) help us a lot though we are hindu. He is just like a family member to us. he was just god sent. My sister and I even left Mauritius n went to UK to study but we are leaving just a nightmare even there. Last November I came from Uk to be able to cure myself. Ja removed many things that i ate , that was in our flower box, from graveyard. BUT THERE IS STILL SOMETHING ON ME THAT IS NOT LEAVING ME.Even Ja is perplex n he cant see where is this is coming from anymore.

Please Help me

sultan said...


do you have any contact Nr. i mean any telephone Nr pl can you sent to me your's contact.
i need help from you.

Anusha said...

brother,its been long dat me nd my feiance actuly husbend cz we did neka,sufring problems.wud u b able to help me cz 8s problm of jado dat da 3rd person did on us.dat person wanted me bt i marid some1 els nd nw he did kind of jodo dat my husbend is lik a strainger with me.he beahvs as he dosnt knw me nd he dosnt lik talkin,siting nd meeting with me.he has no interst n me nd he maks excuses nd dose fight al da time.basikly he dosnt care about me.i did two tawiz on him they didnt work dn i washed plz brother 4 da sake of alah help me nd giv me a usful wazifa f u can

kawal said...

i searched the web and find out your site.i truly appreciate your site and its efforts and give prayers for you guys.
i am zeinab fida ,married,23years old,got 1 daughter.i live in saudi arabia .my city name is yanbu.
ever since this last year i am having problems with my LIVER .
problems are= i feels alot of pain in my liver whenever my pain starts i feels like crying.i can say tht i never felt tht much pain even when my daughter was just kills me or in other words i feels like cutting n taking my liver out .any pain killers dosent work for me even if i take 5 or 6 or more than tht.
due to this liver problem my other digestive parts r also affected,i got STONE in my GALLBLADDER .i went to doc n took medicine but all invain...
slowly slowdly i got other problems also my face is full of PIMPLES i got ACNE problem.i feels alot of pain in my shoulder blade.foods doesnt seems to be digested easily.i dont feel sleepy at night i am always constipated ,and blah blah alot of other problems short i am fed up.
well i just feels like getting older and older ..
please kindly help me out .
p.s tell me tht am i the victim of black magic?IF SO then is black magic is causing "ACNE" on my face..?how long it has been? and how much time it will take for me to remove magic and get well?and one last question how can i know tht some one is doing magic on u before symptoms of magic starts to occur<?
kindly help me out.i will be thankfull to u .

nimrod said...

Dear Amel

I have red your page on the internet about black magic and i was wondering if i have personally been under the spell in the recent time. Fact is you can never be short with enemies
amd in fact I found a dead cat in a black bag in my front garden 8 months ago. a few weeks later I found a pigs leg again in my front garden. do you think this s part of a black magic spell?
if yes whic spell has been cast on me and my family?

asam said...

asslam o alkum
i believe i have been affected by black magic for the second time. I seems to feel incredibly depressed and everything that was good in my life or i wanted seems to have gone wrong i used to have daily nighmares of being attacked by strange people etc and waking up in night after being scared i went to see a molvi he gave me taweez water to drink and told me to resite allahs name (ya hafiz) whiles rubbing this paper on my self and then burn it and repeat for 21 days. The first 21 days dint work and re gave me a stronger one and told me to repeat 21 days again and i dont have the dreams and moment but still feel the same is there any ways i can make sure for myself if there is anything if its gone cause i just feel like im going crazy now. p.s also feel incredibly fed up with everything life and so on.

I relise something might of been up cause i was getting these dreams and then listened to ayat ul kursi on youtube and recored it to my pc at night when felt really scared when played it back it was all changed and the voice was changed and when really deep and could really hear it was pretty scary not sure if it was problem recoreding it did it again in morning and it came out fine.

just wanna now if im still affected by it or ever was or if im just paranode

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Asalaam Allaiqum !!!!

I have seen your many posts for the resolving the problems of " Black Magic"

We entire family consist 10 Members, Father, Mother, Me, My Wife, My Daughter, My Elder Brother, My Elder Sister in Law, One niece, And Two Nephews.

Since last so many years fWe are acing some or the another difficult problems, Most of Our Relatives, Friends says that might we have Some Black Magic Effects.

Every time some or the another member Fall seek, or Most of times whenever we try to do some any work or even small simple work , we get obstacle, delayed in our work, Even Whatever we earn it never remain in our house, some or the another expense come up.

With the grace of Allah atlist we do not have any Major Fight problem within family, Even my Mother & Brother. is very Spirituals, They Offer Namaz & Also Do the Reading of Our Islamic Stuff. We always pray to god, We are the People who never want to interefear in Black Magic Concept, Even We pray To ALLAH that If Somebody is doing Something Wrong ( Black Magic)to us, Please Forgive him , Ya Allah Bless Him, We wish goodness for that unknown Person.

Money And Helath is the major issues at our Family,

I will Appreciate if you will suggest some remedies Solutions !!!

rizwan said...

Assalam walekum Amel Soname Sahab,
I am writing this from USA. I read your blog on the internet and got this feeling in my heart that you are one of the few people who are really honest and sincere and whatever ilm Allah has awarded you, you utilize it to help other people. I am in great need of some roohani help because of my situation. Let me explain in detail so that you have better idea about my situation.All my life, I have been making wrong decisions and causing problems for myself. When I was studying in university here in the USA for my engineering degree, at one point, I was in deep financial trouble and in desperation, can u check plz what going on me

Asif said...

sir as i see my life become more measurable day by day.i dont know why.i'm a study isn't completed yet.1yr still to finished.i have a i did not complete the ceremony and she is not with me.she is in her own home.suddenly she changed.she dont love me and she quarrel with me all the time.i dont know whats going on.i think somebody did black magic her could u plz help.i'm searching for help all over the world through internet.thrs nobody left behind me.i lost in my mind and so depressed.i think to suside myself.dont understand whats going on and whats wrong around me.everybody act so strange.rather i don have any job,any my family act strange too....i dont know u could help or not.i really dont know.but if i did disturb you and waste your valuable time plz forgive me then.


Dear Janab. Assalamalikum

I am writing this to you with very hope that you shall show me the right path to solve my problem, if i have one actually.

Sir, I am a business person based in Hyderabad, India.

I am undergoing a sort of dilemma, confusion and delay in running my business on day to day basis. i feel dull, not interested in doing things of business, postponing tasks always and laziness. Actually this was not my nature at all.

But, since a year or so iam very very lazy and always keep postponing things. Why is it? Is some one have done some black magic on me? What is causing me to stop my business motivations? please help me if you can.

azra said...

Dear Brother,

I saw your duaa against kala jado. Please can you help me. My son who was very very obedient and good in his studies has all of a sudden stoped his studies and does not listen to us any more. It looks like he is least bother about his family. Also he is not praying any more. I am not sure if its NAZAR or some thing else. Do you know any prayers that I should recite to get my son back.

safina said...


amy said...

I saw your comment in a web page about magic and you write down a few of the bad thing can be done to a you know how I can do any of this spell..

it is some person that been damage my live for a while now and just want he to stop doing that or easy way for him to despairer of my live.

pleas if you can help me to know how to do one good spell please contact me.

kareem said...


Amel soname

I see you on internet. Now i want to consult about two problem.

1. 1996 may father died. From that day my family is still under
crisis. there is problem in marraiges of my sister and brother.pls
tell me what is the problem and about its soultion.
2. My uncle is under the effect of black majick. he is suffering from unknown problem. Pls tell me the
solution. and who did the black majic on him.

shafqat ali said...

Janab Assalam-o-Alaikum,

Some people have inserted a jinn inside my body through black magic. Whenever I listen to Quran Recitation my body and specially head start shaking. I have consulted many aamils and tried several method to get treated however, so far there has been no luck.

Also all my work has been destroyed and my health has also got effected.

Is there any way that I can get rid of this black magic.

Anonymous said...

Dear brother

i heard about you from one of my friend. I hope you can solve my problem.

My situation is that my in laws and my husband's sisters are creating problems in my married life.
My husband's sisters are living with us and my husband just looks after them and listens to them.
He talks to them for hours and spend time with them. He does not listen to me. can you help me

hina said...

Aslam Alekum,
My name is Hina well i have facing alot of problems since last 15 years. I have red some of your pages written on devil,black magic, the same spells happened in our home so many times but thr is no one who can protect us except GOD. All the amels just take money and do nothing. My father passed away when i was just three years old since then we are living with our maternal uncles. But now our home is getting worest and worest day by day no hope only tention, diseases, sorrows and downfall. my elders are getting mad day by day coz of all this we dont know who is doing this and how to get rid of this. I recently got nikkah no one suppoorted me in dat i wasl all alone with my mon sisters and aunties. My uncle did nt took any interestin the function. My rukhsati is in the end of april now again they have started fights and creating financial problems at home. My husband was very loving and supportive now he is getting stubborn day by day. I recved so many calls from a person name Ali that my husband is already married and he will give divirce after 2 years i am so tensed abt all this dun know wht to do.

Anonymous said...

my husbent is giving me divorce why not any ubrupt reason becuse he is so attach to his family and his family brain washed him tottly. i want you to see what you can do . he already put the divorce filed too. so let me know how much you take and how you do this. becuse at the moment i dont have that money too, so let mes see what we can do. thanks

ejaz said...

Assalaam alai kum,
i m suffering from evil problems from many yrs.there is something in my body which sucks my blood n flesh of body is melting in a horrible way resulting in extreme weakness of body day by day.i m in extreme suffering .i feel like i m in hell.nobody understand my problems.i m suffering frm age 14 now i m 28.plz plzzz help me n reply soon.i m waiting plz give ur cell no.Thank u

Anonymous said...

My problem is in the following:

Three months ago I noticed how my health is disturbed, that I made with angina pectoris, severe chest pain, rapid heart beat, difficulty breathing, urinating often .......

Medical findings showed liver damage due to elevated triglycerides and elevated enzymes due to the damaged muscle tissue of the heart or liver. Settle with it because the long time I smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol. But all that lasted until the moment three weeks ago.

In fact, in my pillow to sleep I found rather unusual leaf extract from the Koran, wrapped in a kind of triangle nylon and coated with a size of 3 cm. From that moment, I suspect that probably I am the victim of magic.

Searching the internet come to your site and you got the right to address you in order that will help me.
If You want I will take a photo from this letter in Arabic language and to send you maybe you will realize that it works.

Ensia said...


My name is Ensia .The reason I am writing to you is because I am
going through a very bad phase in my life.
MY marriage and job is at stake and my father is very ill.

All these things starting after I got married on 7 Oct,2010.Right
after my marriage my Mother in law started trobling me.
I doubt she performs Black magiv.

In dec,2010 I came to Delhi to meet my parents.I didn't have any fight
with my husband.I was very happy to meet my parents.But my mother in
law created stupid issues and called my parents and humiliated them.My
husband was with my mother in law.He called me up and told me not come
back to his house.
We didn't have any fight wheN i came to Delhi.I came to meet my
parents with my husband's consent.
In jan ,2011 when me and my parents met my husband and his parents
they right away asked for divorce.In just 4 days when i was away from
my husband ,my husband and my mother in law decided for divorce.

When The reason was asked for talaq they gave al the stupid excuses
That i don't like MUmbai.And I compared Delhi with Mumbai and I don't
talk to my husband's friends etc.My Mother in law told my parents that
I compared her washing machine
with my parents washing machine.My husband and his family gave all
invalid excuses for divorce and they humiliated my parents.

My father was under so much stress that he got paralysis attack and
was admitted in hospital for a week.He was on bed for the next 15

My husband and his parents took advantage of this situation and tehy
sent me a talaqnama stating that a divorce has happened between me and
my husband on 14th feb.They talaqnama reached us on 5th
march,2011.They even sent us a cheque of meher and iddat which were
I showed both the cheqques in bank and they saod that The cheues were
fake and can not be encahed.

I doubt that my mother in law performs back magic.May be I am wrong
but I strictly doubt it.Because my father has always been a very
healthy man mashallah.He never had Blod pressure as well.But all of a
sudden he got paralysis attack.And right after my father got the atack
I was sent a talaqnama by my husband.They didnt even ask me about my
father's wellness.I never had any fights with husband but in just 4
days ,when i was away from my husband, he decided for talaq.
Now my husband don't even want to see my face.He said he hates.He
hasen't called me since January,2011.He refused to meet me and my
motehr in law don't allow him to come to delhi and meet me.

My mother in law prays every day for 5-6 hours.I doubt she is doing
some Amaal to seperate me and my husband.

she might me doing some black magic as well beacause whenever I usedto
pray she used to interrupt me.I don't know why.She even used to ask me
The duas I used to read after Namaz.

May I am wrong.I am writing to you with my problem.I would be
gratefull if you can help me on this and provide an insight and
solution to my problem.

mahsina said...

I am from India and i am in deep problem. I got married in january
2009 n since then i am almost bedridden. It was arranged marriage.
I have consulted few people here in india n they all say i am a victim
of black magic etc.
i am tired going to doctors. Since last 5 months i am in my fathers
house. My husband always tells me he will come n take me but sumhow
keeps postponding. He is also having lot of financial problems.
Amel sahab plz help me.

Rahela said...


Amel soname i read your articles on black magic and i was wondering if you could help me out with my situation and hopefully inshallah give me advice on what to do.

Today i went to my mums grave with my auntie in the morning and i was reading surat yaseen when my auntie realised that their were two pots digged in the mud and you only could see the top of it and it was put between my mums grave and my grandads ( behind their graves).

my auntie came and told my cousins and my cousins went to dig it out and when they dug it out they found loads of black chillis and black stuff. and they threw it farawy from the graveyard.

could you tell me please what this means and how come they did this. can you tell me if it was someone in the family who has done his.

zara said...

Assalamu alai kum
i read all ur posts...they are very useful to me..ur a amil nd kamil i want to ask u can a amil or a person can go in others body nd here others facing this problem .Im seeing one of my relative(my mami-- she can hear what we say in other room or in our home far from her,she has a amil in her hand i saw him coming in her nd casting some spell on me,3 months back) in my ammi, she is coming everyday.unnecessarily she became my enemy..2years 6 months i suffered of sifli ilm on me..i got cured but she is attacking me parents also r understanding but they r saying coz of magic ur seeing her. i dint read anywhere abt this kind of power.
how they get this power.what shud i recite to stop her nd him. i want to get rid of one are helping in this..plzz do reply reciting all reversals u posted..i dont know about this how she is coming in all female persons.if u know about plzz do reply..dua mein yaad rakho bhai.
Allah Hafiz...

hamas said...

Assalam o Alaikum
I am very glad about your help to other people may ALLAH bless you
I want to ask you some question
I am suffering from an unknown situation i have no control on myself my mind is always dreaming and if i think about to do a thing i cant do i am a student and whenever i think about study my mind always changed and my mind starts thinking to do something big not like this little study please help me and tell me is this black magic or some thing else like i am not punctual of prayers but now i am trying my best
i am telling you some symptoms
many time my my things like (money , my keys , my books , and many other things) disapeared from my eyes and after some time i get them all when i dont need them and i have some other symptoms which you mention in your article like

1) if some one sees motion or urine in his dream or see himself in bathroom or with the motion attached to his body, see himself/herself in unhygenic condition.
2) headache.
3) the whole body is in pain.
4) the one wishes or wants to have sex.
5) back-ache or has pain in kidneys
6) smelly fats.
7) feels like the body is on fire.
8) the whole body remains hot and so does the mouth.
9) eyes remain red and feels irritation in eyes.
10) you feel to go to the bathroom after a little while for urine and motion.
11) fast heat beats.
12) diffuculty in breathing and have chest pain.
13) become irritant.
14) face complexion changes and becomes darker day by day. the more worse the magic is the more your complexion will become darker.

faisal said...

Dear Sir

I am student , 21 years old.I affected by Black Magics since 7 years.

Causes: My development and My future career

So many weired things and situation happened to me.

Symptoms for myself

1)I saw motion my dream or in bathroom or with the motion attached to the body.

2. I can't study and something confusing my mind and meaningless things appeared in my mind especially when i study.

3.I can't Improve myself in any field

4.I am getting stopped wherever i want to improve...

Those who did magic against me,they knew my mother's name and also they had my photos .These are the things happened to me due to the relative circles ,problems and situations.

My life still seems to be good because of Allah.

Could you help me please and what should I do

zalila said...

WoOow , Very Strange...but thank you for viewing

sara said...

i am having many symptoms of that and i know even from before the i am captured with black magic.
my health, beauty, carrier, peace, sleep every thing is disturbed.
please give me tip to get out of it :)
i am so helpless...................... going to lost hope
may god bless you
Allah hafiz

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir,
Some one has done magic on wife. I got professional help last year . She recovered approximately 60% . She also recited last two SORAH of The Holly Quran 100 Times each after Fajar Prayer for 40 days. But still she feels a sudden jerk in the whole body & intestine same as someone turning key . Please suggest some solution to avoid the trouble forever.

rasheed said...

Dear Sir
what u mention its totally happened to me ... how could i avoid that??
please help me??

saeed said...

Asalaam, hope u r enjoying life well.
Some body did black magic on me. Please you will do some thing to relase my self those bloody people.
My name is Saeed

yusaf said...

Dear Brother in Islam,
I hope you are in the best of health.I am from peterborough united kingdom.

I have read your blog site on the internet & wanted some advise. I am being subjected to some magicians who persistently sit outside my house/place of work & read some of their wazifas(so i suspect). We have had a problms with black magic in our whole family. I am a regular reader of Qur'an e karim & just wanted to know if there was anything i can read to counter attack their spells on us? Jazzakallah khair in advance & Ramadhan mubarak.

sarfaraz said...

assalam aloikkom,..
my name is sarfaraz im from india , married for 2yrs and i dont have child once my wife was conceive but because of not any growth in foetus we have aborted it please see is there any black magic have done on both of us

abdul said...


Dear Brother

Can you please advise on below,

I am a Muslim male, 34 years of age,

1, Feel hatred about my wife

2, feel loads of anger specially with my wife

3, mood changes very often

4, feel like sick

5, loads of bad thoughts about my wife, like c having affair or c does somthing bad to me

6, kind of feeling that to divorce her, i dont like her

7. unrest in my heart most of the time

8. lot of anger all the time, if my wife ask me anything i dont want to reply her properly, or give her bad answers

9. i feel angry most of the time

10. feel bit of feverish

11. feel a splel of hot in my body

Please advise what has happen to me and your charges

If you need further info please do not hesitate to contact me

Anonymous said...

Salam alaikum ustadh amel some,am musilu from Lagos nigeria.Am a victim of black magic,and all my effort to break d magic on my own prove abortive.Couples of week ago i stumble on a amal on d net where i was told to recite al-falaq shareef as part of the amal. Pls i want to know is surah al-falaq d same thing as surah al-falaq shareef.if there is different pls send me al falaq shareef in roman text and i also want to know if al falaq can be used in place of al falaq shareef.May ALLAH [SWT] increase u in knowledge AMIN.

ghulam said...


i have a request. if you are knowledgeable in ilm e jafar is it possible you can provide me with your contact details as i need to discuss things with someone who is skilled in this science.

hashim said...

i read your article on a site about black magic. and its remedies according to quran. i was wondering if you can tell me a remedy.. we suspect our father has been under the effect of black magic from jealous relatives or some other people, and his income has been blocked since 8 years now. and the situation is getting very serious.. can you help me in this regard?

ahsan said...


I am from Canada. I know someone has done black magic on me and my family.
How can you help with this.

ali said...

Asalam O Alaikum,

I had just came across your article/post regarding magic symptoms, diagnosis and cure about few minutes ago and I decided you write you on few questions. Very well helped people on this miserable issue, may God be pleased with you. Ameen!

I have studied all the related posts and everything in them ofcourse - I just need to know few things now that I hope you will be certainly knowing of them. Before asking you anything I think I should introduce you to the problem background first. My father has married twice, the first wife is dead and I with my three sisters are from his second wife. His other children for his first wife are now all married, and settled happily in their homes. But we are not married and are students. Struggling for jobs and marriage and do not have good finances as well. Moreover, our steps never liked us. Never for last 26 years.

1- My sister has got engaged on 3rd July 2011 with our first cousin, there are many people on the other side of our family, our steps, who (not openly) but were in the opposition of their marriage. Anyway, they got engaged but days after their engagement, things begin to change with no good reason - infact with no reason! My sister lost interest in her job, she has become weak now. Besides, they both just dont get time to talk to each other. Whenever they talk, they see troubles and differences among each other. Things have become cold enough and my sister has gone into depression. I have studied for LOH for marriage and love. I have decided to buy one for her and will ask her to do its wazeefa for prescribed 41 days. The loh maker is a genuine and tested person.

2- Now we don't know whether there is any magic on her or not. Besides, we never believed in magic but I looked into it now for not being a narrow focused person since there could be a magic, why not? Anyway, but if there is some magic on her, would that LOH for marriage and love work? for how long and how?

3- How to cure magic? only by reciting verses 8 and 9 of surah yaseen with duroood before and after? no emulets or LOH or sadqas are required? No stones like amethyst? No anything else?

hassan said...

how are you doing sir. sir i am having problems with my wife she lives overseas. we had nikkah but no rukshati yet. i went to a local peer for this problem he told me to bring eggs of a balck desi hen and he will write something on them and then i l have to give them heat for 31 days. is it black magic or something. can you please help me out thanks.

Tanvir said...

As salaamu alaikum

Amel Sahib, I need some help and advise from yourself.

Some one is repeatedly doing very strong magick on me. Excruciating pain in back, chest and sides. It feels as if I am dying

My name is Tanvir
I need some advise on how I can protect myself.

Wa salaam

ismail said...

assalamalikum hazrat

i have been married since one year, and today my wife wants divorce because we could not make love for the whole year, not because of any medical problems but because we had given time. we showed some hazrats n all said black magic is done on us, could you throw us some light on hazrat gave me water to drink for 7 days, 15 lemons to have a batch with , 3 tawiz one to hang on tree one to be kept under a warm thing and one with me. then he gave some stuff to mix in water n drink like sonf and zeera, then he gave hing and lassan to smell..i donno who to trust many of the amels out there use tawiz and lemons or other sources like jinns. i was looking for an amel who solely relies on Allah and quran, no biddat no shirk. if you could provide me with your mobile number i could call you, as my wife hates the sight of me and is pointing out all small small things for divorce and never wants to come back.please help me brother. i am in dubai, but from india


imtiyaz said...

I wanted to ask you a question i have been informed by a family member that my wife has been cheating on me, i confronted her but she swears by the Quran that this is a lie, is there any way i can find out if she is telling the truth or if she is lying

urooj said...

Assalamu Alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatahu,
my friend his family has been suffering jado because his dad has got another wife. His mother belongs to a "syed" family she has that title and she
prays five times a day on time and prays alot. So I think there is a "bandish" and separation black magic spell thats afflicted them..
I know the boy is affected. He gets accidents which is obviously due to jadu and liek you mentioned before affected physically, mentally, psychologically and
emotionally in every manner. His ammi gets angry easily over small things.
Would it be possible if you could further investigate their problem and just see whats happening because I suspect there is a bandish.
And i know if they don't take action then the situation and their halaat will worsen and the jadu that their relatives are doing will work.
Will you need to know his mothers mothers name i mean his grand mothers name? and mothers date of birth?
I just need to help them so could you please reply as soon as possible...
May ALLAH Subhanahu wa ta'ala help him and his family ameen ameen ya rabbil alameen..!
ramzan mubarak

Anonymous said...

Dear Amel Soname,

I am an International Businessman who has lost more than USD 50
Million and many Companies in various Gulf Countries & India are in
sick stage as of now and is the verge of suicide.

I got your details from your Web Site and has seen that you cure Black
Magic influences and seems that you are doing Research & helping
people in this regard. Hence, I thought of sending you this since
everyone I have approached in this World has failed in my case
includeding the most popular ones in this field.

I am under the influence of severe Black Magic suffering from Blocked
Income & Profits for the last 25 years, since August 1986.

I have approached almost all well known persons in the field like
Sathya Sai Baba, Maharshi Mahesh Yogi, Osho Rajneesh, Amma Bhagavan,
Pandit Shri Ravi Shanker, almost all Hindu, Christian & Muslim
astrologers & Magicians in South India & North India, many astrologers
in Nepal and many other Countries and not only that everybody has
failed miserably, they were all attacked and wounded severely by this
Spirit. I have spent more than a Million USD to come out of this and
has been in vain and has reached a situation where I am unable to
spent anything further.

My problem is that, a Spirit of Vanadurga Devi that was helping me and
attached to me was turned against me by my enemies through Witchcraft
/ Black Magic, in the year August 1986 and since then it is blocking
all my fortunes, income & profits. Further, whoever I deal with will
become my enemy for no reason whatsoever and will start acting against
me, inspite of whatever good I do for them.

If you have the solution, courage & capacity to handle this problem,
take it as as a challenge and help me for which I would ever be
grateful to you. If you are able to solve this problem and bring the
Vanadurgadevi to do good to me, bring income & profits, I dont mind
the amounts involved once the goal is acheived.

But, please take up this case only if you have the capacity & courage
to handle this problem, otherwise you & me will be hurt togather.

zaiba said...

Me and my husband got married and engaged . His family is in India and they did not know about this. He loved me way to much and was sure his family will agree .when his family came here they refused the rishta and forced my husband emotionally to leave me. They said to him either choose her or us.
He has changed so much . He does not care about me what I'm going through . So I'm fearing someone did something on him . Plead help what should I read so he comes back to me. This is injustice happening to me. I really love him and want things to work between us. Please send me an Amal I can do so he can see the truth and stand up for me and tell his parents we got married. Please help.

karmakar said...

how to make a taweeb for job and immigration?
how to recerse black magic spell?

ayesha khan said...

can you guide me i like a boy and he left me and ignore me ..i pray daily and i want to marry him can you guide me for any taweez etc..plz reply
Allah Hafiz

nadir said...

Hi Amel, I've got lots of problems with my wife I'm 24 and she's 34. And she seems to be so selfish everytime. I went today to a tarot reader and she told me that my wife's mother is casting spells of black magic to us to get separated from each other. I think this is true, I know my wife's mother doesn't like me, although she's an hypocrite. My wife is so cold, she's always obsessed with anything but me, I feel so depressed all the time and I don't know what to do. I found you on the Internet. We recently moved to Toronto, Canada, and I don't know anyone here, I'm so lonely and I got nothing but trouble. Please I need someone to help me. I'm also unemployed and I left everything to be with her and we love each other so much. But I know something evil is going on. This situation ain't normal. PLEASE I desperately need someone to HELP ME.

I deeply thank your time and consideration.

sabahat said...

my name is sabahat, i am muslim, & i live in america. i personally need your help, so does my family really bad,i have 9 children and i think they are all affected by black magic. i do pray 5 times a day but i need more help as in to curing them, well someone in particular, my prayers in this ramadan is to help my kids my self and my family. thats my hope to Allah, thank you & may Allah bless you

Anonymous said...

I have come across your blog about black magic. The reason why I have been researching black magic is because a lady intiated me last night as I was leaving my sisters house and told me how I have negative energy. I did not believe her when she told me that because it is obvious from my face I am feeling down. Then she told me about some man who I have feelings for and told me that she believes a spanish girl made a spell on so he cannot be involved in a relationship with anyone. She has asked me if I wanted to research this and reverse the spell. I am not sure if I should believe her but she saw a picture about him and told me some things about him and my family that I am not sure about.

My father passed away two weeks ago and my mother passed away 2.5 years ago. I am 22 years old and I am struggling with finances, emotional detatchment. I do not want to do anything I will regret. However, if there is a spell on this man, what should I do for him? What should I do to cleanse negativity away from my house? I have enough troubles in reality with this world I do not need to be battleing devils and so forth. Alhamdulilah my problems are al ot and through Allah everything is possible.

Thank you for your time, hope to hear from your soon

bibi said...

I saw your wrting on web i need help to remove black magick

Anonymous said...

Respected Guruji,

I am facing from Black Magic since last 15 years please tell me that who is doing black magic on me. I have doubt that a person Dungra Ram & his son doing black magic on me through tantrik whether it is possible.

You are kindly requested to please tell me the who is doing so.


Hicham said...

Salam Aleikum!

I finded you on the internet. How can I come in contact with you?

I really need your help about black magic.

Yours sincerely

safa said...

I have read your article and was wondering if the symptoms only happen to men? or is it women as well..?
thanks for your time :)

Anonymous said...

I have a lot of problem. No matter what I do I can not find a job.
If people promise me something, I don't her from them again.
I is very difficult for to make money and I am always very depressed.
Every time I try to do something it all breaks. And I see that it is not normal.
Somebody told me a girl putted magic in my food.

What should I do?

fatima said...


i was going looking for cure of black magic when i came across your threads on some family and i are in great trouble and i

belive you can help me since your posts were really good.its been more then three years when im getting this feeling that something is wrong.

there are number of problems which are happening in my life,i used to be a good student and i had a dream to do medical.i wanted to serve

people.unfortunately, im not able to do this.everyone gets shocked and they say this is not possible especially my teachers.i work really hard

sometimes i feel as if someone is controlling my family and me do not believe in magic though it is clearly written in quran that it happens.i don't feel like offering prayers anymore

my parents nand sibling are facing problems as well.we have good source of income.still we have financial mother gets sick a lot
at times she is not able to get up from bed.doctors say its because of thyroid.but this much problem is very unusual. at times i see shadows running from one corner to other corner of my house.which is weird

my siblings are not able to perform well in studies.kindly help me with some dua's or whatever.i will be so much grateful to you.

i don't know anyone who can help me out in such case as some people say these aalim people charges and sometime they put you in me please help me.moreover im giving my papers in this october.tell me some dua that this magic doesn't
spoil my exams and i perform well.

help me please help me.reply soon

umer said...


i need your help please help me find out my problems... we have been facing so many aamils who are strange taking moneys and
saying different things, till now no response, we are not able to afford high rates. some are demanding so much money. i live in saudia with my parents can u suggest me someone here in Riyadh Saudia Arabia who is affordable and real aamel with no fake issues, or maybe u can help me. first please i want u to know my problems i know u have mashallah very much knowledge so that u can know my all problems

hina said...

Assalamalaikum, i am soooo troubled in life specially since the last few years - have had divorce( took khula) is plagued by diseases , no health, body aches, suicidal thoughts, depression, dejection( you name the problems-spiritually, physically - i have them) was affected by black magic - as was told by a maulana - almost 20 years ago( a jealous relative gave me in an edible stuff)- has been asking ALLAH (S.W) for help to cure me for soooo many years now-came across your site on the internet-what should i do?

farhan said...

asalam o allaikum brother i want to discuss something about my health, i am feeling very bad from the last 6 months, there is no medical or physical problem i have done every medical test and visited many good doctors but they say everything is fine, kindly help me in this matter

khadijah said...

Asalamu Alaykum brother
My name is khadijah.I am a new revert residing in calgary,canada..i am wondering if you casn explain exactly what is meant by recite "darood".I found out there are several different "darood" and i am confused.i am going to try all of your remedies and wait for the results.I know these things haunt me because i have all the effects.Salam, i will keep you in my prayers
p.s. I am first nations and not arabic or other so please try to explain in english as much as possible.

meena said...

asslam alik hum
this is meenaz here iam married to a muslim felllow i was a non muslim... it is their family members who accepted me whole current problem is that iam very badly hit by black magic......not only me but my husband and daughter also....u believe it or not all these is done by my husbands family and his mothers family.....iam telling u this not because i dont like them its cos i have heard a seen those people doing such things on others.......if u r true person then u will understand it by ur self,,,,i need not tell u the names of the persons u will come to know it ur self......plz help me to get rid of it,,,,, and i just waited for six years i thought everything will get ok one day ,,but things seems to getting worse and worse day by day,,,,we husband and wife dosent have a good relation,,,just have fights for sill reasons and come to a conclusion of devorce,,,,but we both love each other verry much..financially these days we are very weak,,,,there is no peace in our family,,,our any work dosent start well and dosent end well...please help me out.......................................if u really want to help the society people then please think that iam ur younger sister and in lot of trouble.....i really cant explain u all my problems,,,,,please help me out please its my humble request to u is that help me out...........

Anonymous said...

what is rehmani ilm. I think some one has done this what to do.

vicky said...

Dear Sir,

Assalam o alaikum,

Sir i feel that some one has done blackmagic on me.. I am hindu and seriousley belive that some thing is wrong with me. I have lost my love, my professioal life is going very bad and there huge debts on me. I dont know why this has happned. Even I lost my baby this week it was aborted. My friend she is no more taking to me, where we use to share every thing our comptatibility was very good now she is saying that she is afraid that i will change like every men. She says its early to turst me. I dont want to meet her see her or even touch her. I just want to be frenz with her, atleast we can share our things on phone.

My professional life is going very bad, I do very much for my company but still my seniors think that I dont work. I even spend money from my salary for my companys work but still every one hates me.

My baby 5 months was aborted on 14th august as it was a abnormal baby..after tests doctors told us. It was our first baby since 2008. My parents keeps on fighting with each other there is so much tension in our house. There is no sign of happines.

My debts are becoming very huge and I dont know why this all is happening with me. Kindly Guide me.

Naeem said...

Assalamo Alaikum

I am Naeem and somebody told me that i have some attack of kala jadu and thats why my mostly works are stopped and where ever i am going and what ever i am doing i am not successful. So can u please tell me what happened and how it can be cured
Thanks and waiting please.

hira said...

im a victim of black magic please help to get rid of fedup with this.

asif said...

Assalam-o-Alieykum Brother,
I have read your blog online and very impressed with your knowledge. Is there a way you can check if I am under a spell of any Shaitan?

karim said...


I read all your blogs and i must say they are very helpful. I wanted to know how important is the name of the mother in getting a girl to love you!? what if the mother name is not known to me or the guy that i want to break up my girlfriend his mother name is not known, will ilme jaffar still work?

please let me know soon

wats your phone number, how can i contact you?


lubna said...

assalam alekum amel soname

my sister is suffering from black magic her name is gulbano. please check this and give me a solution.
please do kaat for this.


Anonymous said...





nadia said...

Hello sir,
I read many posts of you and visited your blog as well.I am very desperate because our
financially problem increases day by day and my husband's business going down ward
even now he also going o in tension all the husband he's doing business of peroperty.he's basically a
peroperty dealer.since 6 years our business stuck somehow,we didnt understand whats
wrong going with us:( and our business going downward.some people told us it hapend
by black magic.we really dnt understand beacuse now we full drown in lowns and we
dont have any way.please help us.In our home MashaAllah every one perform namz on
time and beside we all recite Quran e Pak..please suggest us any way through this we
get rid of this black magic for husband's health also going down day by day
please help us.
Jaza Kallah

Anonymous said...

is black magic true? i feel like i have some of these symptoms

godam said...

dear soname my name godam, i am from indonesia
i am verry need helped from you
i need the way to some one is suffer with black magic

Sreedhar said...

Dear Amel Sab,

After reading to your website I felt that you are the right person who can help me to get rid of long running black magic spells coming on to my family. I need your great help and advise which can save one complete family.

Last 7 years my Dad suffering from servere chronic disease. This time he was admitted in hospital in Jan 2011 since then he is in hospital and on vantilator. Till today we would have spent around 50 Lakhs for his treatment and this year itself the hospital crossed 10+ lakhs and still he is in hospital. Entire family is in trouble in all aspects.

Somtime during 2009 one of my Guruji hinted me that some one has done black magic on entire family and we are suffering due to that. He also helped me to get one good expert who can remove the hidden balck magic. The expert came to my home and done pooja and removed all Taveezes hidden in my all entrances of house. And some Taveezes he recovered from Coconut. All Taveezes are tied with green colur thread and after opening and wiping the black colur material there are some pictures drawn on it. We found around 21 Taveezes of that sort.

Each digram exactly matched to what happened in my life. Few events like

1. One of the Taveeze has got a picture with " A person sleeping on bad and many connections are wires are connected with machine" - That is exactly how my Dad's position inside ICU.

2. I should not get male child

Expert mentioned to me that after removal of it my family will not have any problems. But unfortunately non of the problems stopped appearing and even some more problems are added to it like my daughter borng with problem in right hand.

As you mentioned in website , there is no proper solution to completely block the spells. I need your help on how to safe gaurd myself.

I am a Hindu and I don't know how to recite Kuran. I pray you for kind help.

Could you please let me know how I can talk to you?

nida said...

Aslam u Alikum
my problem is related to my husband.he's living in
canada with his family.he's my first cousain.we love to each other so got engaged 3 years a
go.but now he is going to change with living here on my paresnts home because I didnt
get my immigration yet.the starting of my marriage he 's really happy with me but now
he dnt care about me evn he didnt call me.there he had relationship with british girl but after
our marriage he left her as he told me.I trust him but I am very hurtd to see his pic with x gf.
but he deny that all thing.some one told me that her x gf did black magic on him thats y he didnt
leave her.Im very upset here.I never leave my husband kindly
help me by this he left her and come back to me.I tried hard that he come back to pakistan
but now he never want to come here and iam stuck here due to my immigration.I dnt understand
what I do now:(please do pray for me.and suggest me any wazifa or sumthing by this my
husband come back to me here and left her for husband didnt listen me.he didnt
perform namaz and he fully drown in british enviroment and he love to live like that.but In
the reality he didnt like that before.but after her black magic he went change suddenly.I want
him back

lokesh said...

Respected sir,
In order to search about remedies from Jaadu or tona I read your post
I want complete cure from above coz many symptoms are matched from your post.I'm from India my big sister is in trouble.We have familiar relation with a Muslim family and they help us fully. In this family a woman has some spiritually intense with any Peer (don't know actually it is true or not)last 6 months are very painful for us I & my Sis-in-law lost their job ,too much quarrel in family and sister indulged with some bad thought,dreams as per her "she cought in Bandish of jinna which is given by me to cure your problems".
Please help me.I can share more things.

thamanna said...

Salam Brother,

i read your article on the symptoms of black magic and wondered if you could help me according to the quran and sunnah. i have been suffering for some time now, few days ago my cousin brother phoned, he started saying how he knows so much about my past, il breifly tell you what he said, about my mood swings, periods, sleeping patterns, pains in my body. Please can you advise me on how to deal with this, as i am feeling really distressed. Many people on so many occasions have said that my cousin (associates partners with allah). I have been sufferings for 5 years now, but did not have the courage to tell anyone. Please can you give me a quick response. said...

I think i am also a victim of black magic please help me out my email id is i am hindu.....

Anonymous said...

Assalam wa alikum
Dear Mr. Amel,

Can you plese give me your no. i need yor help.


Anonymous said...

its been few months since i met a girl in the university...n we became good friends(atleast i was true to her)but after sometime came to know tht she used to bitch abt me n stuff...i had clear skin which was always glowing...since i have been with this girl i feel she has done some magic over me as she is a beauty freak and always wants to look the best, i dont know but since the tym i am with her my skin has grown so skin has lot of pimples n acne scars now..i changed my dermatologist twice ...please help me...i dont know but i have a strong feelng tht she is doing something against me as she alwys tlaks abt taking revenge n stuff...plz help :(

Anonymous said...

I am 35 yr old woman with a ten year kid and husband my problems are my kid sometimes appears to be very intelligent and sometimes very dull my husband works hard and is a govt servant but from last 8 yrs we are under debts and we have lost near about 250 grams of gold i got in my wedding from my parents .at the age of 35 i have alot of pimples on my face and have lost all my beauty .is it a spell done on us

nagina said...

Assalam o alaikum,
I just read your opinion about black magic on one site...You told so many symptoms of black magic that every one might have one or other symptom.........Can you please tell some special and 100% correct symptom to check effect of Black magic on a family and between husband and wife....

I am facing some problems with my husband but can not decide if it is magic or ......

Are you an Amil? Means do you help people in getting rid of magic spell?

Please reply ASAP

Anonymous said...

Black magic doesn't exist. its all in the mind, Reciting God's name gives you strength by means of therapy. No one can harm you intentionally and the consequences you are facing are due to your past deeds. The greatest spiritual lesson is to endure your troubles with courage and have faith/hope that one day everything will be fine. Taking recourse to any faith based school during this time is the best solution for psychological support - the problems appear to disappear and time flies by. Remember your mind is the devil that brings in such make believe causes e.g. black magic. So its your mind that you need to control and not attribute it to some imaginary cause. This has been told to me by a great saint of Vrindavan

Black magic will impact your mind if you believe in it. The best gift that you can get is someones blessing or "DUA" as in urdu. That wards of any evil effects of karma by giving selfless unconditional love or service. But you need to earn it.

Anonymous said...

What to read for vision lost?

Zeshan said...

i have a prblem
each year before my exams almost 1 month before exams ... crows starts attacking on me and dont allow me to go out side the house and even i cant go to the Mosque for namaz ...
now a days i am suffering from this problm
so plz answe me as soon as posible so that i can do wel in papers

Unknown said...

sallam sir im from saudi my name is waseem i read ur artical.i also have same like this problams i have ervery thing but not happy evrey time wanna to sex.i dont like to pray and and im going far from my religion recently 3 month before i get marred we fight evrey day.plz sir tel me sulution what i need to do. my wife also have same problam.

Unknown said...

As sallam Sir im from India i read u r artical i m suffering with the problem of sex every time sex sex and doing masturbation i don't want to do this i no its is haram i have fear of Allah and i no very well about Islam but i unable to stop it im praying yasin shareef and namaz everyday but only for one week i can control it after one week same masturbation please help what to and i want to drink women's pee very bad though coming in my mind please help me what to do my email id is please help me

Shoaib said...

Asallamualikum Amel,

I hope this finds you well. I am in dire need of help as I suffer from black magic.I would highly appreciate if you could talk for a couple of minutes.

Jazak Allah Khair,

Anonymous said...


I read about you on Google and am writing to you with the hope that you can help or guide Me. i would highly appreciate if you could give me a number to call you on so i can explain my complicated condition to you and you can advice me .

Thanking You

peter said...

salam brother, I have a problem with my wife,brother, i found your email on internet. Please help me, i am desperate.Everyday is a nightmare for me with that woman, every day we are shouting with each other, we are arguing for the smallest thing, i lost my feelings for her and want to divorce with her, i found my wife is a monster and want to she to get out of my life and home .I don`t know how to do this. Can you help me, please , if you can give me some kind of wazifa or some kind of simple ritual to make here, so she can get out, i will be always tankful to you.

Anonymous said...

i went through your blog of black magic...
i am an Indian girl and my brother are not getting married...we cant find any appropriate partner...if we find it doesn't get finalized...i have turned 34 now and my brother is 32. can you guide us for our case..we both tend to get acne on face too since i was 28 and he too from 28 onward...before that we never had this issue. can you guide us for it.

Ahmad said...

Assalamu ALaikum ,
My 3 relatives and neighbors hates me. Since last 6 years I have been losing my job which ever I get after many struggle. Within two to three months I get terminated or something goes wrong and I loose my job. I want to identify who has done black-magic on me and what is the perfect method which can guarantee that black magic is removed.

Vaseem said...


My name is Vaseem, I was a bright student and I was studying very well, but suddenly I failed and didn't continue my graduation, from past 12 years I am struggling in my life to earn. what ever i do ill fail in that .. so i don't know what is the problem,, if ill try to do any business also I am facing huge loses, not able to concentrate on work, at least try to complete my graduation i am not able to concentrate on studies.. I am facing difficulty to pass any interview also so please help me and let me know what is the solution.

Lee said...

Hi Amel,

I think I am under black magic attacks specifically elemental. I
believe that that purpose is to attack my father to influence him. I
have been listening to jalali mokelat recitation with good effect.

Is there anything else I could do?

Anonymous said...

assalamu alikum bhai...
i want to conact with u , so please send me your facebook , any social media connetion so that i contact with u....

Anonymous said...

Well can anyone help me. I am a young mother who was violated in my sleep by someone who is now deceased. The year this person died a clearish gray spider defecated from me after taking a prescription an Indian doctor prescribe. I remember the deceased person on two occasions as I slept violating my spirit. The first time I woke up choking . Something was in my throat I couldn't bring it up, I felt hair n it was alive. When I tried to vomit it up it crawled down. I then ran to my window because I heard the person leaving my house. I didn't think nothing at first. I thought maybe a small mouse crawled in my mouth as I slept. The next couple days something was biting my insides, I would feel as if it were poisoning me. One morning I woke up sick feeling near death. I drunk milk because I kept tasting the poison from my body. Than I would forget something is in me n try to live a normal life. Well another night Im sleeping and this person woke me up to him on top of me pushing something wiggling in my anal. When I woke up I asked what are you doing. What's that moving. I tried so hard to push him off, he than replied it's his fingers so chill. Not noticing he was really up to something I tried to forget. I became continuous sick, my belly would swell there would be movement inside. I thought for many times maybe I'm pregnant. Doctor visits after doctor visits no findings. So one day I visited Dr.Javed who prescribed something for parasites although none were found. He decided he would give it to me anyways, if something is there it would exit my body. That's when One day The spider pushed through my bowels, it being the size of my hand, grayish clear looking n hairy. It brought me back to that night the hairy feeling in my throat, him leaving my home. This guy mentioned before on an occasion he done something to me that wasn't supposed to harm me but make away I wouldn't fall in love with anyone else or get pregnant. In April 2013 this spider exited my body. In Sept 2013 This Person was murdered. Leaving me with no answers on how to get rid of it all. The worm like squiggly structure still dwells inside me. I've felt it sometimes trying to come out my anal but pushing back up quickly. It moves, it's noticeable, my stomach swells from time to time causing me to look pregnant, it moves restless inside me. I'm always feeling pain. My vagina, my thighs, my stomach, my chest area, it dwells like a parasite yet doctors don't see findings. I need Help. Please

Anonymous said...

I do not know how to say.But I think that mine father sister mine aunt has put black magic on mine father.Because Shee is jelaous on mine father.They are 9 kids in mine father family.His Sister is 1 child mine Father 2 child.But in mine culture Man is a first by knee of the family not the Lady.So She wanted from the family everybody to obbey her so everybody did but my father not..So she is doing witchcraft I know that.So she is the witch also she did the black magic on her family too..Not to her 2 daughters but on hers 2 sons she hates everything what is males.So she is still alive married and nobody do nothing.What She did to my father black magic puting on him is that she did it to make him harm do do not be happy with his life and to reflect to through him to us and our family.So I do not know what to do please help me...So I have a brother twin married with 2 children 1 dauther and 1 son Im his twin Im 43 years old not married yet.And I feel her presens always she is a big witch craft tell me how to get rid of this and me to get married finaly and to get rid of this please heeelp...

Anonymous said...

Also I forgot to say my simptoms.Are always stomac pain I feel I will wiomit and also head ache and also nervous and I everything I do came like boomerang to me reflecting me like bad luck and also Im not happy.So what to do?Im also very sensitive on electro magnetic field and also other negative people presence and I feel nobody understand my bad luck even Im smart what to do heeeeeeeelp...Your anonimus..

Anonymous said...

Also I feel no will to work to sleap disorder to no sex motivation no nothing very strong black magic she is doing that from 60 miles distance the witch craft and also in my home is a big problems i feel in my room all the time and between my family to please heeeelp me please...:(

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me how to break black magic and how to check cause above u said line some of them suite me

Anonymous said...

salamu alaikum.
I have all this symptoms, and I need your help. Please tell me what to do.

Unknown said...

Assalam alaikum,
I have most of the symptoms of what is written above and I feel that my co sister has done black magic on me and my husband to stay far please help me

Anonymous said...

As salam o akaukum.
Brother I have most of these symptoms and need extreme family and I have been suffering from these symptoms and if you can help us we would be very gratefull. If you cannot personally help then give a number of sahe Salim who can remove black magic.

Unknown said...

Assalam o alikum... my daughter is 6 yrs old .. initially she was good at studies .. but now she is so dull .. i spend my all day to teach her but she is not responding me properly .. she is a daughter of those parents who were the toppers of their classes.. i m suspecting that someone as blocked her mind regarding studies.. she is active in all other activities but not for studies moreover she is getting arrogant day by day .. i know a person who can do this .. i beleive that he has done something with her mind... plz help me n tell me what can i do ? what is the cure to this ? plz reply me soon me really worried... despite of her age she is in KG clas..

ali said...

symptoms i faced from blackmagic

1; getting migraines
2; low vitamin D
3; body aching
4; nightmare
5; depression (can end-up with disorders, e.g bipolar)
6; illusions
7; hallucination
8; sex desire
9; feeling suicide
10; anger
11; like being left alone
12; fidgety
13; scared of noise or people
14; lazy
15; not keeping yourself clean
16; not wanting to recite Quran and not praying namaaz

you can also have jinns who follow you or stay with you throughout the day which may be one of the reasons for you feeling irritation

fareeha said...

i have noticed all the symbols in myself and i knw that my step mother do black magic even on my dad please tell me any good wazifa's and cure for my whole family, and to cure my step mom as well i don't want to see her in hell thanks

Unknown said...

AOA. I have read all the symptoms. And most of them are happening with me. And even with my mom. Im not aure ke nerey purey ghr pe hai ya sirf meri mom aur mujhe pe. Im in problem. Can u please help me out? PLEASE

Anonymous said...

I hav gone through all experiences after abbu expires me my ammi and my smoll brother is facing lots of difficulties please khuda ke liye hame madat karo Abbu ko ye jaado itna Gehra hogaya ki koi alim koi Amil kisine kuch nai kiya har cheez se guzargaye quran ke aayat har cheez par wo jadu unki jaan leliya Ab hum log ye sb pareshsni jhelrahe hein Namaaz Quran sb Rozana Chalu Hai phir b Kuch ni horaha

Unknown said...

I lost my beutiness and height and weight and got skinny day by day I lost my percentage

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